Review – Is ‘KidsInfluencerClub’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 23, 2019

The ‘KidsInfluencerClub’ Review – Find Out What Is Here.

Welcome to our Review about Is KidsInfluencerClub com a scam, deceptive, bogus or Is ‘KidsInfluencerClub’ legit, real, safe and genuine? What Is ‘KidsInfluencerClub’ about? This www KidsInfluencerClub com Review is to warn you about that site. Also, the cyber-crooks that run that site, also are responsible for running the scam sites called,, and KidsPaidMoney. There maybe many other copies and you are welcome to report them here. Also, those with reports, complaints, reviews on any of these sites are welcome to place those in the comments below to help warn others.

So I am sorry to tell you this news especially if you have spent significant time on their site without pay. They payout is $10 per sign up and that is our first clue something is vastly wrong here. Usual is only up to 3c and hugely lower. I have seen sites of this nature only payout 100th’s of a cent per click and surely that is not worth anyone’s time. ‘Kids Influencer Club’ is worse… they pay out nothing!



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 Exposed – Beware Of Other Copies.

These scam sites have a habit of closing down very soon after opening up. As said, do not work on their other sites which are,, KidsEarnMoney and KidsPaidMoney. All pretty much identical and running the same scam. Let us now look into their site with more details on why is not real and should only be avoided.


scam scam warning!


We start with their registration date and that was in 2019/01/30 and 1 year is all they have registered their domain name. That is not very long and ethical sites, that offer paid work from home etc, will normally set up online for longer. This is because honest sites know it takes time before you are known and become successful. So, 1 or 2 years is a sign that you maybe dealing with a dishonest site. By itself though, it is not enough.

We must now look for their business address. There is no reason why any site like the one being exposed would hide their address. This is exactly what they have done and so we see they are using someone else’s address. This appears to be a proxy. You may see for yourself inside the website called WHOIS.

There is no founder name and so now we must go to their site to see if they have left this information. Where we find legit info, that is missing at site registration, then at least we have somewhere to begin to verify them.

In their Terms of Service, and there is an address very well hidden in a page on their site that is very hard to read, we find an address of Kids Influencer Club, LLC, P.O. BOX 71918, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267, Attention: Legal Department. That is the exact same address that we found, in the same section of their website, as the one within the website. How can two seemingly different companies have the same P.O. Box address, and actually, a ‘P.O. Box’ for a business is not a good sign. I don’t see a real address that is theirs that we can go to.



No founder name on their site and no phone number. That is a complete fail and already we can say you may not be able to trust site of this nature that hides all of that very basic and standard information.

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Final Thoughts.

We have already reviewed their other sites, and so a review of one, is a review of them all since they appear all to be the same. You may go to the links already left if you want additional information as the research is already well prepared for your viewing. Those that were scammed are very welcome to repot them below. Thank you for your time and that is all on What Is Looking forward to your comments to as we put them into our List of Internet Scammers.


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