What Is JapCozy.com – Is ‘Jap Cozy’ Another Fake Quilt Scam or Legit?

By | April 6, 2019

Find Out What Is JapCozy.com – Our ‘JapCozy’ Review.

You are most welcome here to our review on What Is JapCozy.com found at www.japcozy.com. Is JapCozy com a scam, bogus, fake or Is ‘JapCozy’ real, safe, legit, trustworthy and genuine? This ‘Jap Cozy’ Review is to possibly warn you about that site. We have covered many fake quilt sites such as Amelia Quilt and so know the prices really are too-good-to-be-true!

Just taken another look at their site and still not sure if they can be trusted given their prices and quality of the quilts. We will do a back ground check for founder name, business location, contact data and when they were registered online. Those interested, may check out the link above provided, and you will see nearly 350 comments of mostly disappointed quilt customers.




JapCozy.com Review – Warning?

Leading up to the holidays in 2018 there was a storm online regarding fake quilts. This ‘storm’ came out of nowhere and scamwitness.com covered the whole event like no other blogger. BBB.org was all over this situation and even this fake quilt scam network made the news in the States. We see the same, or too similar images, on JapCozy.com’s site that we have seen with other sites that were scams. We can only hope they are not part of that same network.




Beware of www.japcozy.com?



IF they are back, and so there could be more. We will make a few points that will help you realize fully why they may not be legit. One point in particular, we will invoke ‘common sense’, and so you will see why you should use caution until more is known.

But no doubt, as time goes by, there is nearly always people out there that will pay for these ‘quilts’, and incredibly, may be quite happy with the poor quality. That is curious to me but yes we have received such reports about such sites. Mostly speaking, the reviews online seem to be positive – a mixed bag so far.

Anyways, the site was registered in 2019/02/07 and registered for only 1 year. 1 year? Does that sound like a reasonable amount of time to invest in your own business? That is typical of hit-and-run sites and so beware of such sites.

But, we must also say, that sites that register for 1 or 2 years maybe that the founder wants to see how things go. In this event, they have the option to renew if they are doing well. So, that is a low-key scam sign in our view as there may be legit reasons for this.

The founder name is not revealed on their own site nor is it in WHOIS, a site that stores attached info on sites at the point of domain registration.

SiteJabber, review site, has the name of Hoshino M. That is all. The address supplied in WHOIS is Tokyo, JP. That is insufficient and so that is another point that we should beware of. Why would a legit business not reveal their business address.

It is not found at their site either. No customer phone number and we do not even see an email address anywhere on their site. That is bad news because people could be handing over their payment information to a complete stranger online who’s intentions we can’t possibly know.

However, since they are using the same images we exposed in previous researched articles, then we can say that we really do know their real intentions – SCAM ALERT?

No legit business covers up all this relevant and needed information that customers will naturally look for.



‘Jap Cozy’ – Fake Quilts or the Real Deal?

Here is a few points now you should ‘chew-on’ before purchasing from this site. 

Please view their home page. Notice anything ‘funny’ with their quilt images?

Well, run your eyes upon the outline of all of those quilts. Top marks if you noticed that the curls are all the same! They appear photo shopped.




Lets take a look at their prices now. Here we have the biggest problem with their site.

You can see that you will pay around $50 /$60 for a quilt. Wrong! Those quilts, as they depict them on their site, are a lot more expensive.

Try more like $750 as a start off point! You must consider that it takes about $250 just for the materials to make those quilts alone. Now you must consider the 50+ hours it may take to hand make those quilts. So we have to calculate for time and labor as well.

So you see $50 or $60 (thereabouts) can never be the real prices for these quilts. The prices really are too-good-to-be-true.

Those that have had their images stolen are asked to please leave your reports of this in the comments below. Those with a list of offending sites like this are asked as well to leave that in the comments. We will be happy to expose every last one of them to help stamp out this scam network.



What You May Receive For Your Cash!

