What Is IsaGenix.com? What Is IsaGenix? Scam/Legit Weight Loss Program?

By | October 18, 2018

Unbiased Review on What Is IsaGenix.com – What Is IsaGenix About? Fraudulent or The Read Deal Work At Home Weight Loss Business?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Full Review of What Is IsaGenix.com (www.isagenix.com) and What Is IsaGenix? Their site claims to be a Weight Loss Program to help you Lose 15 Pounds in Nine Days with their IