KoMoney.Site – What Is KoMoney.Site and is it Scam or Legit PTC Site?

By | October 8, 2018

KoMoney.Site Review and Scam-Check Investigation – Review of KoMoney. Fun also.

NICE WORK! You have just saved your self from a mega-scam-site! Most people don’t bother checking for reviews, and ask questions like, What Is KoMoney. Site? Is KoMoney Site fake, fraudulent, scam, crooked? Is Ko Money Site genuine, real, safe, good, honest, legit and paying out? This KoMoney Review is the first and last one you are going to need to answer your questions. I am of the strong opinion that Ko Money Site and Ko Money Fun are both owned by the same scammer, and so a review of one, is a review of them both. Both are fraudulent and fake and will seek to defraud you for time, effort and money.

While I am convinced they are not legit, and I will explain in detail why below, I also make recommendations. In my experience, there is no point in exposing online scams just to tear hope away from people. It is better to help alert people to scams BUT to tell them where to go to make money online. There are two places I know that will not ask you for a credit card to begin. 1st one is called Wealthy Affiliate and they will show you how to make a site and how to earn from it. You can read about them in that review above.

The second recommendation is in this article and I will get to that in more detail for many reasons, including for people who are from Nigeria, because such regions are finding it almost impossible to find online platforms that support their country. Well Guys, I have found one for you and that is my second recommendation.




Need More Info?






KoMoney. Site and KoMoney. Fun – Why There Is No Point In Joining These Two Sites!

KoMoney. Fun and KoMoney. Site won’t pay you and that is why I am saying don’t join them. They are two sites that are apart of a ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scan Network. It is a Russian Born Scam and it has gone global in a big way. They are located in Russia (obviously) UK, USA, CANADA, GERMANY etc. They come in three languages and you they are Russian, English and German. Please Do Report all these sites to me and I will be happy to expose them for you all. Thank you.


KoMoney. Site and KoMoney. Fun Exposed!

Other Sites Like KoMoney By Same Scam Artist!

The Image above is a few more like the one’s being exposed in this article. They are all identical in every way (almost) except for their web address and their site logo name. The wording, the color, template, design, wording, site errors, admin names, member and payout figures – these are almost always the same. Slight variations are nothing as they are obviously sister-sites.

What Work Are They Trying To Trick You Into Doing?

The people behind these sites are pretty ruthless and don’t care if you are sitting on their sites working all day long. They have 1547 of these in English and many more are added once or twice a month.

The work is that you have to click on ads and view them. Then you will see a code that has to be completed and that is all. The more you click then the more you are meant to earn. 

Have they got a Referral Program?

Yes, but that is bogus as well. You are meant to get half of whatever your sign ups make and that is not true. Ten Cents awarded for every click to every member is nonsense. Only 3 cent maximum is given for this action everywhere else and that is high end payments. As low as $00.0005 is usual for other places. This kind of work is so badly paid for that even Google hates these sites. I never recommend them and won’t start now. There are obviously better ways to earn online that are more profitable. I have already shown you one above, the other is coming soon, or you can scan down to find it.

How They Scam You.

They convince so many people to sign up for big money. Many people will see their site as a way to make good money for every easy work, work that a kid could do, that requires no prior experience or qualifications and no training. That really is too good to be true.

Minimum Cash Out is $300, sometimes on their sites its lower at $150, at which point you apply. You are nudged into filling out two forms. Once completed a few surprises will crop up.

40 Referrals.

Don’t underestimate how clever this scam is. Members will be told to find 40 people to sign up. Now, that is only to make Google think they are popular and also to make their website grow in number to scam more people. The unknown scammers will offer to sell you 100 fake referrals for just $9. That is just part of their scam.

Now they want you to pay them about $20/$19 to cash out. NO legit sites will ask you for money for you to get your money and only a sign of a fraudulent site. 

Assuming you complete all of these actions then you are simply locked out of your account. Because we don’t know the owners then we have to retrieval of funds procedures to exercise. That is the bare bones of the scam complete.


Below is a Video Review of AtMoney – they are the same as the two PTC scam sites, and owned by the same person or people, and so you should stay away from that one as well.


They have thousands of these sites!





Second Recommendation to You.

There is another recommendation for those that are finding it hard to find a platform that accepts your country. They are called WebTalk and you can read about them HERE. They are free to join and you are paid for making them referrals. I joined up and my network continues to grow.

HOWEVER! Slight reservations have kicked in since writing my review on them. I had over looked completely their MLM part of their offer. So, usually with Multi Level Marketing there is always a catch. I am still waiting to find it though. For now, I am happy there and I hope it is a good platform. Keep a watch on that WebTalk Review for updates for any new data and my experiences so far – especially in the comments section.

Be quick if you want to join them because they are closing their referral program in about 2/3 months after beta testing. At this point, you will only earn 10% commissions on sales from your sign ups. Those that join now (see date of this post) will have a chance at 50% rev share with them for life.





Final Thoughts.

As for those two Komoney websites I am not convinced and only believe they are just bad actors. Sign up is free. No email confirmation is required. Work for free while pulling in others under the false pretense of 50% commissions. Pay out is too high. Minimum threshold is too high. They will fake sell you 100 referrals. Requires payment to cash out. Many site errors and poor English at times. I could go on but I hope you get the message by now, they are a scam site.

Have any questions on KoMoney. Site and KoMoney. Fun? Ask me below and I will be happy to help. Need a good way to work online? Click the image below to check out my #1 recommendation that I am with and currently earning from. The steps are simple enough and they are build a website (no prior experience and training given), add content (like what you are reading here but in your own area of interest), monetize site and finally get paid. That is all. That you everyone for coming here and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come.



Number 1 Recommendation

Learn The Most Powerful Affiliate Marketing Techniques To Make Any Site Boom With Profits. Beginner Friendly And No CC To Start – click image above for more info.

4 thoughts on “KoMoney.Site – What Is KoMoney.Site and is it Scam or Legit PTC Site?

  1. Rodrigue

    Salut je suis victime de ce gens d’arnaque sur le site koMoney au début je je croyais que c’était la réalité mais en fin de compte ils m’ont demandé de payer 10 dollars pas un compte Bitcoin mais malheureusement pour moi je ne l’ai pas encore envoyé quand je suis au Bénin et nous n’avons pas une agence Bitcoin au Bénin voilà pourquoi j’ai des difficultés à envoyer mais merci beaucoup de m’avoir sauver la vie comme ça escroc je vous remercie

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Rodrigue,

      Je suis très heureux que vous n’ayez pas ce compte :-). Ils prendraient votre argent, et plus s’ils le pouvaient, et ne vous ont jamais payé.

      De plus, je vous suis vraiment reconnaissant de laisser votre rapport sur votre expérience avec KoMoney. Ils sont vraiment un site d’escroquerie horrible et une partie du réseau unique SCAM SCAM EN LIGNE!

      Beaucoup apprécié 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witenss).

  2. Cates

    I registered now and I tried I have more than 10 encode of adverstise,so I input my real Gmail plus password account so what happen next?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      HI Cates,

      What happens now is you get scammed. They are not interested in paying and the article has clearly stated this multiple times.

      That email of yours will now go onto a list and will be sold onto the highest bidder on the deep web, with others info as well.

      Stay away from them and actually do report them in many places online to help alert others by sharing this article. Thank you if you do Cates.

      Any other questions you are welcome to ask me here.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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