What Is KuMoney.Club – Is KuMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

By | September 25, 2018

Paid Advertising Viewing System – What Is KuMoney. Club and What You Need to Know.

I am finding these duplicate sites all over the net! Those asking What Is KuMoney. Club have found the only KuMoney Review you will need. Is KuMoney Club fake, scam, crooked, dishonest or is Ku Money Club real, genuine, legit and honest? Sadly, they are a fake and fraudulent scam site. They are a particularly nasty scam network that has been remorselessly defrauding people since 2014. My research will leave you in no doubt to stay clear of their site. Here are few that are new and also to stay clear of:- HeMoney. Club, AlmMoney. Club, RoMoney. PW, ZoMoney. Club etc. Google any of those and you will see that they are all the same.

While I do sincerely believe, and also know, they are not legit and not to be trusted – there is a way to earn online. Actually, there are many ways to earn online and many good and trusted companies to educate all regarding online business. Those interested in becoming their own boss are welcome to find out How to Get Started Online and For FreeAlternatively, you can sign up HERE for your Free Starter Account with Wealthy Affiliate. After trying many online programs before WA, Wealthy Affiliate is the only online platform in website money making that ever kept their promises to me. In essence, I am earning online because of that platform


Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.






What Is KuMoney. Club and Their Scam Operations Reveal.

KuMoney.Club Site

Don’t underestimate the reach of these kinds of sites calling themselves ‘Paid Advertising Viewing Syste’, as there are 1470 copies in English per date of this post. They are being made into Russian and also in German. There IP addresses I have personally witnessed being in Russian, Germany, UK, Canada, USA etc. A viral scam network that is always conning people. That is your short answer to What Is KuMoney. Club.

The founder, address of their real business location and contact support is all absent. That is a huge signal we are not dealing with legit people here.

Where you see FULL IDENTITY covered up then you will know that you could be indeed looking at a real fake and fraudulent site.


What is their work offer?

You are invited to join up without any fee at all. Everyone from all over the world are welcome to join. You should notice that they do not require you to confirm you email address. Legit sites will pretty much always ask this of you. Scam sites won’t. I signed up to one of their sites with a made up email address and they granted me an account. That is another sign you are dealing with a scam site.

The work they say they pay you nearly $300 a day for, and even up to a staggering $4800 a month for, is simply clicking on ads. You click the ads and complete a short code and then you are given 10c for this action. However, that action is not generating enough money for the creator of KuMoney to give you that amount per click.

10C – Why its not real.

Anywhere you go online, and you pay say about $5 for clicks, you will get about 300 for that amount of money or maybe less. Anyways, its near that range. You pay $5 with KuMoney and you will only get 50! Do you see how their pay offer makes no sense?

Daily Earnings?

They have never paid out to anyone so even going into this part is almost a waste of time. See the explanation and apply it here. No earnings are real on their site given that the work does not produce enough financial value to afford to pay people that money.

50% of Referrals Earnings.

Again, see above. But there is one thing about that offer that also makes no sense. All people are to work for 10c a click. So if you make a sign up, and that sign up gets busy and starts to work to generate cash, then you take 5c out of 10c click that person makes. Where does that persons full ten cents come out of? I mean, that person is now down half their money. Maybe the founders will give him that? Again, another loop hole in their logic.

40 Referrals Trick and What it Really Means.

This very clever scam will wait until you try to cash out to drop the 40 Referrals on you! It will be a surprise as no mention of this will have occurred before this point. You can look all over their site and you will not see them mention this work even once to ensure you successfully cash out. But, why is it so important to them. Simple, you are recruiting new victims into their circle. You are working for free as well and so it is free advertising for their site. Stop sharing your affiliate link. Where ever you shared your link I ask you to share this article instead. This website has got reports of family members pulling each other in on this sites scheme, and co-workers doing the same, and I can only imagine how many weird conversations that has led to.

Phishing and Malware Threats!

Those that handed over real email addresses, real names, dates of birth, band details etc need to go about and change your passwords to your accounts. Scammers know that those that sign up with their real email address will do so with their best email. Problem here is you are probably using a password for that email that is being used across all of your social networks – Yes/No?

And now we can see that their sign up form is nothing but a phishing form.

While working on their site its more than likely they have downloaded some malware to your device. You need to update your anti virus to get rid of that now. They malware is looking for passwords for bank accounts, social media accounts etc. Such info is collected and then sold on for a mighty profit down in the deep web to other scammers. This means you are not at risk for being targeted for future scams that maybe very sophisticated and hard to determine if real or fake. Since you fell for one scam then they think they can get you again.




Final Thoughts.

They are a rampant scam network and KuMoney is just one of them. Do not engage on their site and look for alternate ways to earn online. Ways that offer big money for easy work is just a scam. I don’t care who they are it is never real. If a Saint Made a Site and told me I could earn $300 a day clicking on Ads, I’d report him to the cops!!! That is how unreal that pay for that kind of work is. Ku Money is a scam site! NO doubt about it.

Have questions on What Is KuMoney. Club? Ask me below and I will be happy to help you 🙂 . Need a way to work online and earn? Well, let me ask you – are you willing to work for a six figure monthly recurring income without a sign up fee? If Yes, then you can click HERE for your two free websites and your shot of making real and recurring money right from the comfort of your own home. You just need a laptop and internet connection to start. Those seeking further information on my #1 choice can read HERE about WA and all that it entails. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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6 thoughts on “What Is KuMoney.Club – Is KuMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

  1. Zéman Katalin

    Nos , hadd kérdezzem meg – hajlandó munkát vállalni hat számjegyű havidíjas jövedelemre regisztrációs díj nélkül? Ha igen , akkor kattints ide az Ön két ingyenes weboldalára, és arra a lövésre, hogy valódi és ismétlődő pénzt készítsen otthonának kényelméről. Szeretnék érdeklődni hogy műkődik!?

  2. Carolina

    Digite por un tiempo.unos codigos la verdad pedi.el.pago y no me ha salido.nada kisiera saber si en realidad es una farsa

    I typed for a while. Some codes I asked for the payment and it did not come out. I would not know if it’s really a sham

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hola carolina

      Lo siento pero realmente son un sitio de estafa. Ellos engañan a muchas personas y no solo a ti. Es horrible y lo sé porque me han timado en línea también antes.

      Estoy aquí para ayudar si realmente desea encontrar una manera de ganar en línea y con un inicio de $ 0.

      Gracias por informar sobre su sitio y me alegro ahora porque muchos verán que realmente no son legítimos y solo son falsos.

      Gracias de nuevo.


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