What Is JollyChic.com – Is JollyChic.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | December 15, 2018

What Is JollyChic.com – Is JollyChic Safe or Not? – Honest Report.

Having or had problems with your order? This article is written to answer What Is JollyChic.com (www.jollychic.com), to answer Is JollyChic com fake, dishonest, scam, bad, crooked or Is JollyChic good, legit, safe, real, genuine, honest? This Jolly Chic Review is going to attempt to resolve the online conflict of negative and positive reports. Those that were clearly scammed by Jolly Chic are welcome to report them in the comments below. Positive Reports, are also needed for a fair and balanced perspective. The research below is to help you decide for yourself.

I found out about the aforementioned shopping site from a source claiming to have a list of scam sites operating now. JollyChic was on that list. I am not taking the word of someone I don’t know online about any site until I have done  my own research to confirm or deny this claim. Most Fake Shopping sites come out of China.That is a monitoring point to watch out for, of course, not all shopping sites out of China are fake. When they do come from this region, it is probable the owners of the site have a cheap way to manufacture goods.

Many fake sites steal images of others, put those images on their new sites, and pretend to be selling them at reduced prices. What really happens in most cases when you are dealing with a fake site, is they will send you a shoddy, replica, knock off version of the product – IF YOU GET ANYTHING AT ALL!

I will be leaving my sources listed through out this article so that you may pursue further research, if you wish. While I am passionate about exposing online scams, often, people ask me how to earn money online. To save people with such a question some time in the comments, I will simply address that question now. My #1 Recommendation is called Wealthy Affiliate.

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What Is JollyChic.com – Up To Date Research.

Just because a site is on ‘someone’s’ ‘hit-list’ – does not make them a scam. I have seen positive reports on What Is JollyChic.com and so this is why more care has to be taken when coming to our own conclusions. We must separate truth from lies. Online scams can be a confusing and murky world where mistakes can be made very easily when determining a sites legitimacy. Let us now begin, where I always begin, with the founder of (in this case) JollyChic. Should there be missing data on Founder Name, business location and contact data – there is no need for that – but that is the start point of calling them an online scam.


JollyChic.com Review

be cautious of www.jollychic.com!


www.jollychic.com was put up online 2013/04/26. They have registered their sites domain until 2027/04/26. Scam sites will usually register their domains for 1 year! Sometimes 2 but rarely beyond that time scale. So far so good.

The address submitted upon that sites registration is simply – Zhejian. I think that is Eastern China. Just Googled it and its from Eastern China. OK, that is something as mentioned that should have us on our toes  🙂 right now. Its a worrying ‘signal’ to mean we should be a little cautious at this moment.


The other addresses associated with their site name are as follows:-

Dubai, Dubai Emirate – Head Quarters. (sourced owler.com).

Shenzhen, Guandong, China. Phone Number +1 800 723 0597. Email service@jollychic.com. (sourced sitejabber.com).

RMM101, Maple House 118 High Street, Purley, England, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, M6FW. Phone Number +86 187 209 378. (Sourced complaintsboard.com).

Jollychic EC Ltd, RM 1902, Easy Comm Bldg, 253-261 Hennesy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. (Sourced customercarecontacts.com).

Their Billing Address is Sinocommerce Limited, Office 26, Verdala Business Center, LM Complex, Level 2, Triq il-Birrerija, Mriehel, Birkirkara, Malta.

They have various telephone numbers that are available 24/7.

Where we have multiple addresses, for 1 website business, then that is a sure-fire clue we are dealing with a site that could be shipping in goods from abroad to your door step, in this case, I suspect China.



Aron Li CEO of JollyChic

taken from owler.com with thanks – Aron Li.

Their Founders Name is missing from sites registration. The only reason a legit site would leave out the CEO’s name is to avoid spam to their contact email. I have seen this before with legit online companies. However, instead of the name, there is usually something like ‘Board of Directors (or something to that effect) where people may address concerns/questions etc’ to. NOTHING IS LISTED! Another worrying sign something is not correct here.

