What Is LinearSale.com – Is ‘LinearSale’ Scam or Legit Power Tools Store?

By | April 24, 2019

LinearSale.com Review – Safe or Fraud?

Great to see that you have decided to question those unbelievably good deals at LinearSale.com (www.linearsale.com). Is LinearSale com a scam, deceptive, fake and only a scam? Is ‘LinearSale’ good, honest, legit and ethical? Our Review is going to say they are a scam, which if you have seen thousands of dollars of discounts on that site you were probably suspecting that, hence why you maybe here for that confirmation.

People who have customer reviews are welcome to comment on them in the comments below. This is to help others identify with clarity the sites to stay a way from, and also, to highlight good sites where applicable per your reports. Below is our reasons why we are 100% certain of the fraudulent nature of their site.




www.linearsale.com is a scam – please warn others!




What Is LinearSale.com – Time To Save Your Cash.

Those that may have given payment information to LinearSale.com are advised to contact your payment provider. It may be so that cyber-crooks could have your details and so you maybe advised to cancel your card. This will stop those nasty random charges that cyber-crooks like to make without your permission.

Background Check!

We see in WHOIS that they registered their site in 2019/04/04 and I fear they may become viral. I am suspecting this because when bad sites lie about their prices, people tend to share it much on social media dragging in family and friends, and so Google grants them significant trust.

You can undo any shares you made by sharing this article to help nullify its effects. Thank You. Also, all shares and comments helps to support our site.

There is a 1 year registration length which can be indicative of a hit-and-run site. It maybe at times legit e-store owners will register for so little time to see how their biz fairs out with the option to renew. However, in this instance, there is no doubt we are dealing with a fraudulent site.

There is a proxy address being used. This means it is not their address and is being used in the space of their real location. We see an address on their site from Philadelphia.


No founder name listed when they registered their URL either. Google ‘Mpay Thank Long Co. Ltd‘ and you will see reports of that address associated with other sites which are deemed untrustworthy. Always Google addresses, phone numbers, email addresses to see for this kind of warning. It may just save you countless hours struggling for your refund.


A Few Scam Signs At ‘Linear Sale’.

When we first land on their home page you can plainly see thousands of dollars wiped off of the original price. You maybe forgiven for thinking this is a closing down sale or a clearance sale. It is not. They have just opened their own online doors and surely discounts like these simply can not be believed.

Too-good-to-be-true prices is an excellent sign that you are dealing with an online scam, usually.

Some of their information is linked to scam reports about other online scams. This means their information is can not be trusted and we are not clear on who they are and really where they maybe actually from.

There is one item that is selling for nearly $9000 and it is reduced to just $99! There is no way they are making any profits and would only put themselves into enormous debt. This is one of the most obvious attempts I have ever seen online to scam-bait cash out of people.




Final Thoughts.

I hope you have found this article ahead of any purchases. If so, why not let us know if this article has saved you some cash.

If you have already fallen for their scam then you should, as said, contact your payment provider as a matter of urgency.

Looking forward to your own reviews on What Is LinearSale.com below in the comments. They are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers.


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