What Is Just Fashion Now – Is Just Fashion Now Scam or Legit? – REVIEW!

By | April 30, 2019

Discover What Is Just Fashion Now Here – Our JustFashionNow.com Review.

You are very welcome here and thank you for clicking on our article. What Is Just Fashion Now anyways? Is JustFashionNow a scam, crooked, fraudulent or Is JustFashionNow.com  safe, real, trustworthy, real and safe? Our Review is to discover if they delivery on their service of high quality ladies fashion goods at those very affordable prices.

Those with www.justfashionnow.com customer reviews are welcome to share what you know in the comments below. They are a site that have been online since 2016 and seem to be here for the long haul. We will review their site for scam signs. Look up their business information to test for transparency because we must know to whom we are giving our payment information to. Find out if they have a good online rep or not. Then we will conclude with our own thoughts on them. Lets find out more below…



Not Recommended





What Is Just Fashion Now Really All About – Genuine or Fake?

So people are asking a number of questions other than What Is Just Fashion Now. Questions like where is Just Fashion Now located, Is Just Fashion Now Legit, is JustFashionNow in the UK, questions about their tracking and their phone number. I can see that they have kicked up a storm online since they began their e-store.

Registration for their site was in 2016/12/20 and that is up to same date in 2023. Scam sites will normally only register their businesses for 1 or 2 years. This is a good sign that they have decided to register for much longer.

Their Organization Name, per WHOIS, is CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED. Location is Hong Kong but their is no exact address. Why would a legit company not share their exact location? That is not a good sign but we can see on their site to know if they have left this information.

No founder name listed for this domain and of course that is another bad sign. Most businesses are only too proud to mention the founder and also the department heads.

No founder name listed on their site. Their email is support@justfashionnow.com. Telephone Number of +0086 020-62277730. Already we can see their business transparency is not what you would expect to see from a legit e-store.



Just Fashion Now Scam Signs.

As mentioned, the lack of information about their founder and their exact location is not a good sign. I see this with many fake sites. However, we must leave room for the fact we could be dealing with a legit work from home e-store business owner. This is where people could be making money from sales via third party vendors products.

  • In this case it is only necessary to say this within their sites content to allay any potential worries and to help stop others calling them a scam. They do say that their return center is in China on their site. Since most fake e-stores are from this region then we have to use caution.
  • However, we can not label them a scam because of their location. That would be saying all e-stores from this region are scams and that would be wholly unfair to legit e-business owners from this region.
  • I see over 50% discounts on their site. Then we see buy 2 and get further discounts on the third item. Further savings are made where free shipping is thrown in if you spend $99 or over. How is it they are making profits if they are being so generous.
  • I saw a site online and they have been in business for 20 years. They were only able to offer a 15% Discounts on their goods. That is after 20 long years of being in business and so we can see that 50% discounts or more simply is something to be concerned with. Too-good-to-be-true prices is normally a sign of a scam.
  • It could be that you will get your order. However, you may not get exactly as you paid for. Perhaps your goods will be shoddy, cheaply made, wrong sizes and or colors, returns maybe too expensive to do and so they may say give it to a friend and offer you some kind of discount on your next purchase.
  • Those that believe they were scammed by this site are asked to report on them below in the comments. This will go a long way to help others avoid a similar experience.
  • Some of the images are defaced and really what kind of a legit company defaces the product images they are trying to sell. Point being, that is a common sign for a dishonest site and it is a very common one.
  • Their ‘ABOUT US’ section does  not say a whole lot about themselves. Appears to be a swift few words about shopping on their site.
  • They are offering discounts for Mothers Day. That clearly shows that they are not updating their own website. That is a bad sign indeed. What kind of an honest site still runs Mothers Day Promotions after so much time after this occasion?
  • I see they are offering 60% discounts and that is a very bad sign. It could be that they are delivering cheaper versions in order to make profits. Beware of sites offering these huge discounts.
  • Their Facebook Group / Page has 125 thousand followers.  The second comment I encountered is a warning not to buy from this company. Other similar comments say they are a horrible company with shabby products and no response from their customer support email address.
  • Scrolling down the comments some more and I see that they appear to have removed some comments. Only scammers will remove comments on their own Facebook Advertising Page and so that tells me those comments maybe bad reviews.
  • TrustPilot Reviews is somewhat of a horror show for bad reviews. Inter mingled with good reviews. When you first go to TrustPilot’s site about JustFashionNow you see an alert. This alert tells us their software has detected fake reviews which have been removed.
  • It is not uncommon for cyber-crooks to post fake reviews about a company. We can only assume these people are part of this site. Watch out for contradictory reviews like ‘good delivery service but they can take a little while long…’. Such statements are usually are much grammatical errors as well.
  • SiteJabber Reviews has more complaints. First complaints says they ordered 2 dresses and one turned up. It was shoddy and returned. Now the company has the dresses and also this persons cash. They have not responded to any communication.
  • Another complaint says that the sizes are off on two dresses and also, colors are off and only 15 days to make returns.
  • Another complaint says that their dress was not made out of linen but more like coarse cotton and also nothing like their advertised images. 595 1 Stars is what they have received as their rating as a company.



