What Is Kevf – Is www.Kevf.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 3, 2019

Find Out Here What Is Kevf Review about – Is Kevf.com Fake or Real?

Nice work and you have found the answer to What Is Kevf found at www.kevf.com. Is Kevf a scam , fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest or is Kevf.com legit, genuine, safe, real and good? This www Kevf com Review may just be a scam alert warning to you to stay clear of that site. Currently, there are a number of other resources online categorizing that site as ‘Spam/Scam/Fraud’. But those are mainly  bots. We need a human to investigate and come to a correct judgement. Don’t forget to leave your own Kevf Reviews below as well.


Scam Or Legit Reviews


Those that feel that they were scammed by the above site are welcome to report them below in the comments. Where there is no doubt you should contact your bank and get a refund. Also, cancel your card to stop any possible unauthorized transactions. Many fake sites from China nowadays and that is a real point of concern if they are from there to. Actually, most fake shopping sites are from that region and I am sure it only makes it much harder on legit e-stores from there.

And so, if Kevf does turn out to be fake and dishonest, then you should expect to get nothing for your card, or receive shoddy, maybe stolen and counterfeit goods, inferior, low quality, damaged or an empty envelope to create a legit looking tracking code. 






What Is Kevf Really All About Anyways – Site Analysis and Background Check on www.Kevf.com.

So the popular consensus, for the limited information on What Is Kevf, is that it could be a scam site. I have my concerns they maybe right. However, ‘YOU’ do not know ‘ME’ and so I must prove either ways if they are safe or not. So this Kevf.com Review is going to show you what steps to take to ensure you can tell the difference between legit and scam sites. We begin with the founder.



What really is Kevf.com – let us find out for sure!


Founder registered site in 2006/02/21 and did so up until 2024/02/21. Usually scam sites will register a site for just a year or so, no more. A year or two is a sign of a site that maybe looking to defraud many people quickly and then shut down their site and run with all the money. Not the case here and is a positive point in their favor.

However that is taken away by the fact I know their address does not belong to them. That is not their true location. So that address is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US. You may Googled that address and may find many other sites using that address. So why would a real and legit online biz be using a proxy to hide their location? That is being deceptive and honest businesses do not do this.

Worse still, the Founder Name is absent and there is no reason for that. Now we have no clue who we just handed over our own payment information to. That is bad news and so who do we turn to when our order is late, never arriving etc? – Their Facebook Pages? That is all I see if terms of support.

Moving to their site for any information of this nature and I see they have a CONTACT US PAGE. No address and no Customer Support Number. These are strikes against Kevf and should be rectified if they are indeed legit and safe to purchase from.





I can assure you right now, as someone that has spent considerable time exposing online scams, the above lack of information surrounding their site is typical of an online scam!




Kevf Scam Signs – There Are Loads!!

So far that is enough for anyone to call them a scam! Since there is next to no reviews online, negative reports etc, the above steps are done via the website called WHOIS. Where put in any sites URL and then all attached information. Do know, bloggers do not have to let the world where they live! That is a cause of confusion for some and so do not get confused with bloggers and online businesses.

See all of the links at the bottom of their site? Have you clicked on any of them? Well, the only 1 that works is the checking your order link. The rest serves up a 404 page not found. They have had since 2006 to fix that and so we must conclude that is intentional in the hopes no one clicks on them. Only designed to give their site a sense of content. Common scam trick.

They have two Facebook pages. One seems abandoned and shows last post from Nov 26 2018. The ‘Kevf Official’ Page has a load of posts and a suspicious low level of comments. Two comments were of complaints and you may view them below.


Kevf.com Customer Complaints

Thank you to Johnathan Quick for the warning about www.kevf.com!

Kevf.com Scam Report

Thank you to Wang Fanjie for his complaint about www.keft.com!


Very few comments on a page like theirs could be sign that customer comments are just being deleted, it seems. I see post, after post, after post, after post of no comments – negligible comments in total. For a site online since 2006 – something is very wrong here indeed!!

I ran a group for a few months and it exploded after a few weeks of content and promotions – there is no way their page/groups should be this quiet unless they are deleting comments.

However, I did see a very entertaining clip of the new Ryan Renolds and Justice Smith Pokemon Movie I have not seen yet 🙂 .

IsLegitSite.com has labled Kevf.com as potentially unsafe. ThreatLog.com has labeled them as categorized Spam/Scam/Fraud! Ouch!

