FREE Jayco 2020 Seneca RV Givaway On Social Media – Trick or Genuine Prize?

By | June 10, 2020



Free Jayco 2020 Seneca RV Giveaway Scam or Legitimate Giveaway Offer?

Some companies can be very generous giving away prizes but is Jayco doing a Jayco 2020 Seneca RV Giveaway on Facebook? Conditions such as liking and sharing posts are common for raffles etc on social media but giving away an RV to many people seems too good to be true. We will be looking further into this Jayco 2020 Seneca RV Giveaway to see if it is real or just a fraud. If you know of any other social media giveaways that appear to be too generous then you are welcome to report them to our List of Scams 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for possible review.

Anyone that may have given their information to this giveaway is welcome to report your experience, possible findings, in the comments below. The more that spare a few moments to share what they may know the more that can be better informed.

Time to detail our research about this extraordinary giveaway and to declare what is reality is really going on. You may need to take beware of potential spam or fraud attempts moving forward if you gave them your information. As mentioned, all are welcome to share what you may know in the comments below.




Is actually giving Free Jayco 2020 Seneca RV’s?

I would love to tell you that is actually losing tons of cash by giving people their Free Jayco 2020 Seneca RVin their giveaway, but simply put, this promotion is not being run by Jayco at all. We see these kinds of scam raffles all the time and all they ask is something everyone can to be in with a chance to win unreal prizes.

The websites, or Facebook Pages running these promotions, have nothing to do with and so this company is aware there are bad actors using their name in order to scam people. 

For likes and shares, they are only trying to get their content to be pushed up into Newsfeeds on social media. There is something called the Halo Effect, and so if people see such things on trusted platforms, then it is likely they will also trust the ad or offering being pushed by Facebook’s Algorithm. 

For those that may have shared such posts already then we highly recommend you unshare that content. Feel welcome instead to share this article to help others know why these are all just scams. 

What is the point of these frauds? So they will need your full name, your date of birth probably, home address for the delivery of the RV, phone number perhaps and really anything else they may be able to get out of you.

Once they have like-farmed enough of their content, and then feel like their scam has run its course, they may gather up all the personal info of their unsuspecting victims. 

Such personal information is highly coveted by cyber-crooks as they can make quick and big free cash by selling it onto other cyber-crooks. A scammer may sell on one’s personal card information for $5. Not a lot of cash perhaps, but if you have thousands and thousands of people’s data of this nature then the earnings can be quite substantial.

Not to mention all your other personal bits of data. With enough data then a whole new fake identity can be manufactured. In this fake person’s identity loans, credit, purchases, birth certificates, and even mortgages may be able to be got in one’s identity.

These Facebook pages may also redirect to their own sites that you have no idea if they are scams or not. Which of course in this instance they are. Such sites, since they are part of running a huge online social media scam, may have gone to the effort of installing viruses to download on their site.

Such malware may then hunt down any personal information on your device. This may include your precise location and make and model number of your device. It is very invasive indeed. So we recommend trying to always have an up to date virus checker on your device at all times.

Below we see the official word on this situation with Jayco and so that is enough to know all Free Jayco 2020 Seneca RV Giveaway raffles are just plain scams:-







That really right there closes the case on this giveaway of an RV worth many thousands. No company could take those kinds of losses and expect to be in business for any length of time going forward. You must think of all the hours, labor, materials, expertise, energy, overheads, logistics, staff pay that goes into making one of these Senec RV’s and so that further proves all such promotions are scams with this brand name. 


Unless of course it is being run on the Website, which it is not.

If for some reason you were duped into parting with your payment information then you must right now call your bank. Your card is now at risk of being maxed out by scammers. Please check your statements to see if there are any unauthorized withdrawals from companies you do not know.

Contest all such charges for a chargeback to your card if so. We advise, as your banks may also, to cancel your card for a new one to prevent this potential situation from occurring to you. 

Those that may have spotted any company names, after having taken part in this unfortunate social media scam, are welcome to share that invaluable information below in the comments.

We may look further into it, and if they are scammers and time permits, we will endeavor to expose them to help others avoid any other scams they may be involved in.




RECAP:- is not giving away free RV’s on Facebook for likes and shares.

Scammers are trying to like-farm, meaning they are trying to garner likes and shares to promote their scam-content for better rankings leading to more unsuspecting victims, and so please do not share their content.

They are also trying to phish as many people as possible. Such scammers on Facebook may end up selling their own Facebook Profiles to scammers for big cash. These other cyber-crooks may specialize in financial extractions from people’s personal accounts and getting away with it, as a career.

No one knows who the scammers are as yet, best to our research. 

Many warnings already are surfacing about this particular scam in the last three days. We welcome all shares of this article to help others avoid it.
















list of scam websites.



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