What Is Kmkai.com – Is ‘Kmkai’ Scam or Legit? MUST READ REVIEW!

By | May 24, 2019

What Is Kmkai.com About? – Our Short ‘Kmkai’ Review.

We expertly identify scams and so we are asking What Is Kmkai.com really all about. Is ‘Kmkai’ really just a scam designed to defraud people? Is www.kmkai.com actually legit and safe to order from? This swift review is to empower you with the information to decide either way. We will do our best to correctly determine if they are trustworthy or not.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to add to this discussion on whether you think they are scam or legit. Where there are many honest reviews about companies then we can safeguard against frauds. Conversely, where sites prove to be legit by genuine customer reviews, then that puts people at ease to shop there.







Kmkai.com Review – Fake or Sincere?

  • There are several places online that are convinced that Kmkai.com is a complete scam. We have viewed their site, sought out their attached site information, founder name researched along with contact information, and we can say ‘things’ do not look good. I fear there is a chance we could be dealing with a dishonest e-store. So far, we are saying USE CAUTION.
  • We begin to see some attached site information within WHOIS and see their site was registered in 2019/03/30 only for a year. What e-store business only registers for a year? That is very suspicious as businesses that are legit will register for longer.
  • There are of course situations where when we do no see long registration times then it could be that that store is being run from home. So in this sense, where they are honest, it is understandable to see they just want to see how things go. And also, work from home entrepreneurs do not need to supply a real address as that would mean their home address.
  • They are using a Proxy Address meaning they are hiding their real location. IN this instance we know cyber-crooks tend to never supply a real address. However, it is in no way to say they are a scam based on the two points covered so far. We  need more before the ‘picture’ becomes clearer.
  • We head to their site and see if they have left some legit biz info. 


12843 w redondo drive
Litchfield park, AZ 85340
United States 

  • Google that address, and unless I am personally mistaken, that appears to be someone’s house that is not currently for sale. So that is another bad sign and a pretty big scam sign as well. Why would a legit business use a residential property? If we are dealing with an online entrepreneur working from home, then why would someone reveal their location, when that is clearly not a safe thing to do?
  • Sandra Lupetz is the name supplied on their website. Why was none of this information supplied when they registered their site if this be the truth? In the past, I have seen some sites, that proved to be legit, not leave legitimate site registration information – BUT – did so on their site. This strange phenomenon is only adding confusion to many people online. 
  • Email address is sandrazupetz@gmail.com and with a time of response of 24 hours. Have you received a response from this email address? If so, how long – thank you.
  • Having scanned their FAQ’s section we can plainly see that the English is a little ‘off center‘. This is not to be insulting as I can only speak one language myself. It is however a common indicator of a scam, albeit this is only ‘one’, but usually ‘makes an appearance’ with fake sites. 
  • Most markedly, there is no customer support phone number and so why is this if they are a legitimately functioning business? I mean, we normally expect a number from a business and so that is always I look for very early on when I first land on a site.
  • Moreover, Google all pieces of this information to see if there are scam reports attached to them. We are talking email addresses, business addresses, names, emails, even go to their ‘ABOUT US’ section and copy and paste paragraphs into Google to see if other sites – scam reports – show up.
  • This is one of the best tips we can supply you with when you are not able to find, because maybe there is no reviews done yet on some scam sites, to safeguard your hard earned cash that cyber-crooks want to shovel into their own dishonest pockets.



Other Online Warnings!

Currently, Kortee.com seems to be particularly damaging and so we are interrupting this article to make you aware of this site as well. You may read our Kortee.com Review Here.

Please also, it seems, that MegaDeals.Ltd is not holding up their end of the deals with their customers, if our real customer reviews are anything to go by. This company even contact us to inform us of a change of address. However, and perhaps too telling, they did not dispute of us calling them a scam.

We have since changed that to ‘NOT RECOMMENDED’ as scammers do not do this. But still, more reports come through saying they have been ripped off. You may view our MegaDeals.Ltd Review Here also. If the reports keep coming as negative then we will revert back to ‘scam’. Always listen to customer reviews first and foremost.

You are welcome to read our OnReek.com Review. They maybe as damaging as the two above if our site metrics are anything to go by.

After Purchase Scam Signs.

Perhaps you have already ordered from the above aforementioned site?

When sites are not ethical, then they will invariably show some not-so-latent scam signs that may indicate you have just been scammed. Let us see now if you can recognize any of these points within your own ‘Kmkai’ after sales purchase order experience.

Did You Receive Confirmation Of Your Goods?

NO! Well, that is not so unusual for fake sites. Insist from them you get a receipt as proof of purchase. I read one comment on our site recently that a lack of this receipt cost someone their refund. So, proof to your payment provider you insisted on this.

Have They Included Taxes and Other Related Charges in the Price of Your Purchase?

This is another clue that something is ‘off’ if they do not include these charges. What business fails to include these charges in their sales, when we all know, we all pay taxes on all goods we purchase from legit vendors online or otherwise?

Tracking Information Is Fake Or Non-Existent?

Hassle any e-store for Legit Tracking Information if they have failed the first time. When they fail the first time then that is something to be very concerned over. SO if they give you this data then check it is real. 

If so then the ‘WEIGHT’ of your goods should correspond to your order. If not, then once again something is wrong. If you order a decent sized order, and it looks too small in the tracking info page, then they maybe sending you a pair of cheap glasses, USB cables, a wallet etc etc – anything that is roughly under the price of $5 that can be bought from your local thrift store.

Take images of anything that is damaging towards fake sites and keep it all in a file on your desktop. We want what is called a ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ when or if there is no doubt you have been defrauded!

