What Is LikeBoho.com – Is ‘LikeBoho’ Scam or Legit Ladies Fashion Store?

By | May 21, 2019

Beware of LikeBoho.com – Our ‘LikeBoho’ Review.

Good job on finding this scam alert about LikeBoho.com. What Is ‘LikeBoho’, are they safe and legit or untrustworthy? So we already know that they are not trustworthy. There are potentially 100’s of ‘Boho’ e-stores that are only making cheap goods at discounted prices. Rarely, it seems, do such stores deliver exactly what they are advertising.

Most of these kinds of stores are hailing from China and so that is a scam sign. But of course not all stores in this region are fakes. So now we must review them all one b one. Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave them in the comments to help warn others. However, if we are wrong, then do correct us and leave us a comment as to why they are legit.







LikeBoho.com Review Guide For Customers.

  • Getting into now the meat of the matter we are now going to look for some business information. Own name, business information, contact data and age of their site. Where this information is not freely available then we have to ask why. If falsified then is clearly a bad sign.
  • LikeBoho.com regisitered their site in 2018/11/23 and one year is all they have done this for. Suspicious sites will typically register for just 12 months. Many times they can shut down such sites without warning. Be sure you get an e-receipt from any e-store  you have not familiar with or is new.
  • Bei Jing is the only information they have left for an address. That is not a good sign and so why have they not left that basic info?
  • No founder name attached to this site. So now we have no business transparency and really only scam sites do this. There are times where e-stores are run by people that work from home and so they do not need to have this data available. 
  • On their website we see sparse information. No founder name and only an email of service@likeboho.com
  • The prices are more than reasonable and there are many discounts to avail of. Too-good-to-be-true prices is usually a reliable clue that something is wrong. Always look out for reviews to see if such sites are legit or not.
  • Have they given you your receipt after purchase? Where such sites have not given you an e-purchase receipt then insist on one. Without this then you may have a harder time with a refund claim. 
  • Tracking Information is another critical point of control when it comes to identifying a scam. Many times, where sites are dishonest, they will give out fake tracking information. If legit, then check the information to see if the weight of goods is like the goods you purchased.
  • Customer Support, with bad sites, will typically ignore you, or reply generically thus being unhelpful, poor and broken English and use delaying tactics.
  • They will or may try to delay because it may increase their chances of keeping your refund. How? Well, come card holders only have 60 days to put in for a refund. PayPal offers 160 days I believe to do this. 
  • Also, they are offering further savings when you make a few minimum spends. So this is obviously going to cost people less, and so, how are they generating revenue for their site if they are delivering on the advertised goods.
  • We came across this site from TrackingMore.com and so with thanks we have decided to share this information. We have covered quite a few of the sites they have listed and so it is very good to have in our own achieves these sites exposed further.




Final Thoughts.

They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites. We are confident that our determination of ‘scam’ is correct. There maybe those that are happy with their goods and so you are welcome to let us know more about that below.

That is all for now on What Is LikeBoho.com and thank you for coming by.




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