What Is LaddyDress.com – Is LaddyDress.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 16, 2018

What Is LaddyDress.com – Warning of a Fake Online Purchase Scam Store.

This article is going to be short and to the point! What Is LaddyDress.com? Is LaddyDress com fake, false, scam, dishonest, crooked, fraudulent or Is LaddyDress safe, genuine, real, good, legit, good and delivers your goods for your money? This Laddy Dress Review will just spit-it-out quickly and tell you this article is a warning not to buy from their site! Their online reputation absolutely stinks and only a matter of time before many more complaints surface beyond the known reports of fraud. Also, stay far away from NanaThread.com, Roawe.com, HomeApShop.com, HobbiLaunch.com, FarmZily.com, etc.

For those that have some doubt regarding the intro will have such doubts confirmed by this articles end. There are tons of fake shopping sites being set up as a matter of routine. These scam sites are being produced at a rate to compete with real and legit sites that are struggling to break out online. What is attracting people is the low-low prices for what appears to be high end products. They will even through give unbelievable discounts and include free global traffic. If too good to be true that it probably is. While This website exposes an array of online scams I also help others looking for ways to find legit and paying work online. To save those asking, which happens quite a lot on this sites forums, you may see my #1 Recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend WA for one reason only:- they work! They are inexpensive and they can train up newbies to be SEO experts in a relatively time span. Let us continue with this LaddyDress.com review.



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What Is LaddyDress.com – Quick Overview.

Already you know What Is LaddyDress.com – they are a fake online purchase store scam! However, now this must be proven to help stop you from making a mistake by buying from them. We start off as always by looking at the founder. Where basic website information like Founder Name, real world address, contact info is missing then we seriously have a trust issue.

LaddyDress was registered online 2018/08/08 and set to end in 2019 same time. No Founder Name! The address is wholly incomplete and simply says Guangdong – this is South China. Looking at their site and I don’t see any address, founder name and their contact form page looks like and is probably a phishing form.  


LaddyDress.com Site

don’t buy from www.laddydress.com!



Typically, the scams that come out of China surround primarily fake shopping sites. Of course not all or most sites from China are scam because that is stupid and ignorant and simply not the truth. But when I see most shopping sites then this is the region and the preferred scam type. That is a catastrophic failure regarding their identity online. Needless to say we must know who we are sending money to for products/services or else where does the accountability fall to should things go wrong.


Scam Signs – How Their Scam Operates To Live Off Of Your Cash While Shopping Online.

While I may not be able NOW to find the link – there was a report online, at least 1, that reported on LaddyDress as having ripped them off big time! Having looked on their site then I can believe that report wholeheartedly. There are a number of common attributes that are common to all scams. Then there are common attributes to different types of scams that seldom vary. For shopping sites, the following is a swift guide what to look out for. But also, what shows up on their site as not legit and act as a warning site.

Fake Shopping sites are very fast to charge your card before item sent. Should an item arrive then it is very common for it to be of a lesser quality then was advertised.

Item simply does not show up.

Takes far too long such as 6 – 8 weeks that they will string people along for. Shortly after the six week mark, the tracking info page etc will no longer exist!

Multiple charges to your card are common. You can simply contact your payment provider to get a refund after they do their own investigation.

On Their Site.

Too Cheap! Their items are far too cheap given the quality of the clothing items being advertised. That is a big tell-tale-sign of B.S.! I see items listed originally for over £100 and then reduced to as low as £30. OK, so that is not that uncommon – BUT – all their items are vastly reduced to least by half the mark up price. That is not real. That is only temptation to get free money out of you.

No contact information whatsoever. Simply no trace online of the owner. I see Sterling and USA dollar signs but the actual registration address (for what it is) is South China. That is odd to say the least.

Have you  noticed how many shopping ads there are NOW on Facebook? Beware of such ads  because a lot of people are clicking through to scam sites from that platform. Of course not all ads are scams but a significant amount are. For example, advertisers receive 37% fake traffic to their ads online. SO, they pay money to advertise their product online, that costs them money of course, and 3% shy of 40% is not real!!! That is the level of destruction that we are dealing with when it comes to online scams in general.

Clicking on their Facebook Icon bottom of their site then it clicks on through to their Facebook page. I mention this because most scam sites will only have images of social platforms without a page. However, landing on their FB Page, I see no comments on their posts… except one …. Τιμι <<<— that is GREEK for HONOR! Makes no sense and was placed by Elena Theodoro and had nothing to do with the coat being advertised. Scammers will routinely make non-sensical statements, and those that don’t catch those signs, then this tells these people they are dealing with people who dont recognize the scam. At this point they feel confident they can go ahead and defraud you to the hilt.

Lastly, go to ScamAdviser.com and you will see their report on Laddy Dress. Scam Adviser is a major and long time scam busting site. You will see that they have given Laddy Dress a 10% Trust Rating! That might as well be 0% for all the good that is going to do their site online and surely enough to alert anyone NOT TO BUY from such a fake shopping site. I will leave that report bottom of this article.











Final Thoughts.

There are many other scam sites mimicking ‘legit’ shopping sites online. Should you know of any then it would be considered a great service if you could report them below. Be sure to land their URL in the comments to be investigated with an outline of your experience or some one else’s report. 

Do you have some questions on What Is LaddyDress.com? I love to hear from people who read my websites content and so you are welcome to ask below. You will be responded to as helpfully as possible. Certainly, should you have been scammed by the site under analysis, then I ask then you PLEASE do report them below. These reports really do help others online NOT to get scammed. Don’t forget to check out my #1 Recommendation to earn online for those interested. Here is the link to the report of their online reputation rating that should convince you that Laddy Dress is fake – click HERE. Looking forward to all of your comments to come guys.

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