List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!

By | June 8, 2018

Welcome to our List of Internet Scammers – BAD SCAM SITES!

Need a List of Internet Scammers and their Sites? - See Below.

Unknown Scammers ‘Pirating’ Across the Net.

There are many online good companies that offer honest paid work but you won’t find them in this  List of Internet Scammers and their illegal operations! We have trawled the web to bring you some of the worst internet scams that we have found to date. These sites never pay out and some have been duping people for years.

While there are hosts of good online paid work on offer that can offer you to earn between $100 to $1000 a month, and even between $1000 to $10,000 a month, the below sites don’t even offer out a penny. In order to start out making money online you only need one thing. This one thing is simply a website. However, no good just having a website without knowing how to make it generate money. There is one excellent online company that can show anyone how to make money, from all the good to excellent online opportunities online, and they are called Wealthy Affiliate.

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Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.




List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.


Up To Date List of Internet Scammers.

Here a List of Internet Scammers fake sites we have exposed at to date. We have had many bad complaints on much of these sites, such as:-

  • No payments.
  • Fraud.
  • Websites suddenly collapsed without notice.
  • etc.

These sites are very unstable and may collapse at any moment in time. The types of scams below are:-

  • Peer to Peer Donation Platforms (P2P) Unstable platforms that could and do collapse at any time and without notice.
  • Paid to Click (PTC). Very low pay work and hard even to make good monthly pocket money. Below are ones that don’t even pay out.
  • Pyramid Schemes (most of the money goes upwards leaving lower tier members without much or any profits). Unstable platform that may collapse at any time.
  • Ponzi Schemes (no real product or service but depending on new sign ups to make money). Older the ponzi scheme the harder it is for newer members to even recoup their initial investment. First two weeks of a ponzi scheme is your best chances of earning. However, since it is an illegal operation – we don’t advise you go near them.
  • Fake Purchase Order Shopping Scam Sites.


They will be listed vertically and in alphabetical order.

Should you not know, Simply hold CTRL + F on your keyboard, and a box will show up on the top right hand of your screen. Simply type in the name of the scam site you are looking for and it will be highlighted in yellow on your screen.

Report Scams to US!






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And here is more all crammed into one review:-



Scam Numbers.


424 3273684.

800 515 4992.


Malicious Emails – Know Of Any? Let Us Know And We’ll Add Them Here.



Phishing Scams.

‘Hi-Low Anniversary $15000 Food Store Voucher’ from



We advise to bookmark this page to come back here often so you are kept up to date on the latest online scams. Should you see one in the list above that is not a scam, just let us know, and will make the correction where valid.

Online scams make it seem like there is no legit opportunities online and that is simply not the case. One can learn to make money with many good online programs based on commissions. Learn to make direct referrals as well in order to have another stream of income all going into your PayPal account or your bank account.

Those who are passionate about working for themselves and setting their own destiny in life are always welcome to ask questions on this matter. We respond to all comments.

Here is your Free Sign Up Invite to begin working towards your own financial freedom. We appreciate all reports on any online scam you have come across, and will always seek to expose them in time, and add them to our List of Internet Scammers. Thank you for popping in and truly hope you found this a useful resource in your own research and personal financial success into the future.

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114 thoughts on “List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!

  1. David Hobbs Definitely scammers. said that they were shipping out of China, yet they say their home office is in Indiana. All 50 something emails from then are delay tactics from saying they are resending my merchandise to it getting lost once it made it to my hometown to saying that they will return my money and it will take up to 30 days yet it has been 60 days since they made that comment. Still no money and no merchandise. Waiting to see what their next tactic will be.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you David for your report and we see two others have already written on that and we have ranked page 1 on Google for it as it is already on our list. Much appreciated David and please feel welcome to report anymore should you encounter them 🙂 .

  2. Antonio Degan

    The site sells everything at a very good price but
    1) don’t use paypall also if it is highlighted in front-page
    2) use the mail MIKE@PAYMENTVIPSERVICE.COM that is a fake mail.

    I stopped to introduce data when they asked to me the Credit Card number.
    Hopefully, I should be safe.

  3. Boyan Hristov

    I have ordered a rare electronic part on . I actually looked for reviews for this site on Google, but found nothing. Two days later, I noticed an authorization in my e-banking in CNY (Chinese Yuan). The e-mail of the customer support was I tried to write an e-mail to this address, but the answer was that this e-mail does not exist. I Googled the e-mail, which lead me here. This site defenetly is a SCAM!


