What Is Joinkgm.co – Is Joinkgm.co Scam or Legit?

By | February 23, 2019

Find Out what Is Joinkgm.co – The ‘Joinkgm’ Review.

You are most welcome to this review on What Is Joinkgm.co at www.joinkgm.co. Is Joinkgm co a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bad or Is ‘Joinkgm’ legit, real, safe, genuine and paying out? This www Joinkgm co Review is a warning. They are not giving out $25 sign up bonus or paying you $10 per sign up. All a big fraud. You may see our reviews on KidsInfluencerClub, YesMyPay.com, InfluencerClub.co, KidsPaidMoney and also watch out for KidsEarnMoney.co! Those sites are the same and run by the same person or people as own Join K GM Co!

This new version of their site is only ten days old (see date of this post) and already page 1 of Google is being flooded with You-Tubers promoting their scam links! Sadly, I fear most of these young people may not know they are dealing with a scam site. The ‘hook’ is a $25 sign up bonus – before do you any work to any a single dime for their site! Seems very generous. Then, you get $10 per sign up. All that cash just for referring others to a site? WOW! – If this were true then I would not be writing about them to warn but to recommend. 




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Joinkgm.co Review – Is Anything On That Site Even Real?

The scam they are running is very real and that is all. The other sites they are running, and they maybe many more, are as mentioned called KidsInfluencerClub, InfluencerClub.co, KidsPaidMoney and KidsEarnMoney.co. YesMyPay is also a scam site but from a different scam network. Be careful of that one as well for I think it is going to be of real damage to people online.




www.joinkgm.co warning!



All sites we review have to go through a background check. If they fail this first step then our initial verdict of ‘scam’ will be more than vindicated. Honest sites are not commonly known for covering up info like  owner name, business address, contact data and also we will see when they started their site.

Domain name registration occurred in 2019/02/13 and 1 year is all they registered that site. 1 year is actually considered suspicious as honest sites, that offer paid work from home jobs etc, will tend to register longer. 1 or 2 registrations for sites maybe hit-and-run-sites and so that is something to weigh up before working or buying anything from any site online.

Address upon their sites registration simply says ‘PANAMA’. Yet on their site it says 57 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JU, United Kingdom. On the other sites, the address changes but the site is exactly the same. Googling that address we can see it is either a ‘meeting room’ or a virtual address. So it is not a real location for their business. Only planted on their site to garner legitimacy from their visitors.



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Final Thoughts.

You may check out the reviews on their other sites. A review of one is the same for the rest, and since they are the same, there is no point in repeating the same research. Those that were scammed are welcome to report them below in the comments to help alert others. That is all on What Is Joinkgm.co and I hope it has saved you from being scammed. If not,  – you know what to do – report them below. Thank you. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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