Delving further, a website called www.owler.com has listed the Founder as Aron Li. I thank site for their research. Looking at Jolly Chic’s site I do not see a founders name listed. So, for now, we must go with the one turned up in the research so far. It is not a mistake to miss out the founders name on a site – it is a ‘basic’of owning a website. Another ‘signal’ that we could be dealing with a deceptive site.



How Fake Shopping Sites Defraud – Any Of This Sound Familiar To ‘You’?

To recap, most fake shopping sites are from China. Jolly Chic is. They have access to cheaply manufacture cheap goods, per one site online, they appear to have access to manufacturing. Will display goods not their own. I can’t say this about the thus far with certainty. The following points are a guide line to any fake online shopping site. Has any of the below happened to you?

1). Social Media, like Facebook, have an army of scammers advertising their fake sites. Typically, many people click on these ads and then they are taken to the scam site to lose money. Facebook’s response is that the site(s) do not violate their Policies. No responsibility for their members online safety – nice work guys…

2). Once you are on the site you may make payment. Payment is usually taken very fast and certainly before the agreed shipping date.

3). Tracking information supplied to you on your order may simply be fake. If it is not fake then the tracking info has a nasty habit of going missing. The company may re-issue you the info but that is not a good sign at all.

4). Delivery Time is very long and you may find yourself waiting beyond two months for your order.

5). Online Negative Reviews are clearly abundant on the aforementioned site. However, sitejabber review site, has over 1200 reviews! One lady suspects that the positive reviews may belong to the Jolly Chic members. This is common practice for scam sites to do to counter act bad reports online. However, it should be said, that their business has been claimed on ie.trustpilot.com – another review site but they don’t actively invite their customers to leave reviews.

6). There are reports of goods turning up without a problem. But, when you are dealing with fake sites, it may be likely you could get your order but there is something very wrong with it. It could be:-

7). Not what you ordered – wrong item.

8). Damaged item(s) – where the shipping return costs is on you and maybe costs more to send it back then the actual worth of your entire order.


  • Wrong sizes.
  • Wrong Color.
  • Nothing is received at all.
  • Multiple charges made to your card without you ordering anything.


So far, those are some of the reports regarding the site under question. Not good at all!!! 



9). Phone numbers or emails are/could be duds.

10). Customer Support becomes rude, generic the longer your order takes. They may even stop responding to you. It is also not uncommon for scam sites to delete anything negative said about them, by their customers, on their social media accounts. Has this happened to you?





Scam Signs – The Warning Signs That ‘Something’ Is Wrong.

Now, we shall take a look over their actual website to see if we can find some ‘signs’ that warn us against them.  All online scams are littered with signals to warn people. Where people simply do not know these signs this acts as an incentive for scammers to confidently try and defraud you as much as possible.

  • You know that they registered their site in 2013. That is per WHOIS database. So, why then, do they have their sites copyrighted date from 2005? You can clearly see that incorrect date at the bottom of their website at www.jollychic.com!! I see that ONLY with scam sites! FOR ME, to see that one point alone, is enough to not use their services.


JollyChic Scam Signs

Wrong site date!! Scam Sign.


  • No owner name on their site.
  • 80% and 70% off of items! Plus free shipping over a certain amount! How then are they making a profit? Unless they are selling goods of lower quality. I see these low marked down prices are only scam sites.
  • In their Return Policy Page, under Electronics Returns, you must keep the package unopened if you wish to return it. How are you supposed to check the item is undamaged etc if you don’t open it?!! That return policy does not make a lot of sense to me.
  • If an item is in an unsaleable condition upon return, they don’t have to give you a refund. The HUGE problem with that statement is, there are complaints online, that people have received goods from JollyChic DAMAGED! In such an instance, it is already unsaleable and should NEVER have been sold to the customer in the first place. Little pieces of word-magic, I feel. Worse still, if any costs occur due to shipping then its on you. Pifff!!!!

