What Is JhhYashy.com – Is JhhYashy.com Scam or Legit? – WARNING!

By | January 8, 2019

What Is JhhYashy.com Review – Warning!

Excellent work on doing your due diligence to find out What Is JhhYashy.com at www.jhhyashy.com. Is JhhYashy com dishonest, fraudulent, scam, bad, crooked or Is JhhYashy good, legit, honest, genuine, real, safe? This Jhh Yashy Review is only to warn you about that site. They are new but not trustworthy. Those that have handed over payment details now may run the risk of having your those payment details used for fraudulent purposes. Those scammed are asked to please take a moment and leave our scam reports below this article in the comments.

Many sites that are pretending to be legit that sell online are fake and also come from China. Many of these scam site run many identical sites with a manufacturing operation to produce knock-off, counterfeit, inferior, shoddy goods which can be delivered instead of the item’s listed on their sites. Even many times the images on such sites are fake and simply stolen from others.

It is typical for unwary customers to complain of not just poor quality goods but also of having been charged too many times. Dispute all charges with your payment provider and consider canceling your card for a new one.




What Is JhhYashy.com Really All About – Report Them Here!

Good news is we have found out about them early. Credit for original exposure goes to de-reviews.com. Watch our for sites that look like the one below. Now you have your answer to What Is JhhYashy.com it is time to set about proving why. Many fake sites will have a pattern of how they operate. No illegal enterprise is going to leave their founders name, real world location and often their contact information is associate with complaints and other sites online. Let us see if this is the case with JhhYashy.



JhhYashy.com Review

Don’t buy from www.jhhyashy.com!


Registration date of their site is only 1 year and that is typical of sites that pretend to sell merchandise online. I mean why would a legit business invest so little time in their own brand products to promote online? And so that one question does highlight the strangeness of that registration time frame and also it runs typical to how long cyber-crooks register a domain name. 

The Address that they have decided to register with their site is also an address with many other websites, websites that are known scams, and so we can see that they have either multiple sites or hiding behind other peoples information to avoid the law. That address is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, US. Another sign of deception.

Phone Number of +1.3478717726. There are warnings first page of Google once you search for info on that phone number. That is another bad sign. This tells me that they may have used this data with past fraudulent sites.

As always with fake sites there is no owner name and also no email connected to their sites registration. However, there is an email on their site of support@jhhyashy.com. Weirdly in their Privacy Policy Page they refer to themselves as Xi’an Ao Mengsisheng Biology Technology Co., Ltd. 



What Was Your Experience?

Here is a quick talk-through on how the scam could of been perpetrated on you. 

1). Many times people complaint they clicked on an ad on a reputed social media site. First one that comes to many of our minds is Facebook but it also happens on other sites. Here is the scammers hunting grounds for unwary customers.

2). People maybe impressed by the quality of the goods and prices on such sites. Those that do not know the Scam Signs then may fall prey to their scam. Once you pay then you should contact your payment provider.

3). Did you get a receipt? This is one good clue something is not right. If you do not get a receipt then you should always dig deeper by looking for reviews on the site. Where too many bad reviews exist then you should probably report them online where you are invited to do so.

4). Once again if they do not take for taxes with your order then you should question that. Legit selling sites will always do the above two.

5). Delivery time is nearly always a point of deep concern for those that simply do not know they have been had by a con site. Typically it could take a good 2 months before you get a delivery, of course and as said already, your order may just be bad and not worth your cash.

6). Regarding your order, they can be wrong sizes, colors, bad cloth, shoddy electronics and or the lowest quality version of the product. Even they might just send you out an empty envelope to produce tracking information.

7). Here is a very good indicator you are talking with a fake site. When ‘Support’, after you have emailed them many times regarding your late order, may start to communicate to you strangely. They may ask you to be sympathetic to them, be patient because your order is late. No good company will speak to customers like that. Also note if their English was broken and error-strewn?



Do You Have A JhhYashy.com Scam Report or Review? Everyone Is Welcome To Leave Their Experiences Below In The Comments – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

There is an incredible lack of transparent data on who the owner is and where they are really from. As discussed, their address is already in use by many other scam sites and so it can’t be theirs. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. I ask all to please do report them below, because when a site is new and they quickly get scam reports online, they will struggle to make illegal earnings. This way we are all helping each other to avoid online scams. There maybe some that are annoyed but can afford to lose the money you were scammed. However, there are many others who are on a tight budget and need not lose to scammers. So, I do appreciate all of you who will take time to report their experiences below 🙂 .

Thank you all for visiting my site today. Those new are welcome to book mark this website and so you can keep up to date regarding online scams active and currently doing damage online. I am looking forward to all of your comments below regarding What Is JhhYashy.com.


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8 thoughts on “What Is JhhYashy.com – Is JhhYashy.com Scam or Legit? – WARNING!

  1. Hayman Barnitz

    I saw an item online and attempted to order it.
    When putting in my card info they kept telling me that the name must be in English. I gave up and never saw anything more about it. Then today Visa called and asked if I had ordered any thing from SC for the same price as what I was trying to get. I. Have contacted my card Co. To stop the payment.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Hayman,

      Thank you Hayman for your experience with JhhYashy.com. I wish you well with stopping that payment as well. Thanks again Hayman.

  2. michael c chaplain

    I saw a good deal on this site, but my bank would not approve payment. thanks to them I found you, and now I will not place order. these people should be caught!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Michael for your comment. I agree, they are not good people and really add hardship into good peoples lives. Thanks again Michael.

  3. William Bessix

    This is exactly what I got via email & I haven’t heard anything since…
    TopgoodgoodsORDER #1447
    Your order is on the way

    Your order is on the way. Track your shipment to see the delivery status

    The link that I guess I am supposed to ise to track my order just takes me to a
    “404 page not found”

  4. Yves Israelsen

    I found a site that is laid out nearly identical to Jhhyashi.com and I’m wondering if it’s the same people. It is aliveewp.com. What are your thoughts on this website?


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