What Is JustWellPop.com – Is ‘JustWellPop’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | May 19, 2019

Find Out Here What Is JustWellPop.com.

Nice work on finding us so you can know all about JustWellPop.com. Is ‘JustWellPop’ safe, legit or another fake e-store? Our ‘Just Well Pop’ will review their site, attached site information, their prices and look out for scam signs. Right now, we can say that they have given next to no information about themselves except the email address of service@justwellpop.com. Not good enough so far.

Anyone that believes they were scammed by the above mentioned website are advised to contact your payment provider. You may be advised to cancel your card to stop any charges unfairly occurring. Those with customer reviews are asked to spare a moment to share what you know. The more info we can compile about that site the more informed we can be about purchasing there.







JustWellPop.com Review.

  • We can are not here to ‘throw stones’ at any site, on to ascertain via a few easy steps, if they look trustworthy or not. This is a free service to help others save their cash, or to recommend good sites, so people may shop at such sites with ease. Is JustWellPop.com a Scam? Let us find out more.
  • We have to look for information such as who is creator and founder of this site, have they got a real address for their business, is contact information existent beyond an email address and finally when they have registered.
  • This is very easy to do and we go to WHOIS first. We see there that their site registered in 2019/01/14 for only 2 years. Why so little time to go into business for? Of course they can renew their site but it is indicative of a scam site. Such sites set up for little time, defraud, and then collapse their site without warning. In this case, we see this sign, and it relates to a pattern set by past dishonest sites.
  • However, there are plenty of times where such sites that register for little time are run by good and honest people. They should let everyone know they are working from home for commissions because then we would not expect a business address etc.
  • No Founder Name listed with their site. One has to ask why. That is basic information and tells us all who we are trusting with our financial payment information. We do see their Organization Name of CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED.
  • We have see that name before and it is commonly associated with scam sites. We have already researched several of their sites and that organization name is cropping up more and more. Basically, if you come across that, you should probably stay clear of such sites.
  • We can plainly see prices of nearly 50% off. Then we see they are offering a further 15% and 30% depending on the amount of goods you buy. So, if we buy 3 garments, then that is 80% Off of the goods. Now there is a Pop-Up offering a further 10% Off with discount code of JWP.
  • And now there is Free Shipping on Orders over $69. How are they generating any revenue with so much discounts? This is typical scam site behavior to see too-good-to-be-true prices. Always look for reviews. Where none are found then use common sense regarding prices. 
  • At this point, for them to make a profit, they would have to deliver to you a lesser quality item. It is just too hard to conceive they are profiting from those high quality goods with all of those discounts.





Final Thoughts.

You may get your order but it may not what you have paid for i.e. what they are advertising. The quality may be lesser, shoddy, cheaply made, wrong sizes, colors, wrong order completely. In this regard we would be interested to hear from you, if you got anything for your hard earned cash.

There is no founder name, business address does not exist, apparent Organization Name is linked to scam reports online about other websites using that name. It is likely this website too is a scam. In the name of fairness we will say for now NOT RECOMMENDED.

Your customer reviews will tell the whole story on whether they are trustworthy or not. If too many negative reviews then we have to submit them into our List of Internet Scammers Websites.

That is all for now and thank you for coming by to view our short research on What Is JustWellPop.com. Very much looking forward to your own reviews below on whether you would recommend them or not and also please state why. 




8 thoughts on “What Is JustWellPop.com – Is ‘JustWellPop’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

  1. Anne Mark

    I finally received items I ordered only after weeks of waiting. Items were shipped directly from China. When I finally received (two separate deliveries) one even later than the first, the items were not as represented online: different colors, fabric had an odor, L size not uniform in all tops, style of top was different from what I ordered, pants were made of a different color and fabric than was represented. Thumbs down. Learned my lesson.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Shame. Thanks Anne for informing us all about JustWellPop and their misrepresented goods. See to the right of this website you will see a Google image. Read there and see if you want to report that site. Thanks again Anne.

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        No tracking information page? Take images of all dealings with this company in case you are thinking of a refund Anne. But, probably returns will cost you more than the cost of your goods. You can inquire about that but that is the usual complaint and so it leaves customers stranded with low grade goods. Anything on the packaging Anne?

        1. Anne Mark

          SUZHOU JIANGSU 215000
          PHONE: 0512-66320535

          Everything is in Chinese calligraphy except ‘from: xike’

  2. Dominique Wright

    Attempting to go to recommended return site, re-directed to this site. I need to return the clothing as things are to small and quality is poor, shirts look nothing like advertised. They billed me using Chicv International Holding Limited. I ordered it April 21st, shipped May 18th and received yesterday May 30th. I would like to send everything back! I need help contacting them.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you for your comment here Dominique and let us know if you manage to get through to them. Whatever information they have on their site is their contact info.


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