What Is KidsEarnMoney.co – Is www.KidsEarnMoney.co Scam or Legit?

By | January 23, 2019

Must Read KidsEarnMoney.co Review – What Is KidsEarnMoney About?

Are you looking for reviews on What Is KidsEarnMoney.co (www.kidsearnmoney.co)? Asking Is KidsEarnMoney co a scam, crooked, fake, fraudulent or Is KidsEarnMoney legit, safe, real, genuine, OK and how to cash out? Well, there are many things that are alerting us to them possibly not being legit. They have at least one other site that is identical and that is KidsPaidMoney.com. There maybe many others. Should you know of any others then you are welcome to let everyone know in the comments below. Let us now find more in this Kids Earn Money Review.


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Security Check For KidsEarnMoney.co – Always Look For Reviews.

1). Their site is new and was registered online in 2019/01/08 and only for 1 year. Any site that is either an e-store, or offering online paid work from home jobs, should always have more ambition beyond mere year online. That is just the start of any enterprise. Granted, sometimes people just want to see how things go, but the point is, 1 or 2 years online is the routine way that fraudulent sites register for. Now, even if they are legit for 1 or 2 years, many sites of these natures can go fraudulent at any moment. In my mind, there is no doubt KidsEarnMoney is fraudulent and intentionally deceptive.


KidsPaidMoney.com Review

Avoid www.kidsearnmoney.co!


2). Another huge scam sign is they have only put one word for their address. This one word is almost ‘infamous’ due to the high level of cyber-crooks who use it. They have stated ‘PANAMA‘ as their address. That obviously a very short and non-locatable address for any post man. So sites that are being ‘coy’ about their location, in the aforementioned niches, should not ever, ever (EVER!) be trusted!! There is no reason to hide this data if your company is legal and ethical.

3). 99% of the time scam sites will never leave a founder name. Those that do then we can easily show that they can’t even connect that name online to the website. So the other 1% are just liars. Either event, they have failed to place the real founders name for the aforementioned sites. So, that obviously is further proof for concern and is of course intentional.

4). There is not even an email address connected to their site when they registered that domain. Total black-out for pretty standard and basic data where it is NOT too much to be asking for. Anyways, let us go to their site and see what they have left for addresses etc, if anything.

5). They have added an address of 420 Lexington Ave, New York City, NY 10170. You can click HERE and you will see that is a virtual office address. They are pretty cheap to buy and so they do not, or at least, have not given a real location of their business premises. This info can all be found on Google, and so, always Google any addresses left on sites you are a little suspicious of. Sometimes they are linked to other online scams and so then if this happens always stay away from such sites with those connections.

6). So now we can conclude they have hidden themselves expertly online. The point is so they can defraud for the entire lifespan of their sites, shut them down when their reputation and traffic gets damaged by too many online negative reviews and scam reports, and run off with the money and start another site. These are carer-cyber-crooks and sadly they may never get caught.





KidsEarnMoney Scam Signs – How Many Can You Spot?

  • I love this part of every article! See it as a game like when we were kids and you were forever trying to find Wally (Gosh, I am super old, UGG!). Anyways, hehe, so we are going to take a swift look to see how many we can find. Practice this on all sites you don’t know about, or that are new, and you will be well on your own way to being scam-proofed.


  • Copies of the same site online. I don’t know how many, further will be conducted. Undisclosed identical sites is not standard practice for legit sites. They hide each site from each individuals sites members in case there are bad reviews connected to any of them. And so that is how they can go undetected for a considerable time before bloggers like me, and other resources online, find out about them.


  • The address they have supplied is not a real location. Only a virtual office. Again, imagine if Amazon had ONLY a virtual office! So we can see that is not right at all.


  • They are a classic link sharing scam. I mean, $10 per referral – nope! I am sorry, that is not real, and I am indeed speaking from experience. For one WHOLE ENTIRE DAY I wholeheartedly shared a link for $1 a click. When the threshold hit $500 then it was time to cash out. So unfortunately I got phished and that was that. I got no money for my work and only helped a scammer earn free money with all of that free traffic I sent him.


