Review – Is ‘LilyShops’ Scam or Legit? – WARNING!!!

By | May 26, 2019 Maybe a Fraudulent Site – Our ‘LilyShops’ Review. is a new site that could be untrustworthy. Their prices do not seem to us too suspicious but there are other signs that scream scam. With little business transparency we are concerned they have deliberately and expertly hidden all their identifiable information. Why do this? This is typical of a fraudulent site.

People who may have ordered from this website are asked to leave your customer reviews below this article in the comments. What you know could save other people from losing their own hard earned cash. Where we can put into one forum many reviews then we can help protect others. Contact your payment provider if you handed over payment information as the risk of fraud is considered to be high with them.



 Customer Review Guide.

We will not bore you by giving you extraneous details. We will leave that to others who have all day and nothing better else to do with their time. We are only going to share the most pertinent research that undoubtedly points to a scam. has already been exposed as a scam by Scam Adviser on You-Tube and wish to thank them for the heads-up.

  • And so we wish duplicate and expand on that answer of ‘SCAM’ to show others why this is so. WHOIS is out first stop-off and there we can see ‘LilyShops’ was registered in 2019/03/10 and just for a year. Why so short? What business do you know that is honest that sets up for so little time for their own business?
  • We have seen many fake sites set up for 1 or 2 years and then shut down without sending out orders. Some sites will deliver products but too many times goods are shoddy, wrong order, poor, damaged, inferior quality products.
  • We have seen that there are ethical people that set up for this little time to see how things go. If they see some success they may renew. So it is nearly impossible to distinguish these sites when e-store owners, that work from home and are honest, who do not state this on their site. This only brings suspicion.
  • I have seen scam-busting sites call good sites scams because they have not left legit information. So it would be of great service if such sites plainly state the nature of their operations to avoid such mistakes, mistakes we to have made, in order to not cast such errors.
  • That said, the site in question is coming across as a business. As such they have not left a business address, no customer support phone number, no founder name anywhere online and really how can we trust this? 
  • There maybe those handing over payment information to the owner of this site. This is bad news because we are trusting an unknown person, who’s intentions may not be very clear to them, and so this is a very bad decision. Always look for reviews – it only takes 2 minutes – and could save you months of discovering you been ripped off and time added on for the fight for a refund.
  • You may find that they may not have given you a receipt, tracking information, and so that is alarming. What business does not do this? I do not know personally as I have not ordered from this site. However, it is quite common not to receive such standard information.
  • If you have received this information, check your tracking information page, and see the ‘weight’ of the goods. If you have ordered goods then we can have a concept of its weight. Many times the weight of the order can be too light. So this may indicate they could be sending you out something other than what you paid for.
  • They are offering free shipping, without shipping or duty free charges. So whose paying for that? This may indicate they are from China as I know the Gov there pays for most of the exports out of that region.
  • There are many too-positive reviews for the short time online. It can take more time than they been online to get so many good reviews.
  • They seem to be delivering to USA, UK, Australia and UK. These countries are the one’s that spend the most online, incidentally. And so we see they are targeting the most lucrative countries for their illegal earnings.





Final Thoughts.

Have you received your goods and was there any problems? You input is asked for and so we look forward to read what you have to say about the site in question in the comments.


Before you go, there are a few sites right now that appear to be very damaging to e-shoppers.


Beware of :-

Onreek.comit is a fraudulent store. another fake e-store.

Prcedo.comnew store but damaging. – same as above. – Fake high paying referral work from home.

Beware of Fake Social Security Calls – Scammers Phishing Unwary People. – Appears to be a popular Ponzi Scheme.

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Scam Advisor’s Report On You-Tube.

That is all for now on and now they are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame. 




6 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘LilyShops’ Scam or Legit? – WARNING!!!

  1. Tanya Leigh

    This is a scam. I ordered a product on May 18, 2019 and it has yet to ship or arrive. I am certain I have been had, the product was sold at a huge discount, which should have been my first clue. I should have emailed the manufacturer to see if they were a valid retailer of said item. The site looked so legit, full of good (fake) reviews. If it walks like a duck…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….I emailed almost right away asking to cancel the order, they emailed back the shipping policy. After my last email, they have stopped emailing me back.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Contact your payment provider and state your case. Also, you do have a secret weapon Tanya you can land on them right now.


      Here is a link to report to Google itself. Tell ‘LilyShops’, if you do not get your order or a refund, you are going to REPORT THEIR SCAM SITE TO GOOGLE!

      Click on that link and you will see a document. Select complaint and detail your experience. Hit submit Tanya.

      So, show them the link, let them click on it, and maybe – just maybe – they will give you a refund.

      If not, then fight for a refund with your payment provider.

      Thank you kindly Tanya for reporting your experience with ‘Lily Shops’ and would be very interested to know how this resolves.

  2. Stacey Morrow

    definitely a scam — they closed the lilyshops site and are now doing business as


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