What Is LaLaLandy.Net – Is LaLaLandy.Net Scam or Legit Quilt Store?

By | December 8, 2018

What Is LaLaLandy.Net – Scam Network Escalating Their Efforts – Update.

By the time you read to the end of this article on What Is LaLaLandy.Net, you will have saved yourself form a scam site. Is LaLaLandy Net (www.lalalandy.net) fraud, scam, bad, crooked, dishonest or Is LaLaLandy good, safe, real, legit, genuine, honest? This La La Landy Net Review is taking this opportunity to let you know about their other sites as well. They are HobbiLaunch, SkullnMore, AmeliaCotton10.com, FarmZily, AmeliaQuilt.com (www.amelia-quilt.com), Sleepious, KenShinArt, CottonBlanket.com, GeemaLand with more on my list to expose. Thank you all who have reported some of these sites to help others avoid them.

Those that know of any other sites, pulling the same scam as I am about to depict, are welcome to leave those FULL URL’s in the comments below. Needless to say, if anyone of these scammer sites take your cash for an inferior product – do report them below. Don’t let them get away with it…

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What Is LaLaLandy.Net – Report All Fake Online Purchase Sites Here.

SO! About two weeks ago I came across HobbiLaunch. Since then, there are many other sites pulling the same old gimmick on their unwary customers. To be clear, and also, Sleepious, SkullnMore, AmeliaQuilt, KenShinArt, GeemaLand, AmeliaCotton10, CottonBlanket.com, FarmZily are all part of the same fraudulent network. Same Owners. They appear to be operating out of China though they have been cited as having multiple locations by the BBB.ORG, whom got to response from their network as a whole.


LaLaLandy.Net Exposed

don’t buy anything from www.lalalandy.net!


Let us now begin to find out if they have slipped up and left some legit details upon their sites online registration. You can simply go to WHOIS and type in the generic URL. Then you will see that LaLaLandy was registered 2018/11/21 and has done so for just the 1 year. Real and legit world businesses are noted to registering their sites for a very long time indeed. 1 Year is typical of a scam site. Even two years and still they can get away with scamming people online for so long. 

Their Founder Name is of course missing! If it was left at their sites registration then that would be one step closer for that person to feel the long arm of the law down their neck. They are in serious trouble if that ever happens. Simply check out the links, to the other reviews of their sites in the intro of this article above, to see the many complaints. All complaints ‘there’ you can apply ‘here’ to La La Landy – same people, no difference.

I see no address that is legit at WHOIS or on their site. Should there be one tucked away somewhere, then I usually Google it, and see it belongs to someone else who has zero connection to what these ‘LaLa’ people are selling. By the way, ‘LaLaLandy is a stolen name from LaLaLandy.com! So, that is how scammers do it. They take the names of good and trusted sites, hope you mess your URL entry into Google, and ‘VOILA‘! – You are on the wrong site about to make a purchase from scammers – always double check your URL’s.




The Scam – Here Is How It Generally Runs.

Once you land on their site, no doubt they have smooth-talked you over from Facebook or the like, and now you can make a purchase. I can’t see any actual products on that site, but they can still sell them on Facebook etc, and so the site is an ‘aid’ to help you decide if you can trust them or not. Anyways, it all starts with making payment…

  • You pay and payment is taken immediately! If nothing else runs smoothly with your order – your payment going through is done expertly and with no time delays!
  • Two months is the waiting time for your item to be made and shipped to your door. Do expect that time scale to go up and don’t hold your breath for an item, though reports do more than indicate, you may just get your item.
  • Wrong One Turns Up! YIKES!! Many complaints from their network that the wrong item turns up time and time again. Different Print? Can’t see the lettering? etc. 
  • Laughably, and this runs to my point just above, they ask you in their Shipping Policy Section to allow for a 20% Difference with all their advertised products! That is nonsense and only a way to say its down to the photo at time it was taken, or to your equipment or something, anything then to admit they sent out the wrong item. How the heck do you measure ‘20% difference’ with your eyes?
  • Those that want to return should expect to pay for that return. Even when they have made the mistake they want you to pay for it. Or they may just say they will give you some kind of discount. Just get a refund – we all have better things to be doing.
  • NOTHING TURNS UP!!! That is a common complaint by VERY DISTRESSED PEOPLE! People have been taken by over $250 in one occasion and at least $60 on average. That really does add up when it probably costs less then $5 to make. So, your $59.99 for that lovely quilt is still a huge rip off! The real designers of these products actually charge over $700, per my research.
  • The designs are not their own and actually belong to real quilt designers online! They are going NUTS and I don’t blame them one bit.
  • Tracking info gone?!! That is another common complaint. People will check their tracked item and find that page is simply gone. Its weird. So they may get it again from Support but really that is a bad sign you ain’t getting a thing. Once again, dispute these charges with your payment provider to get your money back.
  • Watch your card that you are not over charged or charged many times over. Scammers love to charge you as much as they can get away with undetected. Alert your bank and perhaps get your card cancelled and order a new one.


Don’t Forget To Report LaLaLandy.Net If You Were Scammed In The Comments Below This Article – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

Payment is taken fast and then you wait for two months while they ‘expertly’ make your ‘quilt’ and ship it. Really, what is actually happening, is you are paying for a quilt at $59.99 (thereabouts), that to buy from the legit people who make them by hand, would cost you well over $700!! You will only get a cheap print of the design – IF they are able to get the design YOU choose correct. People have thrown away these cheap prints because the quality is so poor. You most definitely have to get a refund, because they are advertising excellent quality items, that are shoddy and low quality in reality. That is false and fraudulent advertising and so you are rightfully due a refund. 

Time to call it a day on What Is LaLaLandy.Net! Has it answered all of your questions? Your questions, comments, reports of being scammed etc are welcome below. I always respond to comments as this website is heavily moderated daily. My #1 Recommendation is below for those interested on how to earn online. Also beware of FairySeason, NokEast, Auate.com as well as those are scammer sites as well. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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