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By | January 14, 2020

What Is Jacquein.com – Our ‘Jacquein’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

You are welcome and congratulations as well as you have just saved yourself from a scam site called Jacquein.com! NativeBeaty.com is now re-directing to that site. You may view our NativeBeaty.com Review Here and so lets look into them a little closer. We need more info and we will list out all their scam signs so you know not to show there ever. Those scammed by ‘Jacquein’ are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2400+ and counting. Be sure to put in for a refund and cancel your card for a new one.

You can as well report them to our comments area or any site you were defrauded by. Also, should you wish to reveal what you received from any company, bad or good, then use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. Please leave as much info as possible and also the full URL’s. Short reviews belong in the comments. Lets begin now our ‘Jacquein’Review and be sure to see our comments for real customer reviews, if any at this time.








Where Is Jacquein.com Located?

So we need to know where Jacquein.com is located, who is the founder name, contact info and how old they are. We only reviewed NativeBeaty.com some short time ago and already they have tried to hide themselves under a new URL name. Anywhere you see ‘NATIVEBEATY’ on any site then please report them to us! We WILL expose those sites as well. 


We see that their site was registered on the 2019-10-29, ‘Jacequein’ that is, and only for one year. One or two years is short and also it is the usual time most businesses need, most cases, to build up their brand name leading to worthwhile sales / revenue.

However, fake sites will or can become popular very fast, even in mere weeks, as they lie about their unreal prices. Do not fall for unreal pricing as that is one of the biggest scam signs ever to be created by online criminals, and make no mistake, that is all they are whom defraud others.

So we see they have failed to leave their founders name and that almost always indicates a scam. Their address is not their own as they are using their own hosting providers address. You can few these few but important details at WHOIS.com. 

And so now we must go to their site to see what they have left for their unsuspecting customers. TOPIN TRADING (HONG KONG)CO.LIMITED UNIT 17 9/F TOWER A NEW MANDARIN PLAZA NO 14 SCIENCE MUSEUM RD TST KL is their address that was hidden away somewhere obscure. 

Did not find an email, no contact name and no phone number. Where you do not see business details then why do business with them – I mean seriously, how do you know the real intentions of any e-store sites when there is nothing to tell you they are legit?

For me, when there is no info like this they would never get may payment information as that is precisely and exactly like giving your payment info to an utter stranger. Be wiser folks!

Googling that address we can see pages and pages in Google of the websites using that exact same address – SCAM! SCAM ALL DAY EVERY DAY AND TWICE ON SUNDAY!



That is a scam network we have just uncovered and so now I feel like there is a huge list to come below:-

The following websites are Showing Up In Google for that address and they are:-

godior.com, okrobe.com, soincloth.com, ninalike.com, cielogistic.com, mintwiz.com, toppeekk.com, cutposse.com, kosegarishop.com, biuflower.com, cuttiepies.com, chiclos.com, littleperi.com, wikicute.com, bytelot.com, sendsalon.com, soarsve.com, reporting from ScamWarners.com about that address just there, starsfore.com, newwaka.com, mainrice.com, mryour.com, cutegogo.com, misslinth.com, charmlooking.com, vivimint.com, megahe.com, tuivy.com, shestage.com, nanlancia.com, letguy.com, peekkabo.com, onesitefish.com, assettour.com, hequote.com, ducusta.com, lulumira.com, swiftmini.com, vividgogo.com, pinknex.com, holamister.com, cicitalent.com, gentlemister.com, kokokq.com, misssok.com, kikicute.com, inninews.com, allinlot.com, cimash.com, bamooname.com, cicilog.com, gogopel.com, coosites.com, untiup.com, togems.com, robelstore.com, shequick.com, bellapinlove.com, kiwihard.com, charmhot.com, kuponmen.com, todogirls.com, twistsea.com, vallhero.com, todogirls.com, comelogic.com, hopray.com, girlkeys.com, uniloving.com, basisstar.com, corofook.com, nikisco.com, bellychics.com, ongigi.com, chicswear.com, urbanewshop.com, victorjoy.com, cococycle.com, coolwindnala.com, cutemill.com, surfecho.com, tagpink.com, pickmewear.com, lodiary.com, wanttel.com, pulsename.com, lolmomo.com, orderhello.com, polycobra.com, toptencat.com, shetype.com, himipick.com, classure.com, livianecute.com, canradar.com, fitvivi.com, popreps.com, lvgabby.com, novadraw.com, slicecat.com, bluecli.com, vetmain.com, daysolo.com, gigaci.com, anclabuy.com, wikibling.com, finaclan.com, fishlance.com, sissilady.com, vivwall.com, genienew.com, scmp.com, charrcter.com, ikunfashion.com, genvilla.com, holacloth.com, evecover.com, allinly.com, wakawow.com, wizwide.com (<- not sure, maybe legit maybe a scam), holidaylilly.com, boholot.com, idealgogo.com, zeusstory.com, hasekey.com, toptenair.com, civichot.com, allmalory.com, newastyle.com, clothtube.com, dodumore.com, viviwise.com, samurail.com, headquick.com, wantship.com, poolping.com, bytevote.com, hopcool.com, tagcli.com, toursells.com, wishmain.com, shadeair.com, nernewshop.com,cacheese.com, viashell.com, aeronice.com, rivetfe.com, hotyly.com, cutekind.com, tourcyber.com, tourplum, omnihe.com, vervelishop.com, blitzhot.com, polelila.com, keepityour.com, orancorp.com, ourmomo.com, lioneart.com, coolvivi.com, feaim.com, vinihappy.com, cavemix.com, kiwilean.com, pentafish.com, salonli.com, senttea.com, shoutair.com, gymurin.com, knowmint.com, and I think that is it.

That was nothing short of annoying and a total pain but at least now it is there to warn all 🙂 . If you own one of these websites, and it is not a scam and we have made an error, please alert us via the comments and the necessary alterations will be made where valid. Give us at least one week to spot your comment also as we can become flooded with comments at times. Thank You.

One company business equals one company business address. Where we find more than one company sharing the same information then clearly you should probably shop elsewhere. 

Jacquein.com (‘NATIVEBEATY’) has not revealed their founders name. We have clearly looked at all 22 pages in Google showing up for this address and nowhere could we locate them as a store. 

Their ‘ABOUT US’ section really alerts us to their real intentions as they are trying to say they have been around since 2010. That is a pure lie and we have already debunked that per WHOIS database that shows us when websites really register their URL’s.










Final Thoughts.

Jacquein.com is a clear scam. Please spare a moment to reveal what you know about them in our comments below. Should you have a report about any site do feel very welcome to report that to us. This article came about because of one of our site visitors reported ‘Jacquein’ to us and so thank you kindly Betty for taking the time to do that. You may view that comment in our NativeBeaty.com Review Here. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to your reviews below.

P.S. When viewing the list above, hit CTRL+F5 on your keyboard, and then you will see a grey box appear on your screen. Simply type into that box the name of the site and if it is in our list above it will be highlighted. If not, then we really would love to hear from you. You may search our sites search engine to the top right and see if its in our archives.




list of scam websites.




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