What Is JinnieStore.com / What Is ‘War Max’ – Scam Or Legit Quilt Store?

By | April 6, 2019

Find Out What Is JinnieStore.com, also, What Is ‘War Max’? 

This is going to be a short review on What Is JinnieStore.com found at www.jinniestore.com. They also refer to themselves as ‘War Max’ but that is not the name of their URL. So, is JinnieStore com a scam, fraudulent, fake or Is ‘JinnieStore’ safe, legit, genuine and trustworthy? This ‘Jinnie Store’ Review will try to determine if they are legit or a scam. We have located two other sites run by Hoshino and Takashi and they are JapCozy.com and Jacozy.net.

All these sites are selling quilts, ‘quilts’, that appear far too cheap in comparison to the high quality images we see on their site. We are paying particular attention to these sites as we exposed a scam network before all about fake quilts. You may read about that in the ‘JapCozy’ review link above. Lets see if they can be trusted or not below.



scam or legit

Is www.jinniestore.com a scam?



What Is JinnieStore.com About – Safe or Not?

Since we have already reviewed some of these stores owned by the same people, then there really is no need to go through all of it again. You may refer to the links provided. However, we will mention a few things that have us suspicious about these sites.

SO on the website of ‘JinnieStore’ we can see the images of quilts on their home page. We see that the images may be photo shopped as the curls of the quilts are all the same for all the images. That is impossible and is something to consider.

There is no business address on their site and no customer phone number. WHOIS shows us they registered their site in 2019/03/08 and did so for 1 year. That short time span could be indicative of a hit-and-run site.

Or, it could also indicate a founder that wants to see how their business gets on before renewing or taking down. 

We are concerned that they have multiple sites – why so many? So with fake sites they will set up copies of the same site, or near copies, and so when one get s a bad online reputation the other sites will compensate financially for it if they have to take it down.

But, I can not know the reasons behind this for sure and so we must wait on customer reviews to know the full truth.



Final Thoughts.

Those that made purchases are welcome to review them below. If you are happy with your order then we would love to hear from you. If you did not get anything, or your goods were not up to your expectation, then we would like to hear from you as well.

That is all on What Is JinnieStore.com and looking forward to hearing from you and others.



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15 thoughts on “What Is JinnieStore.com / What Is ‘War Max’ – Scam Or Legit Quilt Store?

  1. david dworkin

    I ordered Periodic table on 4/28. accidentally ordered two. Initial contact from company said they would only ship me one and credit my account. .Then the line went quiet- it is now 5/23 and after 3 or 4 emails over the last few weeks there has been no reply. Just opened a grievance with my credit card company and sent them all emails. turns out, they charged twice even though i have email that said they would not. At this point i’m planning on not receiving the product i ordered and am processing a refund from my credit card company. Made a comment on facebook essentially stating above comments- included Do Not order from them- and my comment was removed and i am blocked from making any comments on the Warmax page on facebook… So they are paying attention anyway… smells like either a scam or a very poorly run company- either way- I’ve zero expectations that I’ll receive what was ordered so will be content with refund from credit card company.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you David for your report here and you are invited to let us know the end result of this situation. Thanks again David and good luck.

  2. David Kessel

    The Jinnie PT did actually arrive but the product was clearly sub-standard as indicated in above messages. Gases not done properly, some element ssmplrdobscured the names. I suspect this was a reject somehow retrieved from a dumpster.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this David and thank you for reporting your experience about JinnieStore.com to us.

  3. Victor M Thorne

    I too ordered a Heritage periodic table from jinniestore and had requested multiple updates between March and May. I can confirm the order arrived today to my surprise, after filing a claim to PayPal. I have cancelled my claim to PayPal and want to express that I have a positive experience other than a suspicious wait.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very glad to hear this Victor and thank you kindly for letting us know. Much appreciated and I am happy to hear this has turned out OK in the end.

  4. Andrew

    Jinnie Store / Warmax……..

    I ordered the same paperweight.

    I had found these comments earlier, I wouldn’t have purchased. Bought it as a gift. Good thing I had presence of kind to buy 1 1st. Had intended of buying multiple,plus other items.

    Anyway, same thing. Order, bum link. Chase, chase, chase. Finally had action. Product finally came.

    Whoa! Very poorly made. Gases column looked like shit! The elements were haphazardly cut. Elemental names were covered/ obstructed.

    I wrote to them (with pictures showing what I was delivered). Reply was: Production error. Sorry…….. That’s it! I was embarrassed when I gave it away.

    Wrote a heartfelt feedback on Warmax FB, very quickly it got taken down and blocked. Says a lot, huh? Not surprisingly, my further emails were ignored. Definitely a company not built on honour and integrity. Can’t go far. For a small product like this to bungle. How to do larger business?

    Karma has a funny way of returning things multiplied.

    I’m still open to their discussions on resolution………. I’d be open to change my perception/ opinion if properly resolved.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Andrew for your report and you can apply for a refund from your Payment Provider if nothing shows up. Thanks again Andrew and I would be very interested to hear how this is resolved.

  5. Tracy I.

    I ordered the plastic periodic table product, probably the same one described above, using PayPal. First “Jinnie Store” confirmation email arrived fast and payment was charged, on March 15. Next email from PayPal showed the payment was actually made to “Let’s Experience Company Limited” with the email address “support@skullnmore.com” to contact if questions arose. On April 18, I received another email from PayPal with a tracking number “entered by seller” that contained an invalid tracking number for “Dhl e-commerce”. Realized it was invalid and emailed the skullnmore address around 4/25, no reply received so far. Went back to the original, first email from Jinnie Store to check for contact info there, discovered that the links in the email to contact them and to their store were both broken – they open a new email addressed to myself! Reported issue to PayPal, awaiting their reply.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      SkullNMore was / is part of a fake quilt company that has defrauded many people. Thank you Tracy for your report here today and you are wlcome to let us know how it turns out.

  6. Nuno Lemos

    Complete scam.
    And the guys in front of this store are the same with skull n more.
    I see their products in Instagram and thought I was safe. Wrong thinking.
    My problem was the same with the periodic table. Solved it with PayPal.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Nuno,

      So it maybe so that they are the same guys that have been running a fake quilt scam network we extensively covered in the past.

      I am glad PayPal has helped you in this situation and I am also appreciative that you have taken the time to report on JinnieStore.com Nuno. Thank you helping to inform others :-0 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  7. Andy Furlong

    I ordered a periodic table paperweight from Jinnie on 19 March 2019. My account was debited immediately. I received an email acknowledgment of the order, but it didn’t seem quite right. I chased the order after 30 days and was not optimistic about getting a response. I did, however, receive a link to an order tracker but this link to a page with no shipping data. When I questioned this, I received the following message:

    “Your order’s on the way to you. Your package is being transited oversea, that’s why it does not show any update on the website. information will be updated in the next few days.”

    If this was a conventional scam I imagine that they would not be engaging in a conversation with me, thus I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. My confidence level is not high, but if I turn out to be pleasantly surprised I will update.

    Incidentally, an advert for the same product appeared in my FB feed today – this time it’s from Warmax.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Andy,

      Your Customer Review of JinnieStore.com is invaluable! I really appreciate the time and all those details. However, Tracking Info I imagine would show where it was shipped from and so that is the only thing I am a little concerned. But, if you get your order and your happy with it – that is the main thing and good news.

      Looking forward to your up date as I am genuinely curious about these sites on what others have experienced with them so far. ~ Philip.


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