  • Speaking of phishing, there are reports online that people are having their personal details stolen and sold online to other scammers from by Kids Earn Money and by Kids Paid Money. They can harvest such information for many years to come before selling on your personal data. Such data could be your full name (if given), your date of birth, home address, work address, especially your payment details. So just ring your bank if they have duped that info out of you and see what they advise.


  • They are clearly trying to take advantage of young kids who may believe they are going to be paid all of that cash for such easy work. 


  • Bottom of their site, where it says testimonials, we get a 404. Legit sites would of noticed that error and fixed it. Anyways, that is something that is simple to fix but they seem not to be bothered about that.


  • Top of their page their testimonials does work as a proper link. Only problem is, they are not legit payment proofs. Payment proofs, when legit, are ACTUAL RECEIPTS whether real paper or virtual. We see random names (no doubt made up by the founder) and pay out sums (definitely made up by the founder!).


  • Many scam reports beginning to surface accusing their sites of being nothing but malicious and fraudulent. Where you find too many bad reviews, scam reports etc, then just move on. There are many good ways to earn online if you are willing to work for your own financial security. I have already mentioned one in the intro, and so, do have a look and ask your questions about it if you have any.


  • So, I found another one of their sites and they are called DutyKid <- that is linked to a review by a new site, but a site, that is already becoming a powerful scam busting force online. I wish the founder of that site much success 🙂 .



How The Scam Ends – How They Earn From ‘You’.

Briefly, when you hit the cash out point then you have to file for it. When you do then you maybe redirected to a different site entirely. Now, you could be on yet another scam site. Some of these sites may ask for your payment details to verify your age – please don’t fall for that old trick, they are trying to steal your payment info. I have this many times.

Or, they may ask you to start a free trial, when if you don’t opt-out before trial period is over, you could be landed with awful monthly fee’s. 

Perhaps they want you to download apps or do a survey. Whatever it is, its all bad news for you. The apps could be riddled with viruses stealing your every keyword stroke – passwords – and the surveys may ask you to pay. Pay to complete the survevs, etc, earns these scammer sites some cash. No matter what you do, you will never get paid by any site offering $10 Per Referral! NEVER!!!

Lastly, I am sorry to say, but you can’t close down your account with these horrible sites. Your account will be deleted when they finally close it down, which could happen at anytime. Also, beware to remember carefully now, if you gave them your password – your password that you use for all of your social media accounts etc? Did you? Well, if so, you must now change all of your accounts passwords before your utmost personal data is stolen and all of your accounts copied. Scammers may break into your Facebook account, have a good chat with ‘Granny’, and then run off with $$$ of some you know’s cash.





Anyone Wishing To Share Their KidsEarnMoney.co Scam Reports and Reviews Can Do So In The Comments – Thank You For Helping To Warn Others.












Final Thoughts.

My eyes nearly popped straight out of my head when I first landed on their site! I knew I had seen them elsewhere before. They are absolutely identical to KidsPaidMoney.com! So don’t hold out for  payment because they will never give you the time of day never mind $300, $500 a day. All that talk about how they can afford to pay you, how ads and surveys pay them to pay you, is hogwash! I have never done a survey in my life that was worth collecting. Please do take a moment to report them below. They are now going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


List of Internet Scammers.

Ways To Make Money Blogging.

How To Earn For Free Online.

How To Start A Blog.

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Well, I wrote a little more than was necessary but at least now you are super informed on the problems on What Is KidsEarnMoney.co. Stay clear of any site that remotely resembles them because I have a horrible feeling they could be another huge scam network deserving further exposure. Thank you for your time. Those with questions, just want to have a good old gripe in the comments, scream and shout (no swearing please) are more than welcome. Other copies you know of then please report them here. So I am looking forward to all of your comments to come and always look for reviews on sites. Thanks again for popping by. Don’t forget to bookmark this webpage so you can always come back to find what is legit and not. Until next time, stay safe and appreciate life 🙂 .


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