What Is LaPayaInvest.com – Is LaPayaInvest.com Scam or Legit Site?

By | October 8, 2018

What Is LaPayaInvest.com and How You Could Lose Your Shirt On Their Site!

Curious to find out What is LaPayaInvest.com? Ia LaPaya com fake, scam, dishonest, crooked or is LaPaya genuine, good, real, sincere, legit and paying out? In this La Paya Review you will see why I am very doubtful of their claims to mine cryptocurrency, stock trading and Forex activity claims. You may also want to check out their sister-site, that is identical to LayPaya called CoinzPay.Biz. First place we start is looking for Founder info and site data. Look for proof of their activities revenue generating claims, and lastly, why I believe they are a scam site based on a Ponzi Scheme Business Structure.

Since their last site was indeed declared a scam by this website, I am not expecting this new one to be any different. There are good ways to earn online but you have to know where to look. One such place is called Wealthy Affiliate and they offer all interested a real business offer start up. No money to register and you get a free account and 2 free websites. You also get 20 free training videos to show you how to make a site and how to add content etc. 





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What Is LaPaya.com and How They Really Operate To Defraud.

So, we have a quick answer above on What Is LaPaya.com. Now, I will go into detail on what they are offering for members to make quick money relative to investment level and time. All websites when registered will have attached ID info, if they are legit in nature. I see that LaPaya was created 22/09/2018 and only registered for a single year online. Now, most companies that are offering ways to make money online, will invest more than 1 years efforts to fulfill their sites purpose, and will want to stay around to make profits. Hit and Run Sites won’t stay around for long.

There is no founder name anywhere displayed on their site and none listed for their site. There is also no legit address put forward and no contact support. Members are investing blindly to a person they simply do not know! Obviously, that is not wise.


LaPayInvest.com Website

Go to www.lapayainvest.com to login – but its not recommended to do so!


Where we clearly observe a lack of ID transparency for sites that are offering paid work from home then we should be questioning their legitimacy. Some people have a little confusion on this point. Bloggers for instance, they don’t need to provide their personal address details because they could be hounded by complete weirdos at their front door for life. That is just dangerous.

The image above was made by someone trying to convince others that LaPaya is legit and good –  I am still not convinced.

Companies will, or should, provide a company address and so that is the difference. The company address is so you can locate them physically and call their company to see if they exist inside that building. 


Further Scam Signs On Their Site.

Running for 6 Daysthat is what their site shows at the time of the post (see date). Clear, we have found out they are online longer than this and so that is only static information which is not true. However, their member numbers is listed as over 46K people. In six days, that would be astronomical and really I don’t believe those numbers at all. I believe they are fictitious to sway more people to sign up and invest.

Total Deposited is $1223989.50. Withdrawal s $10,000 – that is not a lot of money given back to investors considering the amount of money invested, if those figures are legit. This would tell me we are dealing with a very greedy founder!! No legit company could perform so badly and still be online. So, I am uncertain about those numbers as well and unfortunately we will have to take the word, from people we can’t identify, on those numbers.

They Are a Legally Registered Company apparently. They do not provide a company registration number and they claim to have registered this company in PANAMA. OK! Legit companies will always list their exact location.

Their Product does not actually exist!

They have not provided info regarding their data centers. Companies that mine crypto currency will show off their state of the art mining equipment to reassure everyone they are ethical. This is not so when LaPaya, and is a major scam sign. If you want something real to earn then you can read about The Laptop Lifestyle – work anywhere in the world and get paid doing it.

Payment ‘Proof’? Well, Their Payment Proofs are pay outs in a table of no-pic members with made up names. How is that a payment proof? Such proofs have to be real or digital receipts clearly showing sender and receive including dates. I do not consider their proofs convincing and is also with scam sites to not be able to produce some. However, at time of writing this post there are some reports that they are paying out – so that must be said as well.

Their Facebook Fan Page is not REAL! The button bottom of their site actually does go to Facebook but there is an error message of no content.

I believe that about covers it. No legit site has that many errors and scam signs on their site. Honest sites will go to extraordinary measures to make sure they prove they are legit and trustworthy. LaPaya has hidden everything about themselves and hiding behind a false offer. As said at the site of this article, they have at least one more scam site pulling the same racket online DO REPORT IF YOU FIND ANOTHER IDENTICAL COPY ONLINE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! – Thank You.





Final Thoughts.


Should you have just scrolled all the way down, then there is your answer. Now, please go back up top and read the rest. I didn’t write all that for the exercise you know ( 🙂 ). All kidding aside, they may payout at the start of their time online. This phase will last for about 1 week or 2 weeks. Even sometimes these kinds of sites will pay out up to 4 weeks. When sign ups drop off, they may even pick up pay outs for a time to encourage new investors, then proceed to go back to scamming people. They will eventually collapse and take the bulk of the remaining profits. Over 90% of people will lose their cash on this site, I estimate. All this is my own opinion based on my experience of exposing online scams. There will be those that will disagree with this article because they have been paid. All I can say is you got lucky! Ponzi Schemes are very cruel and harsh cons to fall for where newbies, who don’t recognize what they are looking at, can lose up to many thousands in this way of investing. 

Have questions on What Is LaPaya.com? You can ask below where I will be happy to help. Need some way to earn online that won’t put your money at risk? Click on the image below to go to my #1 Recommendation. Those interested can sign up for free there. Thank you one and all for coming here and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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