What Is KiniKiss.com / ‘LilyRosa’ – Is ‘KiniKiss’ Scam or Legit? SCAM REVIEW!

By | May 23, 2019

Do Not Buy From KiniKiss.com – Our ‘KiniKiss’ AKA ‘LilyRosa’ Review.

You have just saved yourself from being scammed by KiniKiss.com, who also call themselves, ‘LilyRosa’. So What Is ‘KiniKiss? What Is ‘LilyRosa’? This site has other versions of itself online by the same cyber-crooks. They may have 100’s floating around defrauding people. We are tracking and exposing as many as we have time to do so. 

Those that have a moment are welcome to leave your own customer reviews below in the comments. This will help others to save their own cash from being defrauded by these unknown cyber-crooks. They are typically linked as the same scam network within their ‘ABOUT US’ section.

You may view some of their other sites such as DepotRocket.com, HaveGoodGoods.Shop, MicoBlue.com, ClareLeo.Shop, LifeSpace.Shop, Clipzio.com, Provisionaz.com and you will identical word-for-word content in the aforementioned site section for some of them.







KiniKiss.com and ‘LilyRosa’ Review.

  • First off, where a site’s Logo Name is not the same as the sites URL name then that is our first scam sign. So we see that they are referring to themselves as ‘LilyRosa’ where their URL name is ‘KiniKiss.com’. This is a major and common scam sign. We will look for some business transparency information. 
  • For all of their sites that we have exposed we never find out who the owner is, where they are really located, and that is never a good sign. They registered their site in 2016/07/05 to the same date in 2019. Normally these sites register for only 1 year. So they may have up dated at some point perhaps because that particular site is successful in their scamming.
  • There is no reason to see why one site is more popular than another. Perhaps the ‘sound’ of their name people are attracted to. Their prices are usually certainly very attractive and, comparing to the advertised goods, not true. 
  • You may find that if you receive your goods it may not be what you ordered exactly. Maybe even you receive nothing. For those that have paid for their purchases then you could expect a wrong order, shoddy goods, ill fitting goods, inferior products, cheaply with bad stitching cloths, poor functioning electronic goods etc.
  • Report this immediately to your payment provider for a refund. When you hand over your payment information to a scam site unwittingly you should cancel your card. However, seek advice from your payment provider as they will advise you best.
  • The prices on fake sites are very random and many times too high with the discounts. Other times they may mistakes and give cents off of the price. This is a reliable clue of a scammer in a sheer rush, as we have said, they – whoever ‘they’ are – are running untold number of sites.
  • We see no Trust Seals like McAffee to attempt to convince us they are legit. Even if they had such certificates, then that is not even proof of legitimacy. These ‘Seals’ seem to only verify that a trusted site is aware of the existence of another site. Those that know more on this idea are welcome to inform us better in the comments.
  • Those that gave over your personal information like your home address, phone number etc, may want to know that such information is always been sought after by cyber-fraudsters. This is a standard and fast way to make quick and relatively big free cash by selling those details on to other people. Typically this information could be sold on the deep web to the highest bidder. As these people see it, since you fell for one scam, it maybe, you could fall for another. In their minds then it is worth re-targeting you to see if they can steal more cash.
  • Search Results show that there is a ‘KiniKiss’ on Pinterest, Amazon, Ebay etc. Be sure that ‘KiniKiss’ is NOT the ‘Kini Kiss’ being exposed here. If so, why not report them to the respective platforms.
  • Those that paid by PayPal then alert them. Keep records of communications, e-receipts, images of packages with return addresses etc, and present in your refund attempt.





Final Thoughts.

There are many of these scam sites floating around. Always Google a sites ‘ABOUT US’ section and see if there are other sites with identical content. We see no business transparency details and also it appears they are advertising quite heavily online.

Just because you see a site advertising on these platforms, DOES NOT, make them legit. It does not mean either that these platforms, including Facebook, actively endorse these sites. You should complain to these platforms and share articles like this one exposing such sites.

That is all for now as we move onto to the next article exposing another of their sites. I see that there is simply far too many that have not been reported on. This is dangerous because it leaves, potentially anyone that goes to their sites, of being defrauded. Look forward to hearing what you have to say about KiniKiss.com. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers for good.




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