What Is KidsPaidMoney.com – Is KidsPaidMoney.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 18, 2019

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You have done the right thing to look for reviews about What Is KidsPaidMoney.com at www.kidspaidmoney.com. Is KidsPaidMoney com good, reliable, legit, honest, safe, genuine or Is KidsPaid Money bad, crooked, scam, fraudulent, dishonest? This KidsPaidMoney Review is to inform you that you will never get paid completing tasks and sharing your link on that site. $10 per click sign up – trust me, that is too high! The work has zero capacity to even generate 1c per click never mind ‘$10’. Please feel welcome to leave your scam reports about them below.

The research has been done and now only to lay it out here. We begin with a background check on their site. I see already they have 2 addresses that is a sign that you could be dealing with a site that is being operated outside of your country. Also, this kind of link sharing work never pays off. I do not know of ‘1’ site that operates to pay people nearly $500 a day for completing tasks and sharing their links. So please remove this idea from you now as there is no payment proofs anyways, and those that claim they have been paid, are not being truthful and are either are the scammers or unwary users.

I once spent the whole day sharing a link on Facebook and was thinking I would be getting $500 for 500 ‘clicks’. I was wrong and got phished as well. Now they had all of my current legit details like my name, home address, mobile number, date of birth etc – it was a horrible experience. Point being, I know what it is like to think you have hit the jack pot, the only place online that is willing to give you big money for easy work, but they are never real.

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KidsPaidMoney.com Review – Fraudulent or Safe? – Know For Sure.

By now you know that KidsPaidMoney.com is fake and not ever going to pay out a cent to you for all of your hard work on their site. Actually, sharing links and completing minor tasks is easy enough for a kid to do, and so when I see $500 a day on offer for such work, I know immediately it is a scam. We will begin now with out background check on www.kidspaidmoney.com so you can see the further problems with their site.


KidsPaidMoney.com Review

Do not work for www.kidspaidmoney.com!


  • The above site was registered in 2018/12/25 and online until the exact same time in 2019. 1 year is not real because real businesses, who sell online and or who offer online work, will normally register for so much longer. Typically 1 year online is the time that it takes to build up your online reputation. They are new and already popular because they have lied about the earning capacity when really they pay out to no one.
  • When they registered their site they left an address of P.O. BOX 0823 03411, Panama. That is just a bogus address and where you see sites from ‘PANAMA’ then you should probably stay clear off. That location is one of the top places cyber-crooks like to pretend they are from and so they are successful at hiding their real location when they submit untrue details like this.
  • Phone Number at registration is +507.8365503. At least the country code is from that region and usually that is worth checking. Sometimes they will say they are from one place, but if you Google the country code, many times it is from China or elsewhere and is a real way to catch them out on a yet another lie.
  • That is all. Founder name is conveniently absent. Email address is non-existent. That is simply not good enough and now you see how there are so many online scams – there is no verfication enforcement when people register their sites. Bloggers do not have to give their home address, that would be insane. Those either selling online or offering paid work from home opportunities do have submit proper and true data like this.




Scam Signs For KidsPaidMoney!

Here is a few scam signs you can use to apply to any site that is offering link sharing and or completing tasks online for cash. Most of these places are fake. Even sites can go for 1 or 2 years paying out much lower earnings to their members, just to turn into a scam, and stop paying out at all. The longer these sites run the harder it is to get cash out of them, but of course in this instance, they never began any kind of payments to any of their members.

1). $500 a day, from day 1, is insane and their site simply does not have the revenue generation set up for that kind of payment to every single member. 

2). $10 per sign up is also nuts! How could you expect to see that if you bring in a sign up, they look around, and then leave. That happens more often than not. So we see most will not work on that site and so there is no room for revenue generation, and in these instances, how then can they justify giving ‘YOU’ $10 for that work? Simply put – they can’t!