    I tried to see if this website is a scam. I googled it and could not find anything. When I created an account, I received an email them with . I googled that address and it looks like it might be a scam. The website is and they do not have a physical address or phone number listed for contacting them. I think it’s a fraudulent website….

  5. Corey

    Add this one to the list.
    Have tried to bill me 3 seperate times over past 2 days, for Digital item that never arrives.
    All emails throughout site go to nowhere. One is for the imfamous

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Corey for your report and certainly by adding it to our comments list it is part of this forums list. Much appreciated Corey.

  6. Terry
    I ordered protective face masks from Mira Studio on May 25th. Never received a receipt from them or shipping notification. Their email is invalid and masks never arrived. PayPal is trying, unsuccessfully, to track them down and get my money refunded

  7. Gary Benjamin

    The website appears to be similar to another site on your blog and has the same contact, although the product offerings are not the same.

    Their prices seem too good to be true, and I was confused that they offered, for example, the same price for a 1 pack, 5 pack, and 10 pack of velcro straps, or for 1 meter, 100 meters, or 500 meters of rope, whether it be 2mm in diameter or 20mm.

    Thanks to your blog I will not be dealing with this website.

  8. Bernardo

    I found one its

    This one has the same contact info as other scam websites you have mentioned here selling xbox’s
    Contact us through emails at
    Address: 921 e 52nd St. Los angels California United States ,90011
    Tel: 3232167777

    Be wary of fake Samsung

    1. Terri

      Winjeys JBL speakers scammers selling knock of JBL that sound like $5.00 speakers. (Legit Picts send products that don’t match)

  9. Darek

    Hi everybody,

    avoid any deaal with I’ve tried to get my money back a half a year.
    Despite number of emails the answer is the same, boring and deceptive.

    Pay attention on

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Darek but in future be sure to contact your payment provider for refunds where you encounter this kind of trouble. It maybe worth a try to contact your bank now to see if there is anything they can do for you Darek.

  10. Diane Babbe

    Horrible service. I ordered shoes from which Meledo company Limited is the parent company on Feb 15th and never received the shoes or a refund. It is now April 22nd. All I got was a run around and them touting they are a legit business

  11. Jess

    New one:

    They list “” at the bottom of the page and I believe that they are new as of this year.
    There is basically no mention of this site anywhere on the internet, and they initially attracted me with their lowish price on an item I was having a hard time finding. Thankfully, I was suspicious/cautious enough to not give any personal information or make a purchase; but, I could see an unsuspecting individual being easily lured in.

      1. hardcore-fs

        the “” “appears new, becasue they are outside of the normal search by google.

        this email is old…… they have a new one
        it is starting to appear on their sites globally……..
        they tried to get a forum post take down once I started to hit their sites & get them into as many scammer databases as possible.

        This is the list of sites that need hitting with complaints… in order of importance….

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Just incredible work here hardcore-fs. Thank you kindly and always feel free to leave any research you come across with us as we do sincerely appreciate your work.

          1. hardcore-fs

            I just got a major base list accepted by bitdefender…(install traffic light for a laugth)
            With their “500 million customers”.. its gotta be way more effective that posting on a forum…

            Also these scammers are making “major” code base changes to their templates to try and hide..
            Sorry guys that’s not how I detect your sites….

            They have also added “proxy servers” covered by cloudflare, to hide the leaching of the images & reviews, so that now a proxy hides where they are stealing from…
            But….since request cannot now directly use ebay & amazon bandwidth, from the users computer.. they are throttled by their own “proxy” by the users computer…..

            all this is pushing their costs up…

            Ebay & Amazon also have their security teams looking at it….
            hence on some of their sites the images are disappearing….. and now they can target these guys “single point proxy”.. which is gonna show up like rocket launch at night…

            I just need to get some funding.. to utilize S3 amazon…

            I warned these guys:
            I would not stop till it cost them 10,000 * what they scammed me for…

            the only thing I worry about your “replies” is that there is no user verification for posters..

          2. Scam Witness Post author

            Well hardcore-fs, plenty of what you are saying here is well above my pay grade for sure. I admire your ability and your determination. I do understand that you must use whatever amo you have in the most effective way possible and certainly your contributions to warning people thus far here have been tremendous 🙂 .

