Review – Is ‘JoeInx’ Scam or Legit Online Fashion Store?

By | November 7, 2019 Website Review – Scam or Legit?

Looking for information about Is ‘Joeinx’ a scam or is legit and real? So this is the question about them and we will do our best to supply you accurately with pertinent information. We can say they are a new website and we should not trust new sites until they have proven themselves to be legit. Let us now begin our ‘JoeInx’ review below.

Those that feel you were somehow scammed by ‘Joeinx’ are welcome to let us know below in the comments. If you recommend them then also please supply that information as we still have not determined if they are legit or not. You may also report any online scam site within our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. I spend some of my time showing others online how to earn from home. If you have ever thought about how this is all done, then why not read our short article on Ways to Earn From Home – Free Start Up!

Scam or Legit?


There are many scam sites online right now and so do beware of,,,,,,,,,,, JeansUnlimited etc. Let us now begin to answer what is below.

  1. They registered their site in 2019/09/05 for only a year. 365 days is simply not long enough to put into a new business. We all know businesses need at least one year to start up, and many cases, it is two years before they become a known and trusted brand name.
  2. 1 year registrations for businesses online is always considered a bit suspicious, much like opening a charity shop for one day, and then disappearing. These fake sites do the same thing. But, that is not enough to call ‘Joeinx’ a scam.
  3. There is no founder name at their sites registration and not leaving that info was optional by the founder. So why would a business not want their customers who their founder is – are they not proud of their site and their service and their founder?
  4. It is only common sense to know whom it is you are trusting with your payment information. So before you give that vital data over to someone online be sure first by looking up for reviews first. If you can not locate any then feel free to ask us anytime in the comments. You can bookmark this web page to help you get back to us anytime.
  5. By way of identity they have sealed that off from prying eyes. In their ‘DESIGNERS’ section they make no mention of any names and it all seems very generic in nature to give the semblence of content. Bad sign, and I know in my own personal opinion, I could not give my card data to a site that could not be bothered to leave this data to hand for their customers. Too risky.
  6. Why is everything on their homepage discounted? I mean when we all go shopping in the real world are we accustomed to seeing all the products on the hangers and shelve discounted? We understand the premises needs to make a profit, but how are sites where they give so much away, making real earnings?
  7. So that is clearly a sign of a scam and further makes me doubt them.






Final Thoughts.

I am not recommending right now for the reasons stated above. You may seek reviews else where to find out more if there are any online right now (see date of this article). By way of contact there is an email address of and a phone number of 861-899-844-0609.

Has anyone got a response from them? Let us know in the comments to help us all know for sure if they are a scam or legit online store. Incidentally, that phone number shows up on another site called

That is a really bad sign and may indicate a scam network. Actually, they are practically the same looking as each other. Now you know why we are not recommending them, far too suspicious.





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6 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘JoeInx’ Scam or Legit Online Fashion Store?

  1. Renee

    Received my order today from this company. Not even what I ordered and the poorest quality ever!!!!

  2. Andrea perez

    I ordered two sweaters two months ago and they refunded me one, because I told them to cancell It. The second one meant to be shipped but they told me It has been Lost. I told them to refund me the money and they offered 70%. I told them no hay and since then I have had no answer from them to the emails. I don’t know what else to do.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You can tell your payment provider about this and see if you are entitled to a refund Andrea. Let us know if you need assistance in this.

  3. Renee

    Placed an order with this company on November 22nd. Have heard nothing back and no response to my e-mails. Very discouraged.


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