What Is LandGentle.com – Is LandGentle.com Scam Or Legit?

By | March 19, 2019

Find Out What Is LandGentle.com Here – The ‘LandGentle’ Review.

You are welcome to our review regarding What Is LandGentle.com at www.landgentle.com. Is LandGentle com a scam, fraud, a phishing site, fake or Is ‘LandGentle’ legit, safe, real, genuine and trustworthy? This ‘Land Gentle’ Review will try to determine if they are safe or not. We have come across a complaint that calls them a scam. We will seek to verify or refute that. 

Those with customer reviews, complaints, positive/negatives reviews, are welcome to add to this article in the comments below. Many times when selling sites are fake they come from China. Not always, but most fake sites of this nature are from that region. We will do a swift background check as well to see if they check out or not.



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What Is LandGentle.com About – Safe or a Scam Site?

To help you in your research on What Is LandGentle.com we are going to try to find out who the owner is, the business address, contact information and when they  registered their site. Where this information is not freely available then we should be a little suspicious about this site. We begin to go to WHOIS and seek out the registration dates. This alone may allude to something.




www.gentleland.com scam alert!



Registration was in 2018/11/10 and only for 1 year. Sites that are registering for just one or two years could be considered suspicious. This is so because businesses will normally register for much longer as it can take some time before they become successful.

Of course, it could be that the owner has invested one year to see how their online business will work out with the option of site renewal. 

Unfortunately there is no mention of a founders name and we only have ‘US’ as their business address. Sometimes I have noticed even legit sites will leave a proxy address or minimal address info. This may because the founder does not want to be spammed.

It could also mean we are dealing with cyber-crooks who do not want to be located or their they are doing online.

So we head to their site to see if there is this information for their customers. So I am having difficulty locating an address, founder name, contact information or even an email. That is 100% black-out for necessary and standard information that most businesses make clear.

Many would call them a scam site based solely on this. Why is there no information of this kind.



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Online Complaint About LandGentle.com.

There is very little complaints about this company online. Actually, I could only find one. Not even scam-busting sites that use algorithm have located and rated this site yet based on their own ‘Trust Score’ Metrics.

The complaints details a few sites that this person calls ‘phishing and scam site’.

They are as follows:-

  • AneralMall.com.
  • LawcoMall.com.
  • LandGentle.com.
  • EztapsMarket.com.

The complaint details that these sites hack other sites and re-direct them to the ones above. 

We make no claim of accuracy or even agree with this information as we are only relaying what is freely available online. You may review that report right HERE for yourself for your own consideration.





Final Thoughts.

One complaint does not make them a scam! That would be very stupid and absurd to assert that in this review of them.

However, there is no information that we could find on who the owner is etc. That is a concern.

On a positive note:- did we mention there are nearly no complaints against this site?

What Has Your Experience Been With Them?

We would love to continue this discussion with those that have had some business dealings with this website. Did you get your product? Was your site hacked in the manner described above, for those with sites?

Recommend or Not and Why?

Let us know your opinion on What Is LandGentle.com. Where too many complaints then we will place them into our List of Internet Scammers. Those with info on other scams are welcome to let us know in the link below. Thank you for coming by and looking forward to your comments to come.


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