What Is ItStylish.co – Is ItStylish.co Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!!

By | December 26, 2018

What Is ItStylish.co Really All About – Apply For YOUR Refund Now.

You are welcome and nice work on finding out What Is ItStylish.co (www.itstylish.co). Is ItStylish.co bad, scam, fake, dishonest, crooked or Is ItStylish co good, genuine, legit, real, safe, honest, trustworthy? This ItStylish Review has found plenty of Scam Reports and Negative Reviews on them. Seems like they like to scam people, shut down their site a while, and start it back up. Products are not being delivered after payment. Or, for your cash, they are sending you out some ‘piece of plastic’. Don’t let them get a way with it and please do REPORT THEM BELOW THIS ARTICLE! The more that report the quicker they will be shut down. Thank You.

Well, they are your typical fake shopping site and most of those types of scams come out of China. Also, these cyber-crooks may have the resources already set up to make their own shoddy products to dispatch to you. Of course, those shoddy, inferior, fake, knock-off products are nowhere near close to what you paid for them. Images on their site I wager they don’t own and have no permission to use. Scammers just steal these images, make it look like they are selling them legitimately on their site, but all the while sending you out pure rubbish or nothing at all. 

Those that lost money should apply for a refund as soon as possible. They may do delaying tactics by giving you fake tracking data or some excuse about delivery. Not good enough. You know NOW they are no good and so most definitely get your payment provider to open a dispute. Incidentally, you seem to have more protection from online fraud if you pay by card. Those that paid by PayPal then you have 180 days to put in for a dispute. This article is going to SHOW YOU why they are not legit and trustworthy.





What Is ItStylish.co – The Con Revealed.

They are a new site and already people are starting to get very vocal about having their money stolen. I suppose they have a point 🙂 . There are a number of ways to determine for yourself if you can trust a site. First Off, when a site is selling products they claim to own then we should have no trouble knowing the founders name, address of their real world business and all the contact information for customers. This is all normal and usual data you would expect to find. Not with scam sites – lets find out.

Their site was registered online in 2018/09/25 and set up to last just 1 year. 1 YEAR. I repeat that because we must consider the logic on such a short time scale. First, if they are real, they have already made a huge investment to get up and running and buy all those products, or, produce them. That is a big investment, and so why then, would a legit and trustworthy site only invest so-so-so-so little money on their sites online shelf life? Because scammers will register online for 1 or 2 years, just enough time to scam loads of people, and then cowardly run off.

The Address they have supplied is Arizona, US. You know, one day – JUST TO PROVE A POINT – I am going to register a domain and say my address is ‘MARS‘! And see I wager they will approve my application for a site. Makes me mad because NOWNO ONE ON PLANET EARTH – knows where these scammers are working from. Any wonder scamming people has turned into an industry of itself.

Don’t get me started on Facebook for all the complaints online of people getting scammed through that platform. More on that later.

Classically for scam sites, there is no founder name, no email, no phone number and no way to contact customer support. We have hit the ‘jackpot’ in terms of a scam – and we have only just begun.




Online Shopping Scam Signs – How It Works.

It is my hope that this section will help you in the future to recognize a fake shopping site when/if you encounter one. Scam Advertisers seem to have the wholehearted inadvertent protection from platforms like Facebook. Their response is that those ads, pages, groups etc don’t violate Facebook’s policies. So, …. – trying to compute this – they provide the means for scammers to MASS TARGET PEOPLE for fraudulent purposes, but erm, and that is somehow all ‘dandy’ and ‘A-OK’?

LOL – I am not going to go into a ‘rant’ about this, but, this is the reality we are all faced with. Just don’t click on any of those Facebook ads if that platform is not willing to do ‘something’ to protect their users. If that was anyone of us then we be in cuffs or fined or something bad by the law.