What To Watch Out For With Fake E-Stores.

Below are a few points that are common for unwary customers to encounter when dealing with a dishonest e-store.

Tracking Code.

Many times fraudulent stores will give you a fake tracking code. They will say things like your order is with the logistics. You check the courier and they may not have your goods. Even perhaps they wdonot give you a tracking code. This is bad news and a good sign something is wrong.


Have they given you an e-receipt or some kind of purchase confirmation? Amazingly sometimes cyber-crooks do not even send you any proof of purchase. That is obviously a glaring scam sign to watch out for.

Not Charged Taxes on Goods?

This is another point that helps us to identity when something is wrong. I have read reports about some scam e-stores that they simply fail to charge related charges on goods.

Customer Support Not Respond?

Have you tried to contact their support numerous times but ignored. Clearly, that is not good for obvious reasons. Perhaps they responded but they are speaking in broke English and surprisingly unprofessional? All these points help to paint a picture of a sites real nature.

Waiting Months and Months for Your Goods?

Nothing should take any longer than 2 weeks in my view to reach your door. However, with bad sites it could take months. Some card holders only have 60 days to put in for a refund and PayPal allows up to 180 days to apply for a refund as well. In this period your refund time is running out.

Be sure to take images of all communications you have with any e-store online for such refunds, if necessary. Also, if a site suddenly closes and you have not your goods, that is an excellent refund claim reason. Legit stores do not just close suddenly.

Have  You Googled Their Information?

Where at times you find there are next to know reviews per your Google Query, just Google their information like Phone Number ad Email Address etc. Many times, when sites are being fraudulent, there may be scam reports connected to such information.

It could be that exact info is being used on other sites. You can research these other sites to see if they have bed reviews. If so, then it is a good reason to suggest the current site is a fraud as well.

Returns Scam.

The returns policy only allows 15 days to decide on returns. However, and this is where so many people get caught in some scams, is you may have to pay for the returns to them. These returns could cost you far more than the goods themselves making it not worth your while to return the goods.

Additionally, some sites return policies say that if you order gets lost, or destroyed during delivery, they will not refund you or send it out again to you, or even exchange for something else. This is why it is worth you time to read these Policy Sections of e-store sites.

Defaced Images and Too High Discounts.

I do not believe it is possible to sell high quality cloths, as we see advertised on such sites, for up to 50%, 60% and at times even higher discounts, plus free shipping with affordable minimum spend, and still earn revenue as a business. This is only indicating a a sense of ‘you get what you pay for’. So, it is a sign that they may send you goods, but not what you see advertised.

You can Google Drop images to see if those images are being used on other sites. It is very common for cyber-crooks to steal images online and pretend to sell them. So, it maybe possible such sites run multiple sites. It is also possible they could have their own manufacturing facility producing low quality goods.

I know I have already said some of the above, but those two scam signs are so common that just those 2 is enough to alert you to something potentially not being right with a site.

Have You Additional Information?

Perhaps you have received your goods with a returns address? YOu are welcome to detail that information below in the comments along with names and any other additional contact information. Thank you.





Final Thoughts.

Not Recommended

There are far too many complaints against this company. While they do seem to deliver goods, in most cases, there are too many complaints about the quality of such goods. We can not support such a site and so we are not recommending them at this moment.

We do not see transparency about their business either and so whom are you giving your payment information to? This is something like someone walking up to you on the street, showing you some enticing images of products, and then giving that person your payment information in the hopes of getting high quality goods for cheap prices.

Clearly, you would not do this but in essence I feel this is what is happening when you do not know the owners real name and location. All the trust is coming from the customers.

We see their Facebook Group has complaints against them right now. They could be deleted shortly but only time will tell.

There are no Trust Seals on their site like McAffee and the images bottom of their own site are not clickable.

Those that have had a bad experience with this company, perhaps you order has not arrived or your goods are nothing like what you saw advertised and paid for, then you should probably contact your payment provider.

People with reports about other sites are welcome to place that information in the comments as well. If your information is accurate then we will expose such sites as well. Please leave complete URL to avoid any confusion with other sites.

That is all on What Is Just Fashion Now and our review is coming to a close. We hope this article has saved you some time and answered all of your queries about JustFashionNow.com. Thank you for reading our review and looking forward to hearing from you regarding this topic.

This is now a dedicated forum as a space for your views and so do make good use of it if they have scammed you in some way, conversely, if you would recommend them and why.





20 thoughts on “What Is Just Fashion Now – Is Just Fashion Now Scam or Legit? – REVIEW!

