LifeSpace.Shop – Is LifeSpace.Shop Scam or Legit? Answer Revealed Here!

By | May 22, 2019

What Is LifeSpace.Shop – Our ‘LifeSpaceShop’ Scam Alert!

LifeSpace.Shop is a scam and we know this scam network very well. We know answers to questions like What Is really about, Is ‘LifeSpaceShop’ just a scam or is it honest and legit? This short ‘Life Space Shop’ Review will set you wise to the tricks being played by this scam network. Watch out for as well as they belong to this fraudulent e-store network.

Those that have customer reviews of the aforementioned sites are welcome to leave them in the comments below. This valuable contribution will leave others in no doubt not to shop online there. The more that we all work together by sharing what we know then we can help lessen the damage of these sites.






LifeSpace.Shop Scam Network.

  • Proof that LifeSpace.Shop can be found in their ‘ABOUT US’ section that they are fraudulent. There you will see “At LifeSpace.Shop, we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your uniqueness. And to spread exactly that… is our core mission“. Now, without including “At LifeSpace…” simply copy and paste the rest of that paragraph into Google and hit enter.
  • You will see that there are a host of sites that are using the same word-for-word script. Nowhere on any of their sites to they lay claim to any other site. We expect to see these sites stating ownership of such properties and a sign of a scam when they do not.
  • This article and the up coming ones will be exposing as many as possible of their new batch of sites. 2018 we exposed a bunch as well and so we know the damage these sites can cause. This is why I am personally eager to write up as much as time permits.
  • We begin to ask for the founders name, business address, contact information and when their site was registered. I do not care what business address they put on any of their sites because it is going to be only lies. 
  • They are a shopping scam network from China so do not fall for any USA, Canada, UK address that you may find. Whatever information like this you find then you should get into the habit of Googling that. Often, when sites are not real, they will have scam reports attached to it.
  • Typically the prices are too-good-to-be-true and you can find them on their right prices elsewhere online. So that  may be another sign you are not dealing with a legit site.
  • Often times the email bounces back as not being able to deliver you communication to them. Has this happened to you? Let us know in the comments. Their email incidentally is Anyone locate a customer support phone number?
  • Well, where these sites miss that info then that is another bad sign. Yet again, Google numbers to see what crops up.
  • It is more than possible you may get nothing for your hard earned cash. If goods are delivered then it is also more than likely they have not delivered what they have advertised for your cash. Cheaply made goods, damaged goods, inferior, perhaps stolen are the order of the day for such sites.
  • Report them below to help protect others from these fraudulent practices. Also, they have more than likely stolen their images to make fraudulent sales. There is no founder name attached to any of these sites. That is a major scam sign and so do look out for that.
  • The reason why I highlight that in red is because who are people giving over payment information to, information, that is linked to having access to your personal cash? So it is one of the gravest scam signs. Those that gave this info really need to call your payment provider right now.
  • You maybe advised to cancel your card for a new in order to prevent over charging of some kind.




Final Thoughts.

Those with additional information about this scam site, such as return addresses, names from customer support, order numbers etc etc, are welcome to leave that below. Their past sites have many complaints on our own website.

The sites mentioned in this article are part of a new batch for the year of 2019 and typically they only last 1 year. What business do you know that only sets a business for one year. So that is a major scam sign to. Granted, some e-store owners that are legit only register for this length of time, and so it is not enough to say ‘scam’ solely on this.

But it does help to paint a better picture of what is going on. Any of their sites, can shut down without notice at any moment leaving customers in the lurk without support or goods. 

We sincerely hope many of you affected by such sites will take a moment to share what you know. Based on the information above, if you feel you have found another of their sites then you are invited to share that data in the comments. Please be sure to leave FULL ULR to avoid confusion with other sites.

That is all for now and looking forward to hearing from you on what you think of LifeSpace.Shop. They are now going into our List of Internet Scammers for good.

P.S. I have just noticed that their email address is not the same as their sites URL name. That is another major scam sign.




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