What Is JobJust.Online – Is JobJust.Online Scam or Legit? No Payouts!!

By | September 2, 2018

What Is JobJust.Online and Why I am Saying it is a Scam Site.

I strongly believe there will be many asking What Is JobJust.Online (www.jobjust.online) as time passes. Those asking is JobJust Online safe, good, real, genuine, paying out or Is Job Just Online fake, fraudulent, filled with malware, a phishing site etc will have those answers in this JobJust Review. I signed up to an identical one not so long ago. That was has already got complaints from real members saying they were not paid. You may check out and its called DoJobPartTime.com. So, there are many duplicates of these sites and not one pay out. All will be explained below for you to decide for yourself.

Before we start, I find its no good just to say something is not legit and a scam, without offering alternatives. This is because many of my articles end up with several comments asking for legit work online. To this end I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a real and easy to learn way to earn online. It does require but then again you are working on your own free to start work from business. Those entrepreneurial in nature can sign up HERE with a credit card or learn more HERE on WA.




What Is JobJust.Online and the Unreal Payouts for Easy, Low Skilled Work.

JobJust.Online Site

The pay on offer is just far too high for the work involved. For about $5 you must consider you are able to get up to 250 odd clicks, and so why anyone that is not certified insane would pay potentially big traffic $5 for 1 click, does not add up. The answer to What Is JobJust.Online is that it is a scam. No one is paying $5 a click, or have, since the dawn of the internet!

But, that is not all as there is more to this scam. First, let us finger out who the founder is. Sites that are not legit will hide their founders ID, and this is true, for JobJust. Their founder is nowhere online to be identified and is typical of a dishonest site. The date of their website registration is 15/07/2018.

They may last the whole years worth of their registration, or if their rep gets too bad and sign ups stop coming in, they will perhaps shut down sooner. This is one of very few websites writing on that site as its new, but, I expect many sites to run riot exposing Job Just Online to their own traffic – which is another good reason to write this article.

OK, you have read already that their site is no good and a scam. Below, I will show you why they are not legit so you will know this truth for yourself – without any doubt!



The Hidden Side of their Scam Operation.

Not only is their site a pure time waste, there are some threats to be aware of, and potentially some action you need to take to protect yourself online. Their opening sales pitch is some drivel about dog walking and ‘benjamins’ but that is just pure distraction. Once they have created a little cognitive dissonance then they will go in and say sign up and earn all this money per click! I am always surprised how much traffic sites like this get, and because of that, there is a small bit of a panic on my part to alert many before this site tricks potentially tens of thousands of people.

Below is a list of the problems with their site’s offer:-

  • Their opening sales pitch makes no sense and has nothing to do with working part time as a clown etc.
  • Their site is nearly empty on content.
  • Can’t locate the founder – sign of deception.
  • Vital website components are missing such as Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer, Cookie Policy Page etc!


Their Fake as Hell Sign Up Form and Other Threats.

Their sign up form is just not real. I signed up with bogus details on www.DoJobPartTime.com, same as JobJust as discussed, and I was able to create an account with ease. I mean, I did not use a legit email address. I was able to sign into my account with details I did not use when I first created the account. So, what gives?

I will challenge you a little with a question to make this point:- How many accounts online do you have where you use the same email and password for?

Incredibly, despite many millions of websites telling people not to use same email and password across all of your accounts, most people still do! This is making life so sweet and easy for scam artists online, and so, that sign  up form on JobJust is just a phishing form. This simply means your legit name, legit email address, your payment processor data is being collected.

This data is compiled and sold for a very handsome price on the Dark Deep where online scammers will seek  you out once more. You fell for the scam where you were phished once, so then, its possible you could fall for such a scam again. This is the logic employed and the selling on of such data is an online underworld industry unto itself!

Malware (malicious software) could have been downloaded onto your device. This software is probably designed to look for login details to your accounts. It will also looking for info on your financial credentials. You should definitely consider update your antivirus soon to keep online security tight.

DoJobPartTime Website

That image above is to prove to you that their are indeed identical sites running the same nonsense scam elsewhere. While, yes, they do waste your time, they are also all looking for your sensitive data as well. Consider changing your password to your accounts – especially if it is the same email and password for all of them!

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And so now I hope you see why they are no safe, good, honest and genuine and indeed a threat to your own online safety.

They will also continue to use the free traffic you send them to continue their fraudulent behavior on other people. When you try to cash out at $300 (that is $200 too high) you may notice nothing happens, or you are required to complete an offer or several offers or upgrade to gain access to your cash. Of course, you can sign up to all the offers they have and you still won’t appease them enough to get paid. Anytime you complete these offers then you are earning the unknown site owner money for doing this.

Some or many of these third part sign up offers may be scam sites as well and so now you could be end up on a roller coaster of handing out your details to multiple unknown scam operators! These third party offers may be so corrupt they could charge your card well before end of trial period. Also, do check your account so after trial period ends you are not being charged multiple times. This is a very slippery slope and I truly hope you researched first before joining them.




Final Thoughts.

Hope the above helped! They are not legit and they will never pay out a dime even if you had a letter from the Pope! They are not here to help others earn online and only out to work for themselves, use you for your time and referral efforts, become popular and potentially place ads on their site as another form of monetization. Its all about the free money with these guys and they don’t share out with their members ever. Any site that looks like the sites displayed on JobJust and DoJobPartTime are all owned by same operators and you should know now to stay far and clear away from them. As said, these sites do tend to get a lot of traffic and so all shares will go some way to help warning others. To Finish:- It is a SCAM SITE!!

Do you still have questions on What Is JobJust.Online? No problem, go ahead and leave your questions in the comments below where I will answer you. Interested to work online properly without running into a scam site? You can learn to work from home part time or full time and write on a passion of yours. I have suggested many good companies to work on my site before, but because of the good results I have experience with one in particular online platform, WA continues to be my first choice. You can learn about that them HERE for those interested. 

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2 thoughts on “What Is JobJust.Online – Is JobJust.Online Scam or Legit? No Payouts!!

  1. Cindy

    I have a couple of questions, one about WA and the other is about protective measures to take after registering on scam sites? By accident of course.

    I’ve been trying to register on the Wealthy Affiliates site you recommended but I haven’t been able to

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Cindy,

      What part of the world do you hail from Cindy? I ask because WA does not allow the free sign up to some parts as some parts were highly destructive for spamming and scams. That is the only reason I can think of.

      Describe what happens when you try to sign up Cindy and I will see how I can resolve this for you.

      Edit:- the link is broken Cindy. My apologies. That is my fault. Please use this link here https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=6bbe598a

      That should be fine now Cindy and once again apologies for that, that is en error my end.

      When you sign up please follow the instructions and complete account set up. The WA system will then alert me to this and I will be in contact with you very shortly thereafter.

      Any questions then please feel free to ask. ~ Philip.


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