What Is Little One Shop Co – Is LittleOneShop.com Scam Or Legit E-Store?

By | April 2, 2019

Our Review On What Is Little One Shop Co – The LittleOneShop.com Review.

Hello and you are welcome here to our review on What Is Little One Shop co of LittleOneShop.com. Is LittleOneShop com a scam, fake, bogus or Is ‘LittleOneShop’ legit, safe, real, genuine? This www Little One Shop com Review is to going to do a background check to see if everything looks right.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave those reports in the comments below to help others in their own research. We are taking questions about that site as well. I found this site recently in a Facebook conversation and so thought I would check them out, when especially, one comment thought they were “probably a scam”. 




Is www.littleoneshop.com scam or legit online company?



What Is LittleOneShop.com About?

Leaving out all guess-work we are now going to take a quick look into their site. The information herein is sourced online and is designed to save you time, and potentially, to save you cash if they turn out to be  a scam. What Is LittleOneShop.com really all about? Let’s find out more.

We go to WHOIS and enter in their site name. We will see their sites registration date but also the information volunteered by the founder of that site. Where this information is missing, fake or misleading in some way, then that is a starting point to become worried.

We see that their site was registered online in 2017/08/18 and they registered up to 2020 same date. That is a reasonable amount of time, but a retail business, that so long really. However, it is important that we must know that some site owners may register their online business for relatively little time to see how things progress before renewing.

2635 Walnut Street, Denver, CO, 80205, US is the address they have submitted when they put their site online. We have just Googled that address and we can clearly see that address has a bbb.org report on it. That link will open in a new address if you wish to return here.

Anyways, there is no founder name listed with site registration. Why hide the founder name? When we are dealing with legit businesses it is more than expected to request the owners name. 

Looking within their website we see that info@littleoneshop.co. Where is the customer service phone number? Business address? Owner Name? So this is a situation where now people could be handing over payment information to people who’s intentions we can not possibly know, in the worst case scenario, you could have those details used for fraudulent purposes.

They do not even possess a ‘CONTACT US’ section which is very unusual. 

However, there appears to be little complaints online about this online company and so time will tell.




Final Thoughts.

Despite being online since 2017 there is not many bad reports on this company. That is only a good sign. Until we receive reports on this company, one way or the other, we have to wait on our own verdict.

Certainly the fact that all information on the founder, business address, phone number is missing, that is all a bad sign.

It could be a person is working from home earning commissions by selling for the likes of Amazon, Shopify etc. However, in order for such sites not to have suspicion on the they really should state this.




That is all on What Is Litte One Shop Co at LittleOneShop.com. Looking forward to your reviews, reports below.



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