What Is KeddShop.com – Is ‘KeddShop’ Scam Or Legit E-Store?

By | March 12, 2019

Find Out What Is KeddShop.com – The ‘KeddShop’ Review.

You are very welcome to our review on What Is KeddShop.com at www.keddshop.com. Is KeddShop com a scam, fraud, bogus, fake or Is ‘KeddShop’ legit, safe, real, genuine and trustworthy? This ‘Kedd Shop’ Review would like to share our research on that site, and also, they appear to have other online stores. We have uncovered MyKedd.com and Hynstund.com. This forum is made for people that want to know if they safe, to ask questions, or even to report if anyone of their sites have defrauded you.

You may also check our search bar to the right of this webpage to see if we have reviewed other sites you may know about. If we have not, you are welcome then to add to our content, by leaving a detailed report HERE. Let us now get on with this review to find out if they are safe, legit or even not recommended.



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What Is KeddShop.com About – Quick Review!

So What Is KeddShop.com really all about anyways? They are a new site, and as such, there is little by way of reports (good or bad) and so we must rely on good-ole-fashion common sense. There are a few steps anyone can take and so we must look for founder name, business address, contact info and when they started their site. Where this data is ‘muted’ then we have to continue our search.




www.keddshop.com scam?



Registration for ‘KeddShop’ was in 2019/02/19 and 1 year is the time they have done so for. I see that they have up dated their registration of that site and so they maybe around for a 1 or 2 already. 

It is unfortunate to see that their is no founder name and the address they are using is already in use many websites online. That appears to be a proxy address i.e. an address supplied to them which hides their real location. That maybe because the founder wishes not to be spammed. 

We must go to their site and see if they have this info for their own customers use. sales@topservice4u.com is one form of contact. They also have a contact form as well. There is no number or actual physical location address. So we have to ask why they are hiding that because where do we turn if there is problems with orders or refunds if no response via those two mediums?

That email address, once we Google it, shows up in a scam report by OnlineThreatAlerts. You may view that report HERE. That is a warning about a site called Frgshops and they to have the exact same email address. Also, websites ReTops.com, Ggus.com are using the same email address as well.

This is all very bad news in terms of ‘KeddShop’ site being legit!!




KeddShop.com Scam Signs.

  • They have intentionally hidden all identifying information about the founder, their location and there is not even a customer phone number. There is little reasons for why there is so little data and that is considered ‘suspicious’.
  • Their clearly are other websites using the same email address. That I assure you is not normal at all!
  • Within the OnlineThreaAlerts link left above, there is a report calling the site in question, a fraud.
  • There are multiple copies of the same site online. I know that cyber-crooks like to make copies, so when old site have to close due to being unpopular OR to tremendous decrease in reputation due to scam reports, then they can rotate to new sites to make up for the lost revenue from old sites.
  • Even a second look there are sites that look completely different but are using that same email address given above.
  • They are a brand new website that is looking to make revenue from their own online venture. How can they, since they have just opened their own online doors, be giving discounts of up to 50% Off?! That is very suspicious and so I have to wonder if you will receive the quality goods they are advertising, or something of a far lesser quality.
  • One question in their FAQ’s section says “Can I cancel my order?” They answer “yes, but only if you have not paid for it. We will not process your order until you pay for it, just forget about it!” That is a bogus answer. So basically you can not cancel your order. 
  • Until you pay then there is no order! What ‘order’ is there if you do not pay for it anyways? NOPE – I am not happy at all to recommend this site for doing your own online shopping.





Final Thoughts.

NOT RECOMMENDED! – At this time. Until such a time we get good reports that out weigh bad reports then we are not recommending that site to anyone. Where we feel the good reports are fake then we will not take them seriously.

Those with complaints about the site just covered are welcome to leave your experience, views, complaints and or positive reviews below to help others online decide for themselves.

They have hidden all of their online information and so we are expected to hand over payment information to complete strangers online? That is risky business!

Thank you for stopping by, and if we get many scam reports on this article, then we will place them into our List of Internet Scammers. Looking forward to hearing from you and others below in the comments.





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2 thoughts on “What Is KeddShop.com – Is ‘KeddShop’ Scam Or Legit E-Store?

  1. Jackie

    I ordered a massage table on 3/25/19 for $80.00. I never received it! I was debited from my checking account and it was listed as Organic Living. I just filed a fraud claim. I hope whoever is stealing money from consumer suffers the consequences of this theft!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Jackie for your report and sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with Keddshop.com. Good luck with your refund claim and you are welcome to inform us how that goes Jackie.


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