          3. hardcore-fs


            our scammers have turned up on “paypal”

            Explaining everything……

            Re: [Scam] dazzoramarket (
            Hi. My name is Ezekiel, Am I’m sorry for your expirence using that site. This dazzoramarket have been a issue us as well. I am writing on bahave of this guys from China when through our company website copy and added the the domain to dazzoramarket so we have faced with issues of customers contacting us with similar complaints. But is not in compliance with the dazzoramarket

            This “new”site is using web-scraping from aliexpress….

          4. Scam Witness Post author

            excellent work hardcore-fs. Now I will write on this and the email that I was just looking into and give out a warning before they snare too many using that email of Thanks again and perhaps chat soon if you find more. Always appreciated hardcore-fs.

          5. hardcore-fs

            The paypal thread if anyone wants to follow it.

            They went silent…..

            Also I have calvinklein head office in Hong kong looking into :
            (or so their staff claim)

            which loks to be fake (same scammer email address)
            purchased 1 share of calvinklein, which entitles me to ask questions at their share holders meetings…, if they fail to follow up..

          6. Scam Witness Post author

            Thanks hardcore-fs. Always feel welcome to update us here on anything you find that maybe of great value to others. Always appreciated 🙂 .

  12. Pravin

    I have made a purchase with, which have still not arrived even after 2 months . Currently they are not answering my mails .
    the site is a scam . Please avoid the same and kindly report them with facebook

  13. Corie

    I recently ordered from
    $104.38 for two dog houses, I contacted them immediately upon completing the order via email, phone & website messaging. Only response I received was a copy of my order receipt via email from: with a reply email of: this was on the 23rd of January. I called my credit card company to report fraud claim and to stop payment or refund to me. An investigation is currently underway now. Then tonight I received an email from that same email advising that they’ve shipped out my order with link to tracking site and number. When I checked the tracking link it goes to overseas tracking from Fuzhou, China. However the sites contact info points to the same address in Virginia with the same number that seems to be on many of these scam sites that you have exposed here already. Which obviously are not any help towards catching these criminals at all since they keep using the same info on site after site and new sites keep popping up. I usually am more cautious when ordering, but I was definitely duped this time! Another sign I should have recognized was the items they are selling on the site are Christmas deco & pet supplies mainly, but they appear to sell desks and bookcases too, but clicking on those catagories doesn’t take you to anything furniture, just back to same Xmas and pet stuff. Also it seems that every items retail base listed price is varied somewhere between $52 95 to $86.42 an item, even when the item is a dog sweater ($8-$10 elsewhere) or an tree ornament, the pricing is still in that range. Each listing has the dollar amount which is odd numbered with change too. Never just $10.00 or $99.00 like most online stores. Should have been an obvious red flag for me, but it wasn’t this time. Lesson learned. Should be interesting to see what actually arrives that they have shipped, bc certainly they would incur the cost of shipping two large dog houses to the states at their expense too..Will let you know…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Corie for your in depth review of Here is our Review Here and we do know this scam network very well indeed. Their address is in use by many other sites.

      Thanks again Corie and looking forward to very much knowing how this turns out for you and good luck with that as well.

  14. Annie Pistritto

    Gladeals aka total scam. I ordered a fit it paid for that and shipping total $39.00 got package with a scarf in it. Notified company and asked for refund. They offered me a 35% refund saying they lost money also blah blah blah. What a bunch of crap. Off to the bank tmrw to file a dispute. Do not order from them ever at all!

  15. Joshua Kirtley

    I bought a Keyboard piano from (now operating as BUYOIO, but the same web address) on November 28th, The first tracking number they gave me said it was coming from China and the USPS tracking showed it delivered somewhere in Anaheim, California, and I live in Ohio, and the second tracking number that PayPal gave me when I made a claim was for an envelope that delivered today with some kind of Noosy brand Nano Sim Adapter. That isn’t what I ordered. I ordered a full size beginner piano keyboard. That won’t just fit in an envelope.

    I’ve tried emailing the address that the website and PayPal both gave me to email, another address ending in .ru, but I haven’t been getting any response.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Joshua,

      I looked into BUYOIO and the name does sound very familiar. was registered on the 2019/12/12 for one year. That is very short and yes you are completely right Joshua it is a copy of TheBobo.De, which is still running. So they are duplicates and really that is a bad sign as legit companies only need one website for their company.