No founder name on their site that is being powered by Shopify. No images of the people running the site.

Customer contact number does not exist and I DO NOT recall seeing an email for support. That is even worse than most scam sites I expose and now there would no way I would trust them with an order to them.






Final Thoughts.

At this point you should have made up your own mind about them and decided if they are a scam or not. Legit sites do not hide all of that information about ownership, location and contact information I mean they did not even bother put up a fake phone number or nothing. Please take a moment to report them below if they have scammed you. Those that were happy with their order are welcome to let everyone know about your experience as there is very few reports online about that site in general.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!

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Thank you for taking the time to read this very quick review and I hope your questions on What Is Kevf is now answered. Those that do have some questions are welcome to ask below. I respond to all comments personally and usually fast. People who need to have a rant and a rave about their experience are welcome to let off some steam in the comments. Actually, SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS if your experience has been bad or good. Thanks again for coming by and looking forward to your comments below.



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10 thoughts on “What Is Kevf – Is www.Kevf.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Ian Butcher

    Hello my name is Ian Butcher I live in Missouri USA and I ordered a jacket from KEVF today I got my jacket and it is in good condition it arrived in about 6-8 weeks of the order.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ian,

      Thank you for your Kevf customer review and I am glad to read it is a positive one. Much appreciated Ian 🙂 . Should we get many more like this then we can no longer have any doubt about them.

  2. Sean

    Agreed, this site is a fake/scam. Placed an order and received an emailed confirmation with a view your order link. That worked for about a week. After that, it went to the same “Woops our bad” 404 error as the links at the bottom of the website. I emailed their “support” two days ago and have heard nothing. Given my order was placed on Jan 17th, it has been more than long enough, even with their claims that “Due to the high demand, the processing time may extend to 5-10 days”. I will be filing a dispute with my bank.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Sean for letting everyone know about your experience with the scammer site called Kevf. Much appreciated Sean 🙂 and I wish you well with your dispute.

      1. Sean

        Just a quick update. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and email them requesting a full refund or that I would take up the issue with my bank. Miraculously, that threat seemed to cause their email support system to work. I was emailed back in under 2 hours apologizing for the inconvenience. I was then told that, due to a holiday at their Asian factory, they would be able to ship my order by Feb 20. Or they could refund me if I didn’t want to wait. Almost a month after it was placed!!! I guess I should move to China cause I want that kind of holiday, LOL.

        I responded that the situation was ridiculous and that I expected a full refund. I will keep in touch wit the results. I needed to make a good faith effort to get a refund from them anyway per my banks dispute policy. Even if they aren’t a fraud, they are a terribly run company at the very least. I’ve ordered things internationally that take a long time, but there has always been open and upfront communication during the process. Typically, the delay is the international shipping process, not the production itself. Again, I will let you know what ends up happening. I would still encourage people to stayt far away from them.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          I really hope they either give you a refund or your ordered item. Would love to hear the end of this particular saga Sean, and certainly if they do send you out something that is much different than advertised, then it is still a scam.

          Fingers crossed for you Sean and thank you kindly for taking the time to up date us on this situation 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

          1. Sean

            Sure thing, no problem. I received my full refund yesterday. So that leads me to believe that they aren’t a scam necessarily; just a really incompetent business. I would still advise people against using them unless there is absolutely nowhere else to get the product and they can’t live without it. The particular item I wanted I indeed can’t find anywhere else, but the lack of faith engendered by the situation made me feel it wasn’t worth it. Mostly because I felt like even if I did get the product, it would likely be of sub-par quality and there was no way I could trust their support or communication.

            Kind Regards,

          2. Scam Witness Post author

            Hi Sean,

            They refunded you or your payment provider? I am glad to hear this for sure in either event Sean. For sure, if you get a product lower quality then what they advertised, then that is a scam. Its a risk and for some it pays off – and at that – then it becomes a gamble. Should I get many positive reports on this site then I may have to re-think that site and take another look.

            Thank you Sean for up dating us on your situation and very happy it has been resolved for you favorably. Its tough enough to get scammed, but also, when ‘tricked’ out of cash it attacks us on every level. That, for me, is worse then losing some cash online as I have had my time wasted online before and also lost invested a few quid for nothing.

            Welcome back anytime Sean and thanks again 🙂 .

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