Is Your Order Taking Long?

This is another glaring sign that you could be dealing with a fake site. I have just checked out their ‘DELIVERY AND SHIPPING’ page and all I scanned to see was excuses as to why your package may not be at your door. A lot of statements about ‘couriers responsibility’ and delivery guys leaving your package ‘under a bush’, ‘behind a gate’, ‘down the road’, ‘at another address’ where they think it maybe safest if you are not in.

Why not just leave it in the post office and leave a note that they tried to deliver? What is wrong with that solution that happens every day of the year?!! 

Anyways, they have not left any clue as to their true location. I smell a scam…




Final Thoughts.

I will disregard my own suspicions as I expose many online scams and so it can be too easy to perceive too easily sites, that could be legit, as a scam. So we are NOT RECOMMENDING THIS SITE right now.

Regarding ‘scam or legit’ we will leave down to your own customer reviews. I hope you time some time to let everyone know if you were scammed or not. If you recommend this company then we would love to hear this as it would be one less e-store to keep an eye on.

Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you and others. Where too many negative reviews surface within this forum then we will deliver them into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame.


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16 thoughts on “What Is Kmkai.com – Is ‘Kmkai’ Scam or Legit? MUST READ REVIEW!

  1. Anne

    This is what happened to a family member. She ordered 2 items from Kmkai, with shipping to 2 different addresses. One address was in Illinois and the other was in MA. The items were tracked and seemed to be sent, but they were sent to 2 different destinations; one in Florida and I believe the other one was in TN. She could not stop the packages because the company actually changed the shipping addresses to the wrong locations. Emails were sent to the contact email addresses and there was no response. Paypal will refund the money. Also, she started receiving a lot of spam email, so don’t open anything suspicious.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Nice work Anne and thank you kindly for your warning as I know it will help others look for real customer reviews of KmKai.com. Much appreciated Anne.

  2. Dovi Green

    I placed an order a week ago. I got a usps tracking number that says the item is in transit to a USPS facility but after a few days i tried to contact kmkai.com but i never got a response so i contacted PayPal and they said that they’re going to try contacting kmkai .com and if they don’t respond within 10 days I’ll get my money back so if y’all ask me “is it a scam?” HELL YEA it is

  3. Kmkai customer ~ Ana

    I ordered a bounce house on May 26, 2019. I never received a confirmation email. I’m still waiting for an answer from them. I just wrote them an email asking for a tracking number today. I let you know what’s going to happen. Looks to good to be true. 😭

    1. Sara

      Don’t expect to actually receive that bounce house! I did the same thing and they said the item was shipped and provided a tracking number. The tracking number said the item was delivered on May 23 to a totally different state/location than the one that I provided for shipment. I sent an email to the address provided and did not get a response. I’ve filed a claim with PayPal. Kmkai is definitely a scam site! Do not use!

  4. Mark Joosten

    Here is a copy of my order. After placing it i got suspicious, checked on line and found other people ordered things that do not show up on their website.
    Called PayPal right away and filed a complaint. PayPal contacted them and i got a tracking number. LT714760249CN
    Looks like something has shipped, will let you know what if anything shows up.

    Order #408902
    Member Center
    Account Home Page My Order My ShoppingCart My Informartion View My Address book Modify Password Exit
    Order Date: Thursday 23 May, 2019
    Delivery Address
    Firstname :Mark Joosten
    Street Address :PO box 704
    City,State :Fence Lake, New Mexico Zip Code :87315-0704
    Country :United States
    Shipping Method
    Shipping Fee
    Billing Address
    Firstname :Mark Joosten
    Street Address :PO box 704
    City,State :Fence Lake, New Mexico Zip Code :87315-0704
    Country :United States
    Payment Method
    Gift Certificate/Coupon

    Order Information – Order #408902

    1 ea. TYT TH-7800 Mobile Transceivers 50W Dual Band Ham Radio 800CH Amateur Radio $69.99

    Status History & Comments

    05/23/2019 Pending
    05/23/2019 Processing PayPal status: Completed @ 18:54:20 May 22, 2019 PDT
    Trans ID:0W810615Y8858253D
    Amount: 74.94 USD Pay to: YangPeifanguu@hotmail.com

    $4.95Shipping Fee:

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very much look forward to hearing if you get your order Mark and thank you for taking the time to let us know your experience with Kmkai.com so far. Thanks Mark 🙂 .

      1. Eusebio ramirez

        Please tell about my item a yet buy
        Was leopold GX 5i3

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hello Eusebio.

          Please understand I do not work for Kmkai.com. I simply wrote about them to help share the research above. If nothing has arrived then you should contact your payment provider Eusebio and you are welcome to let us know how this resolves. Keep well Eusebio and wish you well with this situation.

      2. Mark Joosten

        Well it looks like a big scam. The parcel is going to be delivered to florida. I live in New Mexico USA. PayPal said once it has been delivered to Florida i will be able to get my money back.
        If they weren’t drawing so much attention to them selves i would think they were smuggling something.
        Thas all i got. For what ever it is worth.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Every report helps to build an overall picture of how a company is operating and so your report is useful indeed Mark. Thank you.

    2. Mike Guarnieri

      Really need to speak to some one regarding this company I have an identical situation right down to the dollar amounts and everything it for a completely different product and I found several other accounts of the same thing $69 and $74.94 I too heard from PayPal and got a tracking number witch shows something shipped in Beijing china but my emails came from a different person or email then mark has recorded my email is from a jaydenuui@hotmail.com thanks I can be reached at 970 232 6470 the names Mike


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