What Is Lilcloth.com – Is ‘Lil Cloth’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 26, 2019

Find Out What Is LilCloth.com – Our ‘LilCloth’ Review. 

You are welcome to our review on What Is LilCloth.com at www.lilcloth.com. Is Lilcloth com a scam, deceptive, fraud or Is ‘LilCloth’ good, honest, legit, safe and genuine? This ‘Lil Cloth’ Review is going to try to attempt to answer if they are safe or a scam. We will research attached site information, scam signs, and online reports.

Those that have customer reviews, positive or negative, are welcome to place them below in the comments to help others out. We will be looking for information that commonly ‘cat-out’ fake sites, and so, we need to know where they are located, founder name and contact data like phone numbers. Where there are problems in this area then it maybe best to use caution.




What Is Lilcloth.com Really About – Is ‘LilCloth’ A Scam Or Safe And Legit?

So already we have some very real concerns within our What Is LilCloth.com review. They are new site, that has been updated from 2017, and so only 2 years deems them to be still a young site. We begin by looking up their registration date. Then we look for the founder name, address and contact information.




www.lilcloth.com a scam?



Registration, per WHOIS, was updated in 2018/11/23 and only for 1 year. Now why a site, that tries to convince they are safe and legit wants to register their business for only 1 year, is typically a bad sign.

That runs to the pattern of scammers whom set up sites for 1 or 2 years, defraud people with inferior goods or non-deliveries, and then shut down anytime there are too many bad reviews on them.

However, we must constantly keep in mind that there are times where this is not applicable. There are some founders that will register for so little time to see if their new online business has any good signs of taking off.

Where the time elapses then they have the choice to renew based on their own success of failure.

Their registered address is 14455 E. Hayden Road, US. That is not their address. That is a favored address by scammers. However, I have seen this address being used by some few legit sites as well.

That address is used to hide their true location and so that is a proxy address. A proxy address is an address that is used instead of their real location address. We can say that they founder does not want to be spammed. But when you are selling to people then we must have this information.

Not a good sign. By the way, there is no founder name registered when they put their site online. Why is this?


We head to their site and we can see that they do indeed have an address:-

South Tower World Finance Centre Harbour City 17 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon HONG KONG
Postal / ZIP code : 999077

You can go ahead and Google that address. We find a company that has been online since 1998 called conpak.com. That is a website dealing with Accountancy services. 

Conpak.com’s address is now being used by Lilcloth.com. SCAM! ‘Lilcloth’ have simply stolen the address of a legit company and that is common for fake sites to do that. You can see, bottom of that sites website, that they do indeed own that address right HERE.

However, we have another point to make on their address:- Why is there two addresses attached to their website? Bad news…




‘Lil Cloth’ Scam Signs.

They have stolen the address of another company.

They have not listed a founder name. 

There is no customer phone number that I can see. Usually that is highlighted top of any selling website.

Between 50/80% off is not legit! That alone would rival any charity shop on the planet. Too-good-to-be-true-prices is nearly always a sign of a fraudulent website.

With such heavy discounts they are also giving away Free Shipping as well. How are they making a profit when they are giving away so much value to their unwary customers.

I have read one report that claims their images are simply stolen. Also, one report says that this site is selling one Disney merchandise item for $25, when it is listed on the Disney site for much higher.

There only real form of contact is their email address of cs@lilcloth.com. That simply is not good enough. Always Google search any information about addresses etc to see if there are any attached reports. Where there are too many negative reports attached to such info then just stay away. Not all reports can be wrong.


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Final Thoughts.

There is very little about them online per user/customer reports. However, I am calling them a scam site! There is no way a legit company steals the business address of another online business.

And since conpak.com has been online since 1998, and the site in question is new, then we can clearly prove who really owns that address.

They are giving away far too discounts and there is not even customer support phone number. That is not right at all.

Those of you that have reports are welcome to leave them below in the comments. If we have made a mistake about them then we will make sure this article reflects that.

That is all on What Is LilCloth.com and we hope this ‘LilCloth’ Review has helped you out. For now they are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers. Looking forward to your views about this site below in the comments.

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