      We have to list BUYOIO as a scam justlike

      Thanks for your report and wish you well with your refund case. Let us know how that goes for you Joshua if time permits.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you for your report Barbara. Do you recall the site name as we have the email in your comment but we are not getting any returns in Google – no leads. Thanks Barbara and hope to hear back from you sometime soon.

  16. Bart M

    Bought a mobile phone via
    Used paypal, but apparently was a “scam”type website.
    Never received mobile phone
    Paypal said that they would credit my account, 2 days gone by, nothing credited yet… what do i need to do?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Bart,

      Oh boy – have you been to their site now? nl has been seized and now they are being invesitigated by the Public Prosecutor for taxes it seems. Perhaps you can contact those guys and definitely contact your payment adviser for a refund.

      Thanks for your comment here and sorry to hear this bad news.

  17. Noneya

    So sick of the ignorance of the company “Jollyfairy.” For two months I’ve been trying to get my money back for an item they said they sent but I never received. To this day I am still emailing them & with every response back, they pose as a different name and repeat the same stupid questions. This company is a fraud and will steal your money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      This is very common to wait for so long when dealing with companies that may be not so legit. Two months is far too long and why not put in for a refund Noneya.

  18. Kevin

    This online site is new and scamming with the email address….This site hitting Australia offering cheap products but not delivering then when post office asks for a copy of customs declaration form so the post office will reimburse you for lost goods…They don’t send so then post office cant help…leaving you out of pocket. Spread the word and do what you can as they will scam a lot of people with xmas around the corner…..jamm their website with “you have been reported for scamming” emails to let them know we all on their trail and we know what they are doing. Thanks

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kevnin,

      I never thought about emailing scammers to let them know we have them clocked. Great Idea 🙂

      But Kevin, what is the name of this website because all sites using that email are scams indeed.

      OH! I see it, forgive me. I see it now Kevnin.

      Thank you kindly indeed for letting us know about this and I may have time now to quickly do that one.

      Your Always welcome back as Kevin well.


      I just noticed that you left a review in our FREE SCAM REPORTING TOOL. Nice work indeed Kevin. So that is now currently being indexed in Google at time of writing this. You may view your review of Here 🙂 .

      Thanks again Kevin.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  19. johnvolt

    NOVAHOOK, is a fraud in the way that another product shown on pics and another is delivered to u, absolutely poor quality of products, not recomended

  20. Rita

    i just wrote comment a few minutes ago i forget to let you know i think i have been scam by REEBOA

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      That is not a problem and so Yes is a scam. Put in for a refund with your payment provider before the scammers try to charge you again. Let us know how that turns out Rita if you have time.

      1. jackob / ‘Dragonert ,, couples of thieves ,scam , they stolen me ,, after i paid they ignore me ,no answer at email ,even on phone ,my mistake that didnot notice that their email end with (gmail ) which is not professional ,,please help me ,,how can i report theme ..i have all payment documentation ,, thanks

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hello Jackob,

          First you have my sympathies for the trouble you are experiencing with, per your report. You may read our Review Here and help warn others there as well.

          The first thing you should do is contact your payment provider e.g. your bank, or what ever payment method you used. Let them know nothing has arrived regarding your order.

          Show them proof of purchase so if you got a receipt etc.

          Show them proof you tried contacting the company but still you have problems.

          Thank you kindly Jacob and feel free to come back anytime and share any of scam alerts to help warn others. Thanks again Jacob 🙂 , Philip ~ ‘Scam Witness’.

      2. Rita stewart

        i used a prepaid card it is a america express bluebird prepaid card

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Are you not able to get a refund when it is prepaid? I did not know this if that is the case. Have you apply for one yet Rita?

  21. Larry

    Thanks for providing this service! I thought I was kinda savvy about scams, but I fell for this one unfortunately.

    Scam Details
    Scam Type: Online Shopping Fraud
    Scam URL / Fraudulent website:

    Scam Contents
    I found this site ( after after searching Google for a Milwaukee tool. Google showed the site offering the tool at very low price. At checkout, I entered my credit card info, which [suspiciously] failed several times. After repeated attempts to re-enter my credit card info, checkour suggested I try a different credit card, which I stupidly did! Finally, they processed my order, and promised to notify me when item shipped, and provide tracking. They have not notified me with order confirmation, no ereceipt sent, and they do not answer email inquiries. They will never ship item because this looks to be a fraudulent online shopping scam designed to steal credit card info and maybe get you to make several long-distance calls, etc.. Beware!

