What Is IWishGoods.com – Is ‘IWishGoods’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 24, 2019

Find Out What Is IWishGoods.com – The ‘IWishGoods’ Review.

This short review will answer fast What Is IWishGoods.com situated at www.iwishgoods.com. Is IWishGoods com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, fake or Is ‘IWishGoods’ legit, real, genuine and safe? This ‘I Wish Goods’ Review is to warn you about that site. There is not ‘legit’ about it or the people that own it. Those that handed payment info to their site need NOW contact your payment provider! Cancel your card and seek a refund. Would appreciate if you come back here and alert others by leaving your own complaint about the aforementioned scam site.

In these times our internet is being polluted by unsavory characters in all niches. One of the most lucrative scams is the fake online shopping scam. Their primary target is women. When unwary customers hand over their bank info then the scammers may try to randomly charge those cards. Any deliveries made to customers maybe empty parcels/envelopes, shoddy, inferior, damaged, maybe counterfeit and stolen goods. Tracking codes that are fake is a dead giveaway of a fake shopping site.



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IWishGoods.com Review – The Unrepentive Fake Shopping E-Store Exposed – For The ‘100th’ Time.

So, yes! We have exposed the these sites before as they have many. They do not last long. Once too many complaints and bloggers ‘point them out’ they seem to vanish many of their sites at once. That is the kind of reaction I live for. Unfortunately, they are prudent enough it seems to have many more waiting to become popular and take the place of their old copies of the same scam.




Exposing www.iwishgoods.com!



Let us now have a quick look at their so you may see EVERYTHING that is wrong with it, and that, what really should not be…

Registration date of a site is a nice starting point as it contains a subtle ‘clue’ to the mindset of the owner. Selling sites that know it takes time to make-it online will register their sites for many years. For, it can take many years for a site property to expand and become a true force in its area of business. 

WHOIS database shows us that ‘IWISHGOODS.COM’ was registered in 2018/12/04 and 1 little year is all they are online for. I wager they will shut in mere weeks (see date of this post) or a month or two. Its my experience they close fast, as said. Already, that is our ‘clue’ and so that is a bad sign for sure.

Ahui, CN – China, is the only information for their real world business address. That is all wrong as good businesses have no problem supplying that information. I wholeheartedly lay the responsibility on hosting providers to set up a system to weed out scam sites. Saying there are too many millions is costing normal everyday people their hard earned cash. 

As with all of their sites the founder name has not be supplied. Looking to their site we already know all of their supplied information is bogus/false/lies/not-the-truth as with all of their other sites. For if they had supplied anything true then authorities would be one step closer to them by now. They have 1000’s by now of these sites!! That is per our past research into this particular scam network.



‘IWishGoods’ Scam Signs.

  • Multiple copies! Why have so many copies of the same scam online? Well, when one site shuts down then the cyber-crooks can not make illegal earnings from it. So having many sites off-sets those illegal losses and so they just carry on.
  • Since hosting providers are not asking for copies of peoples passports, birth certificates, phone numbers, real names, real business and home addresses ( THIS IS THE KIND OF INFO I HAD TO SUPPLY JUST TO GET A LITTLE FEW GIFTS ON CREDIT ONCE FROM A BROCHURE!!), then surely the problem of online scams could be reduced. I guess no one has thought of that yet
  • However, it is interesting to see how many jobs and products that are sold online ‘PREVENTING’ online scams. Interesting to see how much profit there is in ‘protecting’ people from scams. And of course, since these scammers can mass target many 1000’s of innocent people, the ‘solution’ seems to be evading the most expert of ‘all things internet’ in our world…
  • Moving on from that rant.. their prices are ludicrously too low. Too-good-to-be-true-prices is a sure bet for an online scam. They are new and so how can they have made so much profit so quickly to be able for such reductions?
  • Their phone number does not work. Any address they supply is fake. They ignore or they are simply of no help to people. Their communication to customers maybe unprofessional as well asking you to be ‘patient’, to ‘sympathize’, to ‘understand’, using words like ‘friend’ etc. That is not the professional acumen expected from any company and certainly lends us a clue to their location elsewhere other than they may infer they are from.






Final Thoughts.

You can go to our Home Page and click back some pages to see the wars we had exposing their many sites. Now I am expecting to find many more in 2019 and expose those as well. People sick of online scams are very welcome to attach these scammers by hitting any one of those SHARE ICONS to your left. Spreading the word about any scam lessens its power. I know, because many comments at scamwitness.com have told us that they have been saved by comments and share. Those icons are new so make good use of them please 🙂 .

What Is IWishGoods.com is now answered and we are dumping them into our List of Internet Scammers for good, where they belong. Looking forward to all of your comments, and if the need to vent-rant-rave takes you all of a sudden, feel free and expose that site for being scammers. Looking forward to hearing from you and others 🙂 .


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