What Is LavishTruth.com / What Is ‘Lavish Truth Boutique’ – Scam or Legit?

By | April 6, 2019

Find out What Is LavishTruth.com about and What Is ‘Lavish Truth Boutique’? – Our ‘LavishTruth’ Review.

Hello and your search to know What Is LavishTruth.com is now over. What Is ‘Lavish Truth Boutique’ about? Is LavishTruth com a scam, fake, fraudulent or Is ‘LavishTruth’ safe, trustworthy, real and legit? This ‘Lavish Truth’ Review maybe a scam alert. We have to take a look first. We have read their Returns Policy and basically, if something goes wrong, it is ALL ON YOU!

Not a good sign. Read these return policies well because in theirs they only offer ‘IN STORE CREDIT’ FOR RETURNS – that is STARTING FROM SHIPPED DELIVERY DATE! Meaning, that is applicble from the very moment it leaves their location. Sure, at that rate, it could take 14 days for the parcel to reach the customer. Makes no sense to me.




Is www.lavishtruth.com a scam?



That is harsh and so that has us very worried. Returns will come out of your own pocket, and even at this, they have to inspect your order and THEN decide if you are due an exchange or ‘IN STORE CREDIT’. Doesn’t sound right…



LavishTruth.com Review – What Has Your Experience Been?

All are welcome to report on them below in the comments. If you are happy with your order then you are welcome to let us know. If not, then it is paramount you help weed out bad sites by letting us know. Thank you. LavishTruth.com registration began in 2017/11/07 and that is until same date in 2019.

2 years for a business is simply not enough time to invest. They can of course renew their site but usually legit businesses will register for far longer. Of course, there are founders that will register for this amount of time to see how things go. I just wish Affiliate E-Store Owners will leave proof that they are working from home.

This would help many scam-busting sites claiming them a scam when they are not, and yes, we have made that mistake our selves once or twice.

Anyways, I say that because there is no address for that websites business. It can not be found on their own website nor inside WHOIS – a website that has the attached site info for most sites online.

No founder name and we have an email address of shoplavishtruth@gmail.com for customer support. I do not see even customer support number.



We came across this website from a report at the bbb.org scam tracker. Therein we see that a customer was charged $49.99 for a product. After payment was received, and some time had elapsed, communication was not reciprocated by support regarding the location of the order.


This is our concern and so we hope that many engage in this forum to get to the bottom regarding the true nature of this site.





Final Thoughts.

One report does not make them a scam site. However, we are concerned because they are ‘blotted-out’ pretty much all business information. So this means people could be giving payment information to a site with no come-back for a refund. Or worse still, there maybe potential for unknown people to randomly charge your card.

We are not saying this is actively happening right now. We are saying that it is very bad practice to hand over payment information to a business where such info is not available. Always look for reviews.

We are waiting on reports now. Please check the comments for any. That is all for now on What Is LavishTruth.com and very much looking forward to your reports. If too many negative reviews then we’ll place the in our List of Internet Scammers.

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