Beware Of ‘KBC 2019 Registration WhatsApp Lottery Call’ – SCAM ALERT!

By | May 19, 2019

KBC 2019 Registration Whatsapp Lottery Call Warning – Lottery Scam Operating From Pakistan.

Have you receive communication that you are the ‘lucky winner of the ‘KBC 2019 Registration WhatsApp Lottery’ Call? Please ignore this nonsense. We have it on good authority this is a lottery scam being run out of Pakistan. We hope you heed our warning as this article will detail how such scams are performed on unsuspecting recipients of this communication.

Those unfortunate enough to have been duped out of their payment information (we will explain soon) are advised to contact your payment provider immediately. We suspect this is an Advanced Fee Fraud Scam and so you should be very wary of any phone calls, texts, emails stating you have won any kind of lottery from such Lottery Organizations you have never heard of before.







‘KBC 2019 Registration WhatsApp Lottery’ Call Advanced Fee Fraud Alert – Our Short Review.

  • Fake lotteries like the ‘KBC 2019 Registration WhatsApp Lottery’ Call seem to be cropping up daily. Almost fell for one myself when I thought I had won 1.8 Million Euros when I received a text message saying my mobile number was pulled out of millions in some Football Euro Draw. All nonsense.
  • I Googled the text message and soon found out I was right to research this communication. I know the emotional rush that comes from thinking you have ‘magically’ won an incredible sum of money, especially when so broke at the time, and at least no cash was swindled from me.
  • This article is going to detail how such scams operate to defraud hopeful recipients of this kind of heartless fraud. Those that have fallen for this scam, and unfortunately there maybe a few, are welcome to let us know what exactly occurred in the comments below this article.
  • Our understanding is there are real people calling people on WhatsApp falsely telling them they have won ‘X’ amount on this fake lottery. There is a video on YouTube warning us all about this.
  • Unfortunately, this is not in English, and so now I must run through, from my extensive time of exposing other lotteries in the past, how this is being perpetrated on unwary people. Usually, when this happens, it is in email form, text messages or bot calls. These are relatively easy to know they are scams, though still, around Eighty Thousand People a day are scammed from clicking on phishing links. 
  • If you do not know the sender then either, Google the senders email address, organization name etc, and see if you can find scam reports. Or, report as spam and delete. If you have not entered into any Lottery Draw then you will never even win a single cent of lottery funds, not on WhatsApp, or anywhere else.
  • Besides, Mark Sukerberg (Founder of Facebook), owns WhatsApp and I would of read about it in the news papers if he was running some kind of ‘Lottery, as I live a relatively short distance from Facebook HQ.


Anyways… I do not believe it is being masqueraded this way, but only , cyber-crooks using that platform to dupe people out of their personal information and potentially their own hard earned cash.




Here Is How This Kind Of Fake Lottery Scams Are Ruthlessly Perpetrated.

  • Out of the blue you receive some kind of communication you have won Millions in some Lottery you have not entered. After all the hype of who ‘they’ are and ‘how’ ‘you’ have won all this free cash, they perhaps will require you to give them some personal information as a condition to release your funds.
  • That typically is step one. Remember, this message could be sent to millions of people in the one go, and if only a ‘pinch’ respond and fall for this fraud, then the scammers stand to make untold free cash from innocent people. This is why it is worth their while.
  • Let us say you have given them your full name, your home address, your phone number, date of birth etc etc then you have supplied cyber-crooks enough identity to commit fraud in your name. They can now buy goods, and ship them internationally for profits, in your good name on credit.
  • Perhaps they want a passport, birth certificate, mortgage etc, then they are skilled enough to know what to with your sensitive information. Treat your personal data like Gold and never part with it unless you know very well whom you are dealing with. Always make sure the URL’s are exact per the website, without variation.
  • If this can happen to one person, it can happen to tens of thousands of people. In this unfortunate series of events, unknown criminals can data harvest such information. They are patient enough to even store such information for years, then selling on that data to other crooks, who may then target you for their own kinds of scams. Those that fell for a scam once are prime targets as you may fall for another.
  • When they have accumulated enough personal data from enough people then this is a quick and easy way to make big cash for free. Always look for reviews.
  • Invariably, I imagine, they now want a ‘PROCESSING FEE‘! This is another alarming scam sign you must always beware of.
  • I once received a very professional letter telling me I had won an all expenses paid holiday to ‘somewhere’ very nice indeed. Came with a very professional and convincing glossing magazine showing me my prize. All I had to do was to send them only $100 Admin Fee to Process this and that was all. All else paid for.
  • I nearly sent that money. I was so tempted. But no, felt it was too good to be true. Sometime later there were ads on the TV warning people about these kinds of mail fraud and not to believe them.
  • These fake lotteries are exactly the same thing but now run electronically. They may ask you for money. THAT is the true bottom line. You must question why a Lottery Organization is asking ‘YOU’ for ‘MONEY’ when they have MILLIONS in PROFITS at their disposal.
  • But also, why can they not just take the fee out of your winnings as payment for the ‘Admin Fee’ / ‘Processing Fee’? Now you see why this makes no sense?
  • If you pay they may say that there was a problem with your transaction and ask for you to pay again. Since the amount is in the millions, then asking for a couple of hundred bucks, is not so much. Actually, that is a lot of hard earned cash when you receive nothing in return.
  • Whether you pay once, twice, three times, you will hear no more about your ‘WINNINGS’. They are not real and ‘KBC 2019 REGISTRATION WHATSAPP LOTTERY’ CALL SCAM maybe running sometime now.

How To Protect Yourself From This Fraud.

As mentioned, if you have not actively paid to enter into a Lottery then always be very suspicious of such communications.

However, if you fell victim to this scam, here is what to do now.

Those that handed over all kinds of personal information may not be targeted by phone and mail box and so check out their credentials and see if they are real. Where they have supplied an address, ring that actual buildings number, and find out for real if that organization resides there.

I almost guarantee they will not. 

But, the very real cause for concern is for those that may have supplied their personal banking information. Now here is where you really need to read carefully. Contact your payment provider and tell them you were duped out of your cash thinking you were paying a ‘PROCESSING FEE’ for Lottery Winnings.

Dispute this claim for a refund. In this process your bank should inform you at some point to cancel your card, I imagine. This will stop unscrupulous people from randomly charging your card to fund their own unethical lavish lifestyles. You can always apply for a new one.


To Help Protect Others I Ask You To Share This Article To Help Stop Others Losing Cash They May Not Be Able To Lose. 



This way we can all participate in looking out for people who may not be so tech-savy, so to speak, and therefore stop local economies being defrauded out of much needed funds for their own regions.


WhatsApp is NOT running a Lottery. Anyone ON WhatsApp pretending to be from a
Lottery you should then consider to be suspicious. Ask for credentials and
check them out. If they are pretending to be from a real lottery -

Make Immediate Contact With Your Payment Provider To Protect Your Funds.

Help To Warn Others By Sharing This Article And Or Sharing What You Know 
In The Comments Below.

Do You Know The Creators Of This Fake Lottery?

Have Their Number?


All and any additional information is welcome below in the comments.



Final Thoughts.

Our job here is almost done. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you and others if this article saved you some time and headache regarding this particular lottery scam.

Those with questions are very welcome to ask us below in the comments. We are only too happy to help should you have concerns. Those with reports about other online scams are also welcome to report them below I will research and report on.

That is all right now on the ‘KBC 2019 REGISTRATION WHATSAPP LOTTERY CALL’ fraud. Looking forward to hearing from you all.




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