OK, that is enough to have me even more worried now.




Let us now take a trip over to ScamAdvisor.

They are an online scam monitoring site and are highly trusted. What we want to see is Jolly Chic’s online Trust Score. Where that is very low then that will influence the my verdict either way. they have been online since 2013 and so that is plenty of time to have established their reputation by now.


JollyChic.om Trust Score











Do You Have A JollyChic.com Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Report Them Below In The Comments – Thank You.






Final Thoughts.

Well, far as I can see they are a scam site. Too many complaints online regarding wrong items, damage goods etc plus they have 0% Trust Score from ScamAdvisor!! Yikes!!!! Seek yourself a refund as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions regarding the site just exposed? I am happy to help out where possible. Perhaps you know of another shopping site that you have had trouble with, or hear about? In this instance please leave the FULL and Correct URL below where I will research them. If they are fraudulent then they will be exposed on this website. 

Beware also of BinnVy, SuperGoMall, ZeloraFit, FairySeason, SenMok, VsTroll, GeemaLand, NokEast, SkullnMore, CottonColor, BeaLoving, KenShinArt, 2uFuture, AwToed, LaLaLandy, 2uBest, AmeliaCotton10 and Auate as those are fake shopping sites as well. Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come


Feel Free To Share This Article With Your Networks – Thank You.



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28 thoughts on “What Is JollyChic.com – Is JollyChic.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. suzanne

    Thanks for this thorough review. You really did your homework here.

    I hadn’t heard of this one before now, but they’re a dime a dozen aren’t they? Personally, if I’m going to order something online, I make sure it’s from a reputable site or one that uses Paypal. That way you can get your money back if you need to.

    And if you want cheap things from China, use sites like DHGate. If you are ever defrauded, DHGate (the umbrella company) will refund your money.

    Thanks for getting the word out on this scam. I appreciate it!


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Suzanne,

      I never heard of DHGate Suzanne, I will look into that for sure. Thank you kindly for your comment and advice 🙂 .

  2. Rachel

    Wow, Thank you for your very helpful post. I’m an affiliate marketer and my biggest fear is to refer my audience to a scam. I’m going to use the clues you provided to get to know if I’m accidentally working with a scam artist. Thank you so much for this post.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rachel,

      Yes, I understand that fear of course and why exposing online scams is useful for everyone in all niches. I really do appreciate your comment Rachel 🙂 .

  3. Matts Mom

    Wow, this is really a great review of JollyChic. I went to their website and it does look way legit. I would have considered buying from them myself. It is so nice to be able to have people on the internet, like yourself, who can break these down and provide valuable information on whether or not to do business with them. Thanks so much for sharing! Great information.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Matts Mom,

      You are most welcome Matts Mom and I am just very happy this article was able to be of use to you. Thank you kindly for taking the time to comment here today – it is always appreciated when people 🙂 .

  4. terry lemoine

    This is a great article in exposing another scam…..thank you. Hopefully your article will help prevent some unsuspected potential customer from being scammed. Your website is a great service to all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Charlie

    Hi great article and well put together a with a tonne of information, I definitely got great information and should be more aware of what to look out for now.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Charlie,

      I really appreciate your compliments and support with the work in this article. Hard work pays off in the end. Much appreciated Charlie.

  6. Alex

    I am glad to see you exposed another scam. No one should have to worry about losing their hard earned money online. You can never be too careful these days. It is quite a common occurrence, especially online. I am glad you included ScamAdvisor in the article. It gives you more credibility when you source your ‘scam rating’ from multiple sources. This review is A+.

    I do have a question though. Do you have an article where you lay out the key points people should be aware of when looking at whether or not a site is a scam? Knocking down scam sites with articles like this one is a game of whack a mole. As soon as you whack one, another pops right up. It would empower people.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Alex,

      I may look into that Alex to write up a guide about how to recognize scam sites but from several scam niches. I really do appreciate your great idea on that. I could certainly do that, it would have to be some highly informative document, but would be worth it in the end.