    Comments / Analysis
    According to, the domain name was registered only 2 months ago. ALSO, check out

    Server Details —
    IP Address:
    Hosting Provider: CloudFlare
    Country: (US) United States

    Contact info found on website–
    “If you have any questions, You could Leave us a message here. We will get back to you in 24 hours.”

    Phone: +86 17096611502
    Contact: Li Jiahong
    Office Address:
    Room 2201, Building 15 Jiuxi Garden, 100 Wanshui Road, Hefei Hi-tech District, Anhui Province, 230088 China
    Additional Information! Here is a link to a similar report furnished by, a social website that indexes and collects Internet scam reports.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Larry,

      Very nice work here Larry on your research! Seems I got competition if you ever thought about making money from what you wrote above with your own site.

      Thanks a bunch for showing me up and also thank you kindly for leaving such a detailed review within our Scams List. It is always appreciated as I am going a little stir crazy to ask them to report – HERE! — HAHA, so its cool that you have done so, but really, its fine also if people want to report in any forum on this website.

      We already done a review on Larry and so you can read our Review Here.

      Thanks again Larry and if you come across any more you are most welcome to share that with us here. If you ever thought about exposing online scams then just ask me how, it is easier than you think.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

      1. Catherine

        Buekue – A SCAM!! No one should ever order anything from these fraudsters. I ordered an electric mountain bike – admittedly, at a good god to be true price, but it was China, so I thought they manufactured it more cheaply or something. They took my money online no problem. That was six months ago. No bike, no response, no nothing. I have tried several times to contact them via their email address,, same address info as the comment above, but never had a reply. It was a terrible waste of money. I don’t have much money, so the loss of this, and the loss of a bike, was a big blow. I don’t know when I will be able to afford a bike now. I wonder if we can/should report them to the Chinese Embassy, and if it would do any good? Who knows how many people they have ripped off???!!??

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          You can tell your bank but six months is a long time to leave it for a refund. Maybe worth a try though Catherine.

  22. K. Lowland


    Decennium ( advertises new iPhone cases on instagram, and meet your criteria of a site belonning to a scammer network:

    – They list as their only contact info. No business name or place of business is given.

    – The “About us” has the familiar text from other sites belonning to the same scammer network: “At decennium we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS…”

    – The domain is about 2 weeks old.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello K. Lowland,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to add to the list of scammer sites in this section of our site. We quickly exposed the website you found as you were right, that is a fake site and they do belong to that ‘UNIQUENESS’ scam network I speak about often.

      Thanks again K. Lowland and feel free to land a comment in our Review Here.

  23. Thecode

    Hello ,i found these sites to be scams gipmoney. icu , opmoney. icu aecmoney. xyz ocamoney. icu

    I was a victim of the first one.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Thecode for reporting on these fraudulent sites. I know this scam network very well indeed and we have exposed well over 200 of their sites to day. Since you have reported them to us Google will now index them to help alert others. So we are grateful you have helped alert all of us to AecMoney. xyz, OcaMoney. icu, OpMoney. icu and Zomoney. icu.

      Much appreciated, Philip, Scam Witness.

  24. William Fields is a big scam ordered from them it’s been a week still processing and they took my money for 75.96 and I’ve emailed them alot and no response ever said they would get back to you in 24hrs and they never have do not use this site at all

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello William. We have already exposed Here and you may see those reviews as well. Thanks again Wiliam, your report is appreciated and thanks for helping to look out for others as well.

  25. Ghaffari

    Many sites are scam and aren’t in these lists.
    and many sites that I paid money for somethings (maintenance fee or …..) and don’t do anythings

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ghaffari,

      I will look into these sites and add them to this list if they are indeed scams. Thank you so much for your report here Ghaffari and feel free to report more as you find them to us. Much appreciated 🙂 .

  26. Connie Limerick

    Is Alfhie online shopping a scam? I just ordered from them and did not check them out. Now I am concerned. Please will you investigate their online information? Thank you for helping.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Connie,

      Thank you for your question Connie, however, could you give us the complete URL as it is not showing up in the search engine just for ‘Alphie Online’. Thank you Connie.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Charmaine,

      We exposed Nelectoniscore. store and you may view that HERE. Contact your payment provider and apply for a refund if nothing has arrived from that e-store. Thank you for reporting on your experience here Charmaine.