So we have hosting providers that are happy not to ask for verification of identity and real location of ones business. That is bad. On the other hand we have ALL – (ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!) Social Media Platforms providing advertising space to scammers, where people think because they see an ad on that platform, then its ‘fine’ because they must of been vetted for the safety of the platforms members?

Disabuse yourself right now of that idea. The only real defense, beyond our own security software’s, is reporting on these scam sites in forums like this and or elsewhere. We are each others best defense.

OK, that was a ‘bit’ of a rant but really we ALL need to be up-in-arms over this indifference to grandmothers and grandfathers losing money they can’t afford to lose to psychopaths who aren’t smart enough to make an honest living! Of course I know its all age groups, but those reports really hit home for me, how heartless what is happening to very real people in the world because of such scams.

  • Once you land on a fake shopping site then you may make a purchase. Check your receipt (if you get one) and see how much tax they took? Where you see no taxes calculated in for the price then that is a good sign something is wrong.
  • Now watch your card and make sure there are not more coming out then what was stated. Watch out for several charges you did not authorize. Lastly, see your bank statement least once a month to see if they are helping themselves to a monthly recurring charge. 
  • Those that receive an ‘order’ will probably just get some cheap horrible plastic ‘thing’ instead of the item advertised. Keep all evidence of the exact thing you ordered and what you received. Send those images to your payment provider as evidence.
  • Unfortunately it is common to receive nothing at all. It seems to those scammed that the site is down to them. I have received such complaints, checked the site, only to see it operating. Use a different IP address to verify that.


Scam Signs.

Now lets cast an eye over their site and find all the ‘clues’ screaming to us they are not real. 

1). Click on all those images bottom of their site and you will see they are all linked to the sites home page. That makes no sense.

2). I don’t know what to make of their address, on their site of 169-C, Technohub, Dubai Silicon Oasis. That is an address by a completely different company that deals in website themes. That is per the search results and so I can state that they are using someone else’s address.

3). 30% and 50% Off is quite high to offer. Let us consider that they are a NEW SITE – and ‘anything’ new that is trying to earn – well, it takes time. How can they just be online and already have made such a good profit to give away so much off of the price? Well, they can’t and they aren’t.

4). See their copyright date at the bottom of their site? We already know they made their site in 2018 – so why does it say 2017? If you are unsure of anything else, and you see disparity in their dates, then that is a ‘clue’ telling you to be careful. You simply go to WHOIS and there you can cross-reference in your own research.

5). They seem to be selling everything! That is quite unusual as any site will tend to specialize in certain areas/ideas/products. So that is just something small but I believe significant to think on.

6). Their ‘ABOUT US’ section starts off about children’s development. What has that got to do with anything on their site? Again, that is just something that is so far removed from their sites actual content one has to question that.

7). Two Addresses have been provided for the one company. Multiple addresses is a sign that your order maybe being shipping to you from overseas.



Do You Have a ItStylish.co Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Report Them Below This Article – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

There complaints right now online about the site just exposed. Please see one such report below:-


Scam Reports For ItStylish.co

Share what you know about ‘ItStylish’ here.


That ‘one’ report is very bad and it was the first one I came across. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

I hope that has answered your questions here today. Those with further queries are welcome to place them below in the comments. I respond personally to all comments and so don’t feel like you won’t get a response here 🙂 . Check the comments for further info (if any) and why not weigh in and answer them, if you have time. This a forum and so I am looking forward to discussing this further.



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2 thoughts on “What Is ItStylish.co – Is ItStylish.co Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!!

  1. Azam Abdul HAmid

    I has been scam by this company (itstylish) i did bout a mini portable laser and pay throught my credit card. The date i purchase is on 2 Nov 2018. usd 159.00.
    Until now just lost without trace. How i want to get back my money.
    Thank you.

    1. Scam Witness

      Sorry to hear this Azam. Ring your bank and tell them that you were scammed. They should investigate and then afterwards and hopefully you will get a refund. Thank you for your question and hope the answer helps you Azam.


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