What Is LarosaStyle.com – Is ‘Larosa Style’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | May 18, 2019

LarosaStyle.com Review – ‘Larosa Style’ Scam-Check.

I am not buying the ‘story’ they have placed in their ‘ABOUT US’ section to entice trust leading to sales. What Is LarosaStyle.com really about? Scam or an honest site? ‘Larosa Style’ says they made this site after the break down of their families marriage. The daughter bought some shoes and a conversation was had whereby ‘LarosaStyle’ was born. Bogus! 

Those that have given over payment information to this store may want to contact your payment provider. In case we are wrong about them, you should seek other places for reviews as well. If we are, then we will correct our determination. However, when you see the research below, you may agree with us. Lets find out more. 






LarosaStyle.com Back Ground Check.

We would like to find out who the owner is of LarosaStyle.com, exact location of their business, contact information and when their site was registered. Then we Google any info of this nature we can find. Where sites are not legit then it is common to come across warnings about them, attached to any piece of such data.

Registration for them was in 2017/02/23 and that is until 2020. That is longer than most fake stores as usually they will register for 1 or 2 years. However, 3 years is still a short time frame in our view. The fonder name within WHOIS is not stated? Why is this? Do they not want their customers to trust them or what? Very bad sign.

Location given in WHOIS is China which is a further bad sign. Not all sites from this region are scams, but since most fake e-stores come from here, then we have to use caution. Moreover, they have not supplied a complete address. That is simply not good enough and so suspicion has fallen on them out of their own in action. We take exposing online scams very seriously and if you do not want suspicion then this is the minimum information required from e-store owners.

But, there is a point we should make for the legit e-store owners. There are times we have come across online stores and there is the usual zero business information. Then we get a message that they want our article on them taken down as they are legit and working from home. We understand this. 

However, if legit, then why worry? You performance and honesty will shine through the reviews left at scamwitness.com and so it will be an advantage in time. 

Anyways, moving on. We go to their site and click on ‘CONTACT US’. Here we see an address of Address: 370 Turnbull Canyon Rd. , City of Industry, CA, 91746 ,United States.

Two Things About That Address That Screams Scam!

Why is the website WILDROCK4X4.COM using the exact same address?

Why is teh addddress based in the USA when they have registered their domain location in China? 


Phone number of 1 (888) 286-8992 which I doubt even works. Email of support@larosastyle.com. Have you been successful in making contact via these mediums? Let us know in the comments.

Another reason we are sure they are not legit is the following image sourced from Facebook Group called ifitistoogoodtobetrue. Taken with thanks.

copied about us sections


What are we showing you here? Well, if you go to the ‘ABOUT US’ section on LarosaStyles site, and only copy and paste one paragraph without using their site name, you will see these returns in Google. These other sites are using the same ‘ABOUT US’ word-for-word sections on their sites as well.

Unless some ‘bizarre happenings’ are occurring, how can so many other companies be using the same content for their sites with the same verbiage? Of course, common sense dictates this is not possible, and so we have evidence to know unknown cyber-crooks are running multiple sites for illegal earnings.


Final Thoughts.

Far too many scam signs here and we are sure they are not to be trusted. We would love to be wrong so do let us know if we are so. We have made less than 10 mistakes in nearly 1000 articles on our site, so we are careful enough not to repeat this, if possible.

Your customer reviews will set the record straight and hope you will take a moment to share what you know. If there is no doubt you were scammed then definitely contact your payment provider as soon as possible. They may have to cancel your card for a new one and this will stop random charges occurring also.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and thanks for coming by.




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