  27. Billy Monty

    How would I contact Facebook when these scam sites are allowed to advertise in Facebook Marketplace like the latest

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Edmond for your report on CandyFuture and we have exposed them already. However, should you know of anymore then you are very welcome to report them here. Thanks again Edmond 🙂 .

  28. Louis

    I have ordered for this bed over one week ago and they have not sent me a confirmation of when my goods will be delivered and the tracking number giving isn’t working when you tracked the goods with it .they have taken money from my account and yet no response from them after I sent them email to respond to my fraud claims against them, they seems not to be bothered about it. Please people be aware that it’s a fruad. Where ever you see this advertisement on social media with the name, stay away. I want everyone to come together and let think of what to do about this fraud star.scam,denger,thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I want Facebook to investigate this website and why did it allow them to advertise on social media. I have lost £50 to them. The fraudulent website is

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Louis,

      We have already completed our review of and you may view it HERE if you want to. Thank you very much for helping to expose a major scam network online 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mak,

      Regarding the site you left in your comment, I asked myself, What Is I notice that the address supplied on their site is an office black that is up for lease online. There company registration number also appears to be false and comes under the worst password to use per Google. I mean – 123456 is definitely NOT anyone’s company registration number.

      Their promised returns per investment and time SCREAMS of a Ponzi Scheme – this makes them an illegal online site. There is not evidence that they fall under any financial regulatory body either and also they are generic in how they generate an income to pay out to the members.

      Due to its members NOT complaining online BTC Gain Com have successfully flown under the radar of all online scam busting sites. This is why I always ask my websites readers to please always report your experiences on scam sites. www. btc. com is shutting down in Feb 2019 and maybe even sooner.

      Your comment here today will no doubt show up in Google to help warn others.

      This is my opinion on BTC GAIN and should not be taken as the final word. However, I would be interested in your experience with them. Were you scammed?

      Thanks Mak – your comment is deeply appreciated and I believe will help to warn others online as well. ~Philip.

      BTW – I really do need to update this scam list sometime soon, so do book mark this page for regular updates. Good Luck!

  29. Alishan

    I wasted many time in this site utmoney win but not they not paid me a single penny
    I agreed philip that they are scammers bloody frauds
    You doing very good work for peoples
    Keep it up good luck
    God bless you
    Thanks you very much

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Alishan,

      Thank you very much and I really do appreciate your comment and what you said. Its when I get comments like yours that it feels very much worth it to me to continue fighting the good fight against scam sites. So, thank you very much for that Alishan 🙂 .

      I can probably help find you a way to earn online if you are interested, so please do let me know if I can assist you in this matter.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  30. Susanne

    Wow, what an incredibly helpful site. So many websites prey upon people’s dreams of independent income. Thanks for compiling. It’s great to have a resource like this.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Susanne,

      Thank you very much for your comment here today. I really do appreciate your time. Any questions please just ask me.

      – Philip.

  31. Sophia M

    Holy Moly! I didn’t realize there was such an extensive list of fraud sites. But it makes sense because everyone is trying to make a quick dollar off of someone else naivety and being unaware of what they are getting into.

    One way I learned to spot a sketchy site is if itis “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS” if its a HTTP, you gotta know something is up and you should never trust a site like that with your personal information.

    Another thing to look out for is bad english and an over abundance of ads. Also look at their contact information and how legit does it look. Most of the time if you use your common sense you will be able to stop something shady . If anything feels off then obviously move on to something else.

    When it comes down to it, the only really legit site that can pave the road to a laptop lifestyle and financial abundance is Wealthy Affiliate, hands down. They are the only community that gives you a thorough training in everything that you need to know when it comes to making money online. Imo

    Thank you so much for providing this list of scam websites because there are some people who are not that internet savvy and might be gullible to fall for one of these website traps. Ultimately the highest risk you might lose a lot of money, the least is you waste a lot of your time trying to get money in a quick way but really you are making money for another site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Wow Sophia!

      Your knowledge on this stuff is spot on!!

      Have you ever thought of exposing online scams yourself? I think you would be very good at it to say the least.

      Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge here today with us all.

      – Philip.

  32. Wanda

    Wow, there are SO MANY scam websites! Thank you so much for providing this list of internet scammers – definitely bookmarked for future reference.