      Hmm, I will think on this a while.

      Thank you kindly for your comment and I do appreciate your time here today.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Stephen,

      You are welcome Stephen and I am delighted this article eon Jolly Chic has served its purpose. Your comment is much appreciated Stephen 🙂 .

  7. Rose

    wow! very helpful information, I definitely have learn something from this post thank you so much and keep up the good work, you are gonna save many people from losing money online.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rose,

      Thank you for your kind comment. I will definitely keep up my work to help expose online scams such as JollyChic. They have far too many complaints and ScamAdvisor gives them 0% Trust Score. That is enough for me to come to my own personal opinion regarding their site.

      Thanks again Rose.

  8. John

    I really learned a lot from scam witness. I had no idea there was so many ways to investigate an online company and which are the best ways to determine if the company is legitimate or not by company copyright, multiple addresses, where they are located in the world, missing information about the owner and multiple review sites with bad reviews about the site. I know to avoid Jollychic for sure. Thanks for the helpful tips.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi John,

      You are welcome John. This article is my own opinion and should not be taken as the last word on JollyChic. However, given my research, if I was deciding to buy from that store, I would personally have to give it a miss. 

      All are advised to continue their research elsewhere to confirm or deny your suspicions.

      Thanks again John for your comment.

  9. Ikechukwu Ogbonna

    Good to know there are actually people looking out for folks who are less inclined to properly research before using a service. I’m particularly glad you made mention of heavy discounts on sub-standard products because I have fallen victim to this several times. 

    Really thoughtful of you to share your findings. 

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ikechukwu,

      You are welcome and there are many people like myself whom authorities give no recognition to to try to help protect people online. Maybe one day that will change. 

      Yes heavy discounts for low quality items is definitely a sign something is wrong.

      Thanks for your comment.

  10. Tom

    Interesting read and yet another scam discovered it seems. I’ve got to be honest I’d never heard of this site until now, which by the sounds of it isn’t a bad thing!

    I’ll be sure to steer people away from this site if I come across it or anyone else I know comes across it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your offer to spread the word about JollyChic, it is much appreciated. Thank you also for taking the time out of your day to place a comment here – it is very much appreciated Tom.

  11. free4life

    Unfortunately there are way more scam sites out there in the webiverse than there are legit ones. I had never heard of jollychic, but they are just another of a long list of scam sites. I try to steer clear of anything that appears too good to be true, because it really usually is. Better safe than sorry

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you very much for your warning regarding online. I well believe there are more scammers out there then legit people just trying to do some good and earn online.

      Thanks again for your comment  – it is very much appreciated.

  12. MONDOS

    The topic of this article is very relevant to my current situation. I was asked to supply school uniforms to my country. Through my affiliate link I request quotes. After a while my inbox was filled with quote. I think with your article, I will go through my list of quotations again and see if the companies are legitimate. Thanks a lot.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you kindly for your comment here today and I hope you are able to resolve your situation. Much appreciated. Good luck!

  13. Vicki

    Hi Philip
    I am so glad I landed here today as I see so many scams on the Internet and seeing this post and reading through I would RUN from this Scam for sure
    Thanks, Philip for this great review of a really bad business 🙂
    I see also you have researched Wealthy Affiliate and I highly recommend this platform to anyone looking to build a successful business online
    The training alone is worth $1000’s of dollars and yet the fee we pay is so small. Hosting a site normally costs more than the fee we pay and yet every premium member get so much as part of this fee
    Incredible, honest and 100%, so join and see what is all about

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Vicki,

      Thank you kindly for your comment, and yes, I would run from JollyChic as well. I am not happy to call them legit even though they have been online for sometime now. That is my personal opinion anyways.

      I hear you, Wealthy Affiliate is legit and honest and its very real to make good money online blogging on an area of your interest and passion.

      Thanks for the endorsement on that and good luck to you also Vicki with every thing you aspire to in 2019.


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