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By | June 16, 2019

What Is and What Is NikeGears.Pro? – Our ‘Keeair’ and ‘NikeGears Pro’ Review. and NikeGears.Pro are scams being run by a network that use the fraud email address. We see the same phone number and fake business address as well. We are tracking down all sites in this network and compiling a list to help warn others. Is ‘Keeair legit or a scam? Is ‘NikeGearsPro’ scam or indeed legit? They are both designed to defraud people.

People with customer reviews about either site are welcome to let us know what happened. We believe your reports will be scam reports and so where we have many reviews we can all help to save others their cash. We will be leaving our link to that list we spoke of in case you wish to add to it.







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 Review and NikeGears.Pro Review.

  • Already you know that and NikeGears.Pro are a scam. Now we will prove this to you. We will look up their information, founder name and contact information. We have said that is the email that connects them, and how can two different companies have the same email address, and also that email address has too many scam reports connected to it. 
  • Those sites using that email then should also be treated minimally with suspicion but we call a scam. The founder of these sites has never come forward once to dispute any word we have said about all of these sites either, and that alone, is common for scammers to stay quiet and hidden.
  • Registration for ‘Keeair’ was in 2018/11/27 for a year stating they are from PANAMA. There is not a complete address and so how does a legit business not leave this information at their own sites registration? One year is also a too short a time period to go into business.
  • We find at times legit and hardworking people who work from home own such sites with similar time frames. They may just want to see if it is worth running a store online and so have given themselves a trial period of one year. They have the option to renew of course.
  • However, since work from home entrepreneurs do not declare info like business address, contact info etc, then they can be viewed with suspicion. So we wish such people would somehow make it clear they are legit and working as we described to avoid confusion.
  • That is not the case with these sites in question as we already know this scam network very well and so we are not applying what we have just said to them. They are representing brand names, and as such are a legit business – apparently -, therefore we always require such businesses to leave addresses and contact data.
  • They have not even left a founders name! On their site we see ‘that’ email. 1212 Schwarz Rd, Lawrence, KS 66049 United States is their address. We see that is using that address. You may view that report we wrote about ‘Kkposs’, or go to their site, and you will see identical details and the site is exactly the same. Big scam sign.
  • ‘Keeair’ has the email of, but since they are identical to other sites in this network with the same business address, we can lump them in as part of this network.
  • Everything above is the same for ‘NikeGears’, except the date of registration is 2018/04/27 for 2 years. Even two years seems long but not for Google. That is really no time at all to build a business. Around the two year mark sales should be stable enough to warrant all the hours and efforts starting to become worth it.
  • They have left some Chinese writing within WHOIS a their sites registration and have put ‘CN’ (China) for their location. Still no legit address. No founder name or even contact information – NOTHING!
  • At their site we see an email address of, same as all the others, in their ‘ABOUT US’ section. Yet! 
  • Both of these sites prices are too-good-to-be-true and are not affiliated with any of the brand names you see. You may contact those brand names and they will confirm what we are saying here if you do not believe this articles warning.






Final Thoughts.

Both and NikeGears.Pro are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame. Also, they are going into our (see menu for link or below) where we are listing off all of the sites we are exposing with the email address, and the sites you report using that address. Please spare a moment to leave a review, comment, say ‘hi’ below, as all comments of this nature help warn others and also help to support our site. Thank you.


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