3). 445 Park Avenue, New York City, NY10022 appears to be one of the most expensive locations to work out of in the world. I can assure you that they have provided that address in their Contact Us section to make you believe they are legit and prestigious. They are neither. That is not their address and you can simply contact that address and verify for yourself to know they are not there. But also, how can they be from Panama and also from New York? This is the multiple addresses I was talking about earlier on.

4). Their so called ‘Payment Proofs‘ section is bogus as well! I see names, that no one knows if they are real or not, dates and supposed amounts paid out. So payment proofs are meant to look like real world or electronic receipts. So that is not what they have provided and only to attempt to convince unwary users otherwise.

5). There is no founder name on their site. NOW you find yourself in a situation where you are working for unknown people whose ethics standards you have no way of knowing. When things go wrong using their site, as they will I can assure you, you have no one to turn to get help and advice. In other words, you are on your own and you will find out the hard way that they do not pay out to anyone.

6). Bottom of their site usually legit sites will have their sites age. Not so with them. 

7). Also,they do not appear to have any kind of cook policies or any real policies of any kind. So that is a must for legit sites in order to handle the personal information of their visitors.

8). There are already too many online complaints about their site. People are simply not being paid for their time and efforts. That will continue until they shut down their site or your scam reports close them down for good.




Do You Have A KidsPaidMoney.com Scam Report? You Can Leave Your Reports Below In The Comments To Warn Others – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

There is just too many things wrong with their work from home offer and with their site in general. They have failed miserably to provide any information on owner and location. The email and phone numbers left you will probably never get a response from. They are going into this sites List of Internet Scammers. Those that have complaints about that malicious site are welcome to take a moment to report them below. The more complaints against them online then the more likely they will earn less and less and so have to shut down because it is no longer worth their while.


List of Internet Scammers.

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So please do  not be too disappointed if you were snared into their scam. As said, same thing happened tome years ago and I eventually got unstuck out of the mind set of ‘big cash for easy work;, it just does not exist. Those interested in real online business already have the links above. You should know that you can collect two free websites below as part of this sites promotions. Newbies get all thehelp and support they need to make it online. Laptop, internet connection and a desire to earn online is all you need. That is all on What Is KidsPaidMoney.com and I hope it was of use to you. Looking forward to seeing your views about that online scam company.


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8 thoughts on “What Is KidsPaidMoney.com – Is KidsPaidMoney.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Tia Williams

    I’m upset about kids Paid Money.com also all the hard work I did I didn’t know it was a scam until I got ready to put my username and password in the boxes to log back in and it was showing up it’s an error and it’s incorrect and I didn’t get paid on the payment date they gave me which was January 29th 2019 nothing came to my email as they say it would so they need there website shut down

  2. shalom

    totally a scam kidspaid.com! so dissapointed with this site I reall work hard to hve my payment request but then its not for real.damn this site don’t ever be fooled by them

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Shalom,

      Thank you Shalom for your KidsPaidMoney.com Scam Report. If you are still looking to earn online please just ask me any questions you want. ~ Scam Witness.

  3. Montreal Saunders

    Kidspaidmoney.com I realized that this site is a scam because when I tried to get paid the first time 4 days ago they had it where you had to get to 145.00 they had to verify you and it wasn’t working then I came back to the site to get paid again the site said you have to earn 250.00 before you get paid which makes no since to me nothing was working and the what you had to earn went up. I say get this iste shut down.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Montreal,

      This site will not be earning much the more people decide to leave their own scam reports. The more negative reviews about them the wiser and quicker people will become about KidsPaidMoney. Thank you kindly Montreal for helping to fight the good fight against online scams 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

  4. Shirley Ann Derricot

    I spent over 2 weeks referring people to this site, I waited over 3 to retrieve my money kidspaidmoney owed me. The same date I was suppose to recieve my money for referrals, I was deleted from the site. I tried following up with them, no way to contact them. Such a scam.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Shirley,

      Ouch! That is a long time indeed Shirley and I am really sorry they have wasted so much of your time. Thank you kindly for report KidsPaidMoney.com as a scam to us.


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