    It’s a terrible feeling when you get scammed. Especially because there is so little one can do about it… The service you provide on this website is invaluable for so many people! Keep up the good work!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Wanda! Yes, I have been ripped off before so it is nice to be able to do something to warn others of online scams. It is also nice to be able to recommend good and legit products as well.

      Thanks again Wanda, Philip.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Larry,

      Thank you ever so much Larry for dropping by and landing a comment here. Really appreciate the encouragement as well and I hope to hear back from you some time.

      Thanks again Larry 🙂 .

      – Philip.

  33. hong

    I loved the article. So informative and helpful. I am very impressed with the amount of work you have done to expose these internet scammers. There are tons of scammers out there these days. It’s so easy for newbies to fall for it. Everyone should come to check out your site for these wonderful resources if they plan to earn extra income online. This post has been a huge eye opener for me. I really appreciate the amount of investigation you have done to expose them. I agree with you that wealthy affiliate is the best platform to build a business online. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your next article.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Hong,

      Thank you very much for your kind comment and yes a good deal of hours went int the work contained in that list. Many people were helped and for that I am grateful.

      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the best affiliate programs online but also not the only one. We will be detailing other excellent online platforms as well to help people earn good money.

      Thanks again for stopping by Hong and hope to hear from you again some time in the future.

      – Philip.

  34. allie

    Gosh there are so many scam sites…such a great idea to have a list like this that is regularly updated so people can keep referring back to it to avoid falling into the trap!
    I am truly amazed how many people there are out there who are happy to scam others out of their hard earned money. It’s terrible.
    Thanks for sharing this for everyone to see

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Allie,

      It does amaze me as well that there are those that are able to do this and probably still sleep like a baby. Oh well, life has a way of catching up with people like that in the most unforeseeable ways.

      Thanks again Allie for your comment here today.

      – Philip.

  35. Yvette Clayton

    Wow! What an awesome list and the work you have put into this is amazing. This is definitely a page to bookmark so that people can have it as reference. It is a shame there are so many websites that are scams. It goes to show just how much corruption there truly is online. How sad is that?!

    Thanks so sites like yours to help those that are simply looking for a way to make an income know the differences between the good online opportunities and scam sites. As a member of WA, I can truly say without a doubt just how wonderful the company really is when it comes to community support and all the great training we obtain. Just those two aspects alone are worth the weight in gold!

    Thanks again, for all the information. I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into your website. Keep up the great work.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Yvette,

      Thank you very much for your comment here today. It is a sight for sore eyes to see this list is only a fraction of the drop that we have not had the time to expose! Anything that seems to be getting you rich too quickly is probably just aimed to make you poor!! Do your research and make sure it is legit.

      Thanks again Yvette.

      – Philip.

      1. Prabhath Perera

        Please let me know any legitimate online simple data entry website… I am from Sri Lanka.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Ever thought of running your own website? That is easy to do and easy to learn.

          If so, you can earn from owning our own site and it is free to start. You never have to go premium and it is all up to you.

          If interested then let us know.

          Regarding other data entry jobs then we are not versed enough to advise in this matter other than we have already said.

          Thanks for your question Probath and let us know if we can help further.

  36. Mary O'Donnell

    Wow! What a list!! This is a great find because I’ve come across programs in the past and had wanted to ask someone were they legit or a scam and the site I asked never replied to me so I’ll be asking you now going forward!!

    The comment above made something click for me about pyramid schemes, I feel one of the big affiliate programs I’m with has the newer people working for those higher up as they take them all into their email lists!! I felt very uncomfortable about some of the things going on with this ‘legitimate’ program yet it seems even legit people who will pay out can be up to some sneaky marketing – is that a new category – half legit/ legit but sneaky? ! 😀

    Can you explain more about the ctrl and f tip that you mentioned – will that highlight a word I’m looking for on whatever page I’m on? You are the first person I’ve heard mention this.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you very much and yes a lot of effort went into making it. It is just a reference point for those doing research regarding online scams.

      So out of 100 people there will always at least 3 people you simply can’t trust. Such people glue together under a logic that rational people just can’t understand. There simply has to be a sheer absence of empathy to assist in the making of your fellow man poorer!!

      No matter how legit an organization is there is always that element that are only out for themselves. Should we be able to help assist enough people in life to acquire what they want then we shall acquire what we want- ULTIMATELY – we receive what we help others find/create.

      It is important not to become disillusioned by things we can’t control. This is only to buy into the illusion and thus make it real to you.