  1. Anya

    Thank you for this informative article! I have been scammed a couple of times the last year actually, so I will read this list to check off all I need to look for whenever I`m in doubt the next time!! Really great advice!!

    Looking forward to more insights!

    thanks from Norway!

  2. Shiloh Griffin

    Thank you for this review! I’m so glad you’re doing this- exposing scammers. I can’t stand people trying to make money dishonestly. Why can’t they spend the same time and energy on something legitimate!
    Keep these reviews coming & Keep exposing the scammers!


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Shiloh and I will certainly keep up the work. Much appreciated and thank you for your support here today 🙂 .

  3. Henry

    Hi! Just fashion Now has positive and negative points. But in my book, the negative surpass the positive. So it definitely is a site to keep away from.
    I don’t like it when there are a lot of negative reviews about a site. It’s impossible to not have a negative review once in a while, and the causes could be diverse (it doesn’t always mean that the platform is bad). But when there are negative comments all over the place, it just better to step back.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Henry for your comment here today. I agree. Too many negative points leads the consumer taking unnecessary risks. Thanks again Henry.

  4. Alisha

    Thank you for this post. You give very good tips on what to look for. I have never encountered justfashionnow, but i have had some bad experiences when shopping online. especially through post on facebook. Thank you for giving me things to look for before i make another purchase.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Alisha for your comment here today. It is appreciated. You are most welcome and and if you come across any sites you are not sure of, please, feel free to come back here to report them to us. Thanks again Alisha 🙂 ~ Philip.

  5. Michael

    Thanks Phil.

    Informative as always.

    I generally wouldn’t buy clothes online anyway for two main reasons:

    Clothing is expensive and therefore cannot afford to be ripped off with such high prices and I am a strange size, somewhere in between child and man size. Don’t judge me, I’m a small guy.

    The Trust Pilot rating and info about false reviews says it all for me. Fake reviews is a major red flag for scam sites and coupled with the Facebook message warning – just nails the coffin.

    Thanks for the thorough research Phil.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      As always Michael, it is a real pleasure to hear your thoughts on our website. You are always welcome here sir to give your thoughts on any article we do. Much appreciated 🙂 ~ Philip.

  6. John

    This is great information, I do not purchase from any vendor that is out of the country. Their rules of operation is different and the customers cost of doing business with them is too high, not counting the purchase price of the item.
    The information about the returns is very important, once you receive the item, it is difficult to return or contact customer service, these are items that make or break most companies.
    Thanks for the information and I will avoid this company.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello John,

      Thank you kindly for your comment here today on Just Fashion Now e-store. I am happy it was of use to you and I value your opinion on this site. Much appreciated John.

  7. Shellie

    Thank you, Philip. I appreciate the depth that you went into here, sharing warning signs that we should all be aware of. One point that I would like to make, though, is that Groupon, who we all know to be a legitimate business and site, has failed to deliver goods to me within a two week period of time on multiple occasions, but I don’t believe it was more than 60 days… more between 30 and 60 days.
    Great review overall, very helpful to those seeking info about Just Fashion Now.
    On a side note, I am also a big fan of your #1 Recommendation. Can’t go wrong there!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Groupon. I have heard of them Shellie but I am not well versed about that site. My hazy memory recalls that they find the best coupon deals for you? Drop us a link and I be happy to take a look for you. Thank you for your comment and you are welcome and I am glad you liked the article. about Just Fashion Now.

  8. Amber

    Great review, I have not used Just Fashion Now yet, but now I know not to bother considering it in the future. I am one of those people that base my purchases pretty much solely on customer reviews so although mixed reviews were there, if the bad outweighs the good then I am shopping elsewhere. Also, I appreciate the deep dive for red flags with these potential “scam” companies. This is great information to have, not only for Just Fashion Now, but also other similar online companies. Thanks so much!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Amber,

      Thank you Amber for your comment here about Just Fashion Now. I really appreciate the time it took to do so. I try to pretty much dump as much as I know about a type of scam every now and then in the hopes much will be taken by those that have the time to read it all and I am glad to se eyou appreciate that. Thanks again Amber.

  9. thabo

    Thank you very much for this review of JustFashionNow

    I would say that does indeed seem like a scam company due to the fact that the company defaces their images, and also that sites like TrustPilot have reported fake reviewers.
    I have also seen some of their Facebook reviews which when you follow the people who have commented positively it seems like a fake account.

    Thank you so much I will stay clear of them as much as I could.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Thabo for your JustFashionNow review. I appreciate you taking the time here today and I am glad this article has helped you out. Thanks again Thabo.

  10. Tracy shaw

    Interesting read, makes you think about the websites and makes you more aware of what to look for to spot fake ones. Really good!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Tracy and thank you also for your comment. You are welcome back anytime and look forward to seeing you around online on our site. Take care for now.


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