What Is LifeOK.Net – Is LifeOK.Net Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | October 13, 2018

What Is LifeOK.Net and Concerns of a New Scam Network on the Rise.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Your Google-Journey has ended for those that want to know What Is LifeOK.Net! Is LifeOK Net fake, scam, fraudulent, dishonest, crooked or is Life OK Net genuine, real, legit, honest, sincere and paying out? This LifeOK Review is going to set your mind at ease and show you why they are nothing but a new scam network, adding more copies of their false investment site across the web, to take peoples money. You may have a look at GoldRise.Net, PRTO.Net, EuroUS.Net, CuPone.Net and you will see that they are all the same scam site! Also, look out for BestSun.Net, NiceUS.Net, TopUSD.Net, EXRP.Net. LifeOK is the Newest One and this is the only Review of it so far.

While I know the site being written on now, and the sites in the into are not legit, there are ways to earn money online without having to risk your hard earned cash on fake investment schemes. Those interested in making money online that know you have to work for your living are welcome to click on the image below. That is my #1 Recommendation Below to help you earn a full time income from home without any investment to start. Lets continue with this LifeOK Net Review.




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What Is LifeOK.Net and the Newly Emerging Fake Investment Schemes.

Here this article is going to be talking about what is being offered and what of it is fake to answer fully What Is LifeOK.Net. Well, its all fake, but I will point to specifically all the points of critical flaws. First, let us figure out who owns these sites 

The owner is Nikolaj Kutnyak. Nikolaj Kutnyak created LifeOK at the 02/10/2018 and has that site registered for only 1 year online. Sites that offer investment opportunities to earn money, paid positions working from home, have to have legit information. His name is listed, granted, but that name is not attached to the site anywhere online .There is no proof that there is a ‘Nikoloaj Kutnyak’ owning any of these sites. SO, I am not convinced, for when that name is entered into Google all we see are images of his scam sites – as listed in the intro.


LifeOK.Net Exposed!

Go to www.lifeok.net to login – not recommended.



There is a Russian Address supplied but again there is no way of knowing if that address is connected to the site and is a real business address or not. Furthermore, the only real info that is returned on Google is an email address of Leejack1@yandex.ru. Don’t use that email as it could be a phishing attempt.







How It All Works.

That Free $100 Sign Up Bonus sure looks enticing, however, it will never be released to you and forever will remain in a state of ‘PROCESSING’. There is not a company, that I know of, that will give $100 just for signing up with them. The only other time I have heard of this was to switch your bank for that amount of money during the boom years. Even if you are offered $1 to sign up, and that company IS legit, it will nearly always come with some conditions that just does not make that money worth while to collect. 

You sign up for free and read all about their Binary Options/Forex Investing ‘story’. You can look all over their site and nowhere is there any proof of qualification to back this up. They have produced a site template that has won sway with a significant populace of the Internets traffic. So, seems like they are happy to copy and paste that templates source code, change the name and URL, and ‘bingo’ they have a new ‘investment site’. They are all the same and none pay out.

You will see their Investment Packages and also their investment levels. Since they have not provided proof that these packages are real, then we are dealing a Ponzi Scheme. Once your investment is made then you simply wait for others to be duped into making similar investments. When they do, you may have a chance of earning something. Though most will not see a penny and not even their initial investment back.

What Is A Ponzi Scheme?

To be clear on the true nature of their site we must cover quickly what exactly a Ponzi Scheme is. It is marked by not having any real kind of product that is bought/sold nor service of value in exchange for your money. It is the handing over of real money and then simply waiting for unreal returns in too quick of a time period. The stories differ, and the websites look different, but that basically is the actual business structure of every one of these fake sites. 

You invest. Wait for others to invest. They also wait. Now you (hopefully) get your money back plus profits to boot because the site got other peoples money now. This money is circulated to pay older members. However, too may times these Ponzi Creators pay out to no one. The ones that want to stay around a while, may make some payments out to make generate  some payment proofs to convince others to invest as well. 

When the numbers have become so swollen, and the sign ups have diminished to zero, the founder will fun for the hills with most of the cash. These sites have a horrible tendency to shut down over night. There is no warning or ‘farewell note’ to explain their departure – their site simply will not be there.

Is it Possible to Make Some Money Though?

Yes, but its also possible to LOSE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IF YOU DON’T KNOW THEY ARE AN ILLEGAL SITE! Those that simply do not know what they are looking at will be targeted big time for your cash. You could be encouraged by receiving earnings of small amounts continuously. This may go to your head and so you may invest over and over – UNTIL – you invest the right amount of money that it is profitable for them to rip you off by just ignoring you.

THEN you will know you just got mugged by a complete stranger online because you did not check for a review of it on Google – do get into the habit of doing this as it would save you, and local economies, millions everywhere. This kind of fraud actually hurts a countries currency strength and so its not to be underestimated how damaging Ponzi Schemes can be.













Final Thoughts.

Clearly, I am not endorsing the site just written on. It annoys me no end that these sites truly do have free reign to scam as many people as possible and live a rich and free life of luxury doing so. Never mind eh, it makes it all the sweeter to expose them and save all you guys a fortune and so make it significantly less worth it to the cyber-crooks. They are a SCAM SITE and you won’t earn a dime. Those that do, you were sooo lucky, but also, someone else had to lose for you to earn. If you have no conscience on that matter then I wish you well and hope it does not happen to you one day when you must need it not to…

Still have questions on What Is LifeOK.Net? All are welcome to ask below where myself, or another person, will be happy to assist you. Those interested in earning online properly, without the worry and risk of losing their cash to unknown scammers, can click on the image below. It will take you to my #1 Recommendation Below (as mentioned) to earn money from home. Learn to make a website and make that site earn you a full time income from home. No experience or even credit card to get started to be your own boss and be so for life. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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2 thoughts on “What Is LifeOK.Net – Is LifeOK.Net Scam or Legit Investment Site?

  1. Junior

    Good day
    Thankful for such words of wisdom, I had no idea that I was already near a fish hook cause I saw an invite from a friend then it seemed interesting, I even signed up but I’m wise enough to sign up using false e-mails.
    My question is can this Phonzi trace me or hack my Acc
    Kind regards


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Junior,

      If you used a false email address then there is no reason to worry. So long as you did not give them your payment information or any other personal information, then you have not to worry at all.

      You are welcome and thank you kindly for your comment here today Junior. It is appreciated 🙂 .


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