As mentioned, you only have to read the first link we have left in the intro to see the devastation this scam network as done in the past.

I feel that they are the same network but I can’t prove it. I am basing it on the prices and also on the images we find too familiar for them not to be the same on what we have previously exposed.

Below are some articles about fake quilt scams and so you see why we are asking if ‘Jap Cozy’ can be trusted or not.

Proven Fake Quilt Sites:-

*Those are all linked to their own reviews and should open in a new browser to allow you to return here if you want to.

You may find out that you are sent out nothing, something flimsy and shoddy,  nothing like what they advertised, and so in this situation you may want to put in for a refund. Has this been your experience or were you happy?

Take images of all communications and evidence of a purchase for a possible refund, if required





Final Thoughts.

We are not able to confirm the name of ‘Hoshino M’ as having anything to do with this site. Only that, the name was located with SiteJabbers review as the owner of this site. Nowhere else does it appear best to our knowledge. However, on TrustPilot, the company has been claimed and that is a very good sign.

There is no information concerning where exactly they are from. Customer contact is highly limited. Prices are far too low given the quality of the quilts they are advertising.

Those that have had their orders delivered are welcome to let us know about the quality. Those that got nothing are asked to let every know about that as well.

Expect to wait a some time to get your order as that is the general consensus from the little amount of reviews online about them.

That is all on What Is JapCozy.com and I hope it has been of value to you. In case we have erred in our judgement, you are advised to seek elsewhere also to confirm or deny our own research. Looking forward to your customer reviews below. 


Having said all of that, we will not cast a verdict as yet on ‘Scam or Legit’. Will say ‘Not Recommended’ and leave it up to reviews/reports from customers. We have to leave room for human error by us. Where many positive reports come in then we are happy to say ‘LEGIT’ and recommend. If negative, then we will place them in to our List or Internet Scammers.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





6 thoughts on “What Is JapCozy.com – Is ‘Jap Cozy’ Another Fake Quilt Scam or Legit?

  1. Jody Barwood

    They scammed me to the tune of $1600!!!! When you call PayPal to complane, they switch the phone number change!!! Do not buy from any Asian companies they are all in on it!!! I have my folder ready and I’m taking it to the FBI who are located her in W Palm Beach!. The same thing happens when you call the number for the CEO of PayPal! They intercept the number . Do not use any phone number ‘s on google for Paypal

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to read this Jody and thank you for choosing us to report this information to us. I can’t quite believe they are able to intercept calls to PayPal, if I am understanding you correctly? If so, this is incredibly bad news. Thanks again Jody.

  2. Penn Jacobs

    Jap Cozy seemed suspicious to me but there was nothing firm to say stay away, so I took a chance.
    My Paypal bill said MGALLERY COMPANY LIMITED, not JAPCOZY, so I closely monitored this purchase to make sure I wasn’t getting scammed. With shipping my Cal King spread cost just under $82. I’m a real customer and I got my bedspread. It came quickly. It is exactly as pictured, perfectly sewn, in the right size. It just doesn’t feel “handmade,”and, at just 3 pounds, is extremely lightweight for a three layer quilt. I posted a full review on Trust Pilot.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      OK Penn, I am delighted to hear this. So, perhaps any of any of my own suspicions were unfounded. I am actually relieved as it is hard to read comments about people being scammed when reported on my site.

      Really appreciate you taking the time here Penn to let everyone know about Japcozy and so hopefully more positive comments like yours will come through to put peoples minds at ease about them. Thanks again Penn 🙂 .

      1. Jody

        They are scammers! They intercept the calls to PayPal! Watch your cell when you dial PayPal! They got $1600 from me 2 days ago!!!!

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Just seen this other comment of yours Jody. So I understand completely now you say they are able to intercept calls to PayPal. Certainly gather your evidence and see what can be done about this. Any up dates on this are very welcome indeed. Thanks again Jody.


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