What Is LeMaxShop.com – Is LeMaxShop.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 24, 2018

Trusted or Fraudulent – What Is LeMaxShop.com About? 

Worried about What Is LeMaxShop.com? Asking Is LeMaxShop com fake, scam, fraudulent, dishonest, bad or Is LeMaxShop genuine, safe, real, safe, legit, honest e-commerce store? This Le Max Shop Review is going to be point out some serious inconsistencies about their site. There are some complaint reports on their young site as well. The research below is compiled from online to save you time in your own research. But more importantly it will hopefully save you some money. Also, you can find out how to get a refund if you were scammed. Personally, I believe www.lemaxshop.com is scam site – of that I am certain.

Lately this website has been exposing a high number of fake online purchase stores given that they are springing up like weeds. This is down to the various holidays coming towards and so people are primed for scamming. There are a number of signs to look out for when determining if a online web store is real or not, and that will be covered. You will probably recognize some of them as well if you have had experience with Le Max Shop. As mentioned in the Google Snippet of this article, they are trying to pass themselves off as LeMaxCollection.com (legit and trusted site). More on that later. Those interested, and who may ask how to earn money online (happens all the time) may check out my #1 Recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate. They are the only platform that have helped me earn online consistently. OK, let us continue with the LeMaxShop Review.


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Full And Swift Answer To What Is LeMaxShop.com – Report Them Below In The Comments Section.

As mentioned, they are copying LeMaxCollections.com. Why? These scammers are hoping you enter a typo and end up on their site. What Is LeMaxShop.com has already been answered and so all info below is to answer that in more detail. We are going to try to find out owner, location, contact info, finding online complaints, and the inconsistencies about their site that is indicative of fake shopping sites.

2018/10/05 was the date they set up their site and they already have complaints. But more strangely than this, considering they are trying to come across as a real online store that would involve real world merchandise, shipping, manufacturing, business infrastructure – they decided that one year online is a wise move. Real and legit businesses will set up their online versions of their real world businesses for some time to come and certainly more than 1 year, which when it comes to the online world, is only getting out of the starter blocks.


LemaxSho.com Site

don’t buy anything from www.lemaxshop.com!


No Founder Name and that is a Huge Scam Sign for me! HUGE!! How can you buy anything from a site when you don’t know who you are dealing with? That is the problem, and now since no one knows the real person or people behind the site then they can head for the hills with all the profits when they are fully known not to be trusted.

Their listed address is 3262 Westheimer Road, #462 Houston, TX 77098. Where we have no address then that is the nail in the coffin for a deliberate cover up. However, this is a fake curve ball, for when we look up site registration details on WHOIS we can plainly see – THEY ARE ACTUALLY FROMHunan, China. WHOOPS! This part of the world is renown for online shopping fraudulent sites. 

A quick Google search of that Westheimer address brings up a UPS Shipping Delivery Store. That is interesting because that tells me, should you have any problems with the service in any way, they are directing you to ‘a’ delivery company they may not be using. Remember:- That address is how LeMaxShop say you can contact them!! This is clearly bogus. The above is enough for me to call them a scam site. No honest online store behaves like this unless they are hiding something.



Complaints and Scam Signs.

1). Circa 7 weeks ago, LeMaxCollections.com (legit and trusted site) warned people that they are being impersonated. They warned people not to shop on Le Max Shop as that site is not them. They also put up a warning on their Facebook page as well.

2). Courtesy of scamguard.com, there is a complaint that a person make some orders from LeMax Shop and was scammed out of $114! That issue remains unresolved and I don’t hold my breath that they will get the product ordered.

3). Another site called picdove.com has said that LeMaxCollections is being impersonated by the site this article is exposing for all to see.

4). There is also a Google+ Post warning people about the fake site trying to fraudulently steal from people under the ‘Lemax’ good name.

That is ten pages of Google searched, and granted its not a lot of complaints, but as mentioned they are a young scam site. It takes time for complaints to surface. 


Were You Scammed by The Site Under Question? The Internet Needs Your Reports on Le Max Shop to Help Stop Them Scamming People Online – Thank You.


Scam Signs.

No founder name attached to site.

Address conflict. No one actually knows where they are from.

Warnings online already that they are a fake site.

Contact Address is for a UPS Deliver Shipping Store in the USA when they are actually based in Hunan, China.

THEY ARE NOT THE OFFICIAL RETAILER OF LEMAX VILLAGES! They are a fraud site no matter what their fake site declares to this effect in any section of their site.

No contact address or cell number. That is a bad sign indeed for reasons that are just too obvious to state.



Here Is How They Could Of Or Could Scam You.

Order your product for vastly reduced prices! They are even offering up to 70% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING GLOBALLY! That, right there, is my favorite sign that tells me – without doubt – we are dealing with a fake online store. How are they earning any profits with discounts like that and kindly paying for all those shipping fee’s?!! Makes no sense because it is a fraudulent site.

Payment is Taken like lightening! Typically such sites are very efficient at charging you first before you even take your next breath. Now, when your item does not turn up, at least the scammers have been paid.

Perhaps you got an order? When this happens after payment I wager a friendly bet you did not get your ordered item? Or the item broke down after 1 or 2 uses. For these scam sites to make a profit they have to sell you something so cheap that, even when you pay the vastly reduced knocked down price, they can still make a profit.


Your Card Is Over Charged Or Charged Multiple Times.

Customer Service when dealing with scam sites are just rude and non-cooperative! They will do near enough nothing to resolve your situation for refund or for your product. Once you annoy them too much – they will just ignore you. 



Do Not Let Them Get Away With This! When many reports online begin to surface they will have no choice but to shut down sooner. Should their scam prove to be epidemically fraudulent, it could just attract attention of law enforcement, giving the scammers a chance to feel the long arm of the law. All reports are welcome and will be responded to and so please place them below in the comments section on this webpage.












Final Thoughts.

They are attempting to rip-off the good name of another site for their own fraudulent financial gain. Scammers will hope you type in legit sites names wrong and so land on theirs. Naturally enough unwary customers will or may think they are buying for good people. For all the reasons above I am calling them a fake site and one that needs to be shut down soon! Report them below because together it will happen sooner. Or, you can stay quiet and leave yours and others online security to every one else!! Up to you – how safe to you want the net to be in years to come? Their site is going to into my Internet List Of Scammers Websites List – Hall of Shame.

Do you have questions on What Is LeMaxShop.com? You are warmly welcome to ask in the comments below. Perhaps you have more information or would like to report your own story? I respond to all comments and especially looking for reports on foul play. Please do beware of Phoneiei, OMGTrue, GoodsZily, VogTrend, NonnaLand, Choies, LaddyDress, NannaThread, HomeApShop, HobbiLaunch as those are all doing the rounds right now and are fraudulent as well. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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