What Is Julsia – Is Julsia Scam or Legit? Find Out Here – SCAM ALERT!

By | January 3, 2019

What Is Julsia About And Why You Need To Stay Away From Them.

Very nice work indeed on finding this short review to know What Is Julsia located at www.julsia.com. Is Julsia fake, bad, scam, untrustworthy, dishonest, crooked or Is Julsia good, real, legit, genuine, safe, trustworthy, honest? This Julsia.com Review is a scam alert to warn you against a new possible scam site. Those that have been scammed by them are welcome to report their site below in the comments section. Malicious E-Commerce sites are after free cash and your covetted banking info. Please contact your bank to secure such data and seek a refund.

Too many dishonest e-commerce sites are from China to a point that it is just plain rediculous. They will just lie about their real location and put it as USA, UK, EU and really anywhere else other that where they are actually from. It is not uncommon for such sites to have a way to make cheap, inferior, shoddy versions of the items they advertise on their site. Even if you do get your order then its unlikely to be close to be worth what they charged you for it. In this instance have been scammed and really need to apply for refund.




What Is Julisa Really All About – Report Them Here!

Even when sites are new there are ways to determine if the are trustworthy or not. Consider that good companies get bad reports as well but when they are hiding who they are then we should begin to get worried. They are a young site that are becoming quite popular and I would like to ask if you came across them on Social Media? Many cyber-crooks favor this way to promote via e.g. Facebook’s advertising services and so many get caught this way.


Julsia.com Review

Don’t buy anything from www.julsia.com!


We begin first to find out who the owner is. Surely, this basic and standard info can’t be hidden?

Well, it is!! That is normal for loathsome sites to hide their founder for fear of the law catching up with him, her or them. 

OK, bad start. How about their real world location? ‘HK’ – they are generous enough to give us two letters for their address and so we can safely assume that is Hong Kong – Southeastern China.

No email left, no phone number, fax – NOTHINGDO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!

There is zero-all data on their site about who they are and where they are from. Not even the slightest contact info either. This follows a worrying pattern of how misleading sites behave and so already I feel adamant to call them a scam site. There is absolutely no reason to hide all that standard and basic data from their customers.




How Underhanded E-Commerce Sites Violate Your Trust – Scam Signs.

There are far too many online dishonest shopping sites nowadays! It appears to have grown out of all proportions and is an underworld industry unto itself. Below is a few points of how they typically operate, and I be curious to hear from you how many you recognize, from your experience with Julsia.

1). When someone buys from a phony site then you might notice a few peculiar things. For example, did they calculate your taxes for your order? Did they send you a receipt in your inbox? No? Well, that is another way to know you are dealing with a deceptive site.

2). Order Late? Despite scammers assurances you will get your order within a reasonable time scale, too many times, that time scale is around 2 months. That is clearly a ridiculous time scale and so you may have been getting onto their support.

3). Support Rude, Ignoring You, Pleading with you to be Patient, Understanding and even asking you to Sympathize with THEM?! Well, that is common when cyber-crooks are stalling for time so they can continue a little while longer defrauding others undetected.

4). Did your order actually arrive? Those that did get something akin to an order may notice that it is not what they have paid for! Or its just wrong in terms of sizes, colors, quality of the materials etc. Basically, it is not fit for purpose and nowhere close to what you paid for it. Even sometimes, cyber-crooks are cheeky enough to just send out an empty envelope! I imagine that is just to provide legit looking tracking info.

5). Is your tracking information fake? This is common. You should check that out immediately and that also is good proof you have been lied to and tricked. Be sure to alert your payment provider for a refund.

6). Nothing arrive? That is the worse case scenario when you encounter false sites.

7). Been charged to your account too many times or by too much? Again, this is not uncommon behavior. Please don’t forget to report them below if any of this sounds familiar to you. Thank you.

Scam Signs.

  • Their prices are just too low! The items appear to be of a very high standard and yet they can shave off over 50% in some cases.
  • Plus a 5% discount and free shipping on orders over $79! No, that is only a way to go out of business and get into some serious debt. But also, consider they are new site, and so how can they afford to give away such high quality clothing items for so cheap? I see this gambit the whole time.
  • What really bounces out at me is the sheer enormity of how little owner data, real world location and contact info they don’t have on their site. There is simply nothing.
  • Legit businesses are very proud of their owners and will be all to happy to tell you all about themselves if you ask. So, there is no reason for this other than to hide who they really are.





Have You Got A Julsia.com Scam Report / Reviews? All Are Invited To Leave Those Reviews And Scam Reports Below In The Comments – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

The more that leave their scam reports below the less ‘Julsia’ can hide what they are really doing. I am putting my faith in ‘you’ and everyone else that you will indeed take a few moments and report on the site in question. This will help so many others save their own cash and deny scammers free money. Even if they do send out your order, since it maybe so poor in quality, then they are still earning free money. Please seek a refund as you are probably going to have to do this anyways. For me, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. I advise those with doubts to continue your research elsewhere to form your own opinion. Or, check out the comments below (if any) for further information.

That is all we have time today for What Is Julsia. Those with questions are welcome to ask below where I personally respond to all comments. Those seeking to earn a full time income online are welcome to click the image below for my #1 recommendation. That is all and I wish you a spectacular 2019! Looking forward to all of your comments to come 🙂 .

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2 thoughts on “What Is Julsia – Is Julsia Scam or Legit? Find Out Here – SCAM ALERT!

  1. Adriana

    Thank you for taking the time to write this post.
    I was one of their successful scams, luckily I didn’t do a big purchase, however is the biggest SCAM ever. I bought a t-shirt for which I paid almost 25.00 and the item that arrived was of terrible look, materials, thew colours were off, just absolutely disappointed. I contact them on their email and they reply instantly, they offer to refund 5.00 into my account and keep the item or I could send it back to Hong Kong at m y own expense and then have my money refunded.
    I couldn’t be bother dealing with this people, but I cannot imagine people that spend a lot of money and realise is a SCAM, this has to be more public, and I couldn’t find any site to report because even reporting on fare trade, Julsia will hide in the excuse that the photo always looks a little bit different from reality. It is very tricky!
    Thank you again

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Adriana,

      Thank you for your Julsia Scam Report and that is the first one to come through. I hope now that others will feel encouraged also to speak out against them. Sorry this happened to you Adriana and you should be able to put in for refund no problem given the low quality of the item received. I would love to hear how that goes sometime when it is resolved.

      Of course and you are most welcome and thank you kindly for your support and recognition. It is appreciated. You can also report Julsia to BBB.ORG and IC3. Hope that helps Adriana 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.


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