      Young men wish to change the world. Wise men wish to change themselves. One by one we must take responsibility for our interactions in this world and to ensure they are positive as possible. Thus, enough who think like this within their realm of our reality, will have a positive ripple effect extending beyond the years of their lives.

      That badness that people do just dies with them – which would you invest in Mary?

      Alas, we should just point in the other direction to show others how to make money online, for this is our sphere of activity, and let Lady Justice’s Wheel of ‘Fortune’ turn for those that only have ill-will for others.

      I hope that makes sense and certainly helps me NOT to be driven mad by all the bad stuff others do.

      Thanks again Mary and I do hope to hear back from you again some time.

      – Philip.

      1. Mary O'Donnell

        ”It is important not to become disillusioned by things we can’t control. This is only to buy into the illusion and thus make it real to you.”

        wowsa, I like that statement…especially about not buying into the illusion – that is profound…

        but we probably can whittle down the list of things we genuinely can’t control

        a piece of me will always want to try to change the world 😀

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Then, Mary, you will always be caught up in things you can’t control. And since you can not exert your control over certain situations then they exert control over you, to the degree you desire your own determination laid across it as you see it.

          It does not mean we should be determination’less – just means some things are just left up the throw of the dice in life! Such as the way with scammers whom no one can identity online and so they are free to make a huge living from robbing people virtually. In this sense, my expression is valid. Out of this context then we are stepping into endless possible ‘philosophications’ that renders itself of no use here, but in other areas of interest, would be an excellent discussions, I have no doubt of that Mary.

          Excellent to hear back from you Mary and thanks for landing your response.

          – Philip.

  37. Joo

    Hi Philip,
    I’m truly impressed by how much investigative work you have done on the numerous scam sites! I have bookmarked your page, so that I can always come back here to refer to any sites that I’m suspicious about. I also love that your website is so up to date.

    Thank you for all these good work to warn people about scam sites. I know friends who are in pyramid schemes. It is so true what you said, the earnings mostly go to those at the top, so those below are actually working for them! It’s not worth it.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Joo,

      Thank you kindly for your lovely words and all I can say is a lot of effort went into making that list and then compiling it in the one place. I ma glad it is done now because I hope for it to be a permanent resource to help others find out about scam sites online quicker this way. This List of Internet Scammers and all their sites will be up dated on a regular basis giving readers every possibility of staying up to date with all current scams we have uncovered.

      Do watch out for a new resource we will be adding to this site showing readers all the good to the very best online jobs to go for as well.

      Thanks again for your comment Joo.

      – Philip.

      1. Joo

        Ooohh, a list of the best online jobs , coupled with this list of internet scammers, and you would be ruling the world! Looking forward to that!
        I guess you must have spent months, dwelling right into each internet scammer website listed here, to figure out how things work exactly for them! And it really takes trained eyes and minds like yours, in order to spot the telltale signs that they are not legit. A layperson like me, would definitely fall for each and every one of their tricks. So thanks again for this list, so that unsuspecting people can be forewarned.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Thank you Kindly Joo,

          Yes, when I first got serious about looking for a way to earn online I fell into a few scam snares! Not nice. I was afraid of the ‘Internet’ for a while. However, I continue to see sites run by ordinary people like myself but their offers were good expensive for me at the time.

          Then I found Wealthy Affiliate and I was and continue to be happy with their low monthly fee and huge resources.

          Thanks again Joo,

          – Philip.

  38. Danielle

    This is a wonderful resource, thank you for taking the time to compile it!

    Many people have been scammed by one of these sites and go on to be scammed by the next not realizing that it’s a whole network scam with thousands of sites all over that internet. So this post will be an eye opener to most.

    Thank you. 🙂


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      I am glad you see the value in this article. I am endeavoring to warn as many as possible on all the scam sites we have uncovered. This is a permanently updated and therefore relevant List of Internet Scammers and their illegal sites. I am hoping to really awaken to people the different types of scams, but also, even if a site looks very professional it can still be a scam.

      Thanks again Danielle,

      – Philip.

      1. cheryl Schnell

        This company operates under so many names that you could lose track – but I have kept copies of every transaction and if responses come back they are often under a different co, name. AND if you don’t like the merchandise – NO REFUND!!

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hello Cheryl,

          What company are you speaking about? If you wish to share this list here then we would be happy to look into them as well. Looking forward to hearing back from you Cheryl. ~ Philip.


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