What Is JoyMeet – Is JoyMeet Scam or Legit – SCAM ALERT!!

By | December 20, 2018

What Is JoyMeet (www.joymeet.shop) About – Your Scam-Alert Warning.

I salute you for doing your own research on What Is JoyMeet which can be found at www.joymentshop. Is JoyMeet good, legit, trustworthy, real, safe, genuine, honest or Is Joy Meet fake, scam, bad, crooked, dishonest? This JoyMeet.Shop Review is asking for your Scam Reports if you were scammed by them. They are not a good site and only designed to rip people off. Claim Your Refund Soon As You Can!Let us now take a close but swift look at why they are not real. 

These fake shopping sites after not only after your hard earned cash, but want to harvest your banking information, which is not at risk if you shopped on their site. You payment provider will advise you so do contact that institute. Such sites normally have the ability to make replicated goods, cheap, knock off item. We will look into their founder, where actual business is located and all contact info. Also, a brief description of how these sites rip off people. All additional data is most welcome, and even if you are so inclined, to have good rant’n’rave in the comments.





What Is JoyMeet Really All About – Don’t Buy From JoyMeet.Shop!

This section is taking a quick look into their own submitted information online connected to their site. Right now you know What Is JoyMeet now its time to prove, to those that may not know, why they are not legit and safe. Let us do a check on the founder. Where no creator name, no address or conflicting address and no contact info – or fake contact info – will tell us if we should be begin to trust them or not.


JoyMeet Review

DON’T buy anything from www.JoyMeet.Shop!


Their site has been registered in 2017/6/12 and registered for two years. Businesses that are real will have obviously invested substantial money to start up, and so why when they have potentially already made that investment, just decide to register for two years? That is typical of scam sites to register 1 year or 2 years online is a sign of a scam – but we need more signs than one.

Their address that they gave when they registered is Arizona, USA. That is an incomplete address! Incidentally, if you EVER come across a site with the address of 14455 N. Hayden Road, Arizona, USA -RUN! That is a scammers address that is used by many sites such as DualSmok, SoloPopGo, InnovGoods, BinnVy, SuperGoMall etc. Actually, there are probably 1000’s of online scam sites using that address. Never go near a site that uses that as their real world location.

The Address on their own website is completely different to the one submitted. That is another classic sign that you could be dealing with a deceptive site and it is not a mistake. Where we see several addresses, for the one online business, then it is a good clue that they could be shipping their goods from abroad. The address is 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England SE13 6EE. That is another address is used by many online scams. Again, if you see that address then definitely do further research!

Email on their site is support@cpjus.com – that is a very well known email address that is actively linked to known scam sites. How one many supposedly legit companies be using the same email only tells us that they have more than one site. 

Founder did not leave his or her name. That is a huge scam sign. How you supposed to trust a business when you don’t even know the persons name behind it. So when they are revealed they are not good, and they have clearly scammed enough people, the founder can shut down that site and take the earnings. That is whole reason why they are not revealing who they really are. Only Online Negative Reviews will shut them down sooner and help others as well.




Online Fake Shopping Stores – How They Run And What To Watch Out For.

This section is going to be a bland of scam signs and how they operate to defraud unwary customers. I have already said they want your banking info, and any other info they can sell on for a fast and good/big profit, and so you MUST contact your payment provider and explain you suspect you were scammed.

1). There is an army of scammers promoting their scam-ads on the major social media platforms. Most assume, as I once did, the the people behind the ads are vetted to ensure they are not out to scam others, but they are not vetted. Reporting to Facebook does no to do anything either. Once you click on that ad then you are landing on their scam site.

I only say this because there is no way to know if ads on the networks are legit or not except to find out the hard way. Look for reviews on all sites you don’t know. Too many bad reviews then we must conclude its fake.

2). When you pay the you may see that your money is taken out of your card pretty fast. Even if the scammers say payment is due at a certain date, it is common, they may take payment much sooner. Actually, scam sites may try to take payment several times! Make sure they are not taking some kind of monthly recurring fee either.

3). Nothing arrive yet? It can take up to and well over 2 months before you receive anything. During this time support may come to ignore you. Your clues, when you are talking to support, you are dealing with deceptive people is when they say things like:- please sympathize with us, please understand, it is with delivery driver (for weeks!), blocked by weather – you name it, they will say it. It will never be there fault.

4). The Returns Scam!!! Watch out for trying to return anything to their location. You will or may find, despite any address that maybe USA or UK etc based, that the return address is more often then not from China. Point is it could cost you more then the item is worth to return. When companies make mistakes with your orders they may (and probably will insist!) ‘YOU’ pay for the returns.

5). When it is clear, should your order arrive, that it is either not the order you paid for, damaged, wrong in some way then do seek a refund, as said.

6). The Scam Signs on their site are the address supplied is used by many scammers. That address is linked to many other online scams.

7). Can’t find out who the founder is – there is no reason why a good and trusted site would hide their founders name.

8). No real way to contact support! There is a page where you can submit your communication but that could very well be a phishing page – what is your experience along these lines?

9). Their website is notSECURED‘! Where you see http instead of http’s‘ then the info you send over that sites network can now be hacked by other scammers. Never send your personal info over http sites!

10). Blender prices are all the same! Furthermore, the original price is $400. 24 reduced to just $77.9! – Plus FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS OVER $29!! That is impossible to offer such high quality items at that price and with free shipping. It is one of the very main scam signs on a fake shopping site that will immediately alert you to their con.





Do You Have A JoyMeet Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Report Them In The Comments Below To Help Notify Others – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

Payment is taken too fast. You may have found this site on social media – there could be 1000’s of ads like theirs floating around for ‘clicks’. Items are not theirs and they don’t have permission to sell them. You may not get anything for your money. Should you get your order then there is probably going to be something very wrong with it. Do know, whatever they send you, it most likely will not be worth the low price you paid for it! They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers!

Thank you for visiting scamwitness.com and I hope this article was answered any questions you may have on What Is JoyMeet. Those with additional info are welcome to add to this article by placing it below. Any other sites that scammed you, or you suspect is not legit, are welcome to leave the full URL below in the comments. I respond to all comments personally. Thanks again and looking forward thoughts below.



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4 thoughts on “What Is JoyMeet – Is JoyMeet Scam or Legit – SCAM ALERT!!

  1. Cindy

    I too was scammed by JOYMEET. I ordered a mixer on Nov. 22, 2018. I did not receive this mixer of course. So I have emailed them and emailed them again and finally got response on Dec. 28 that said this is your order number, when it was shipped and a message saying we are sorry for the inconvience and my order will be here very soon. it also said this is the tracking #. I checked that tracking number and it said it was delivered on Dec. 7, 2018. I did not receive it. So I called the post office and they tracked it and all that was delivered that day was regular mail and a yellow envelope that was from China and it was put in the mailbox. So he used satellite tracking where they can actually see the mailman and there was no boxes delivered on that date. I don’t remember the yellow envelope, but the post office said I got this yellow envelope from China, but you certainly can’t put a 6 quart stand mixer in a yellow envelope then put it in my tiny mailbox. So I have emailed them for the last 15 days or so and I have not gotten a response back. So apparently they are already out of business. $47.00 wasted.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Cindy,

      Put in for a refund Cindy and I really hope you get it. Sorry to hear this and thank you for your report.

  2. Linda Urbik

    I was scammed by this website. And they even provided fake information to Visa indicating that I received the order that I had placed! BEWARE!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Linda. I appreciate you stopping by to report on JoyMeet. It is appreciated. Put in for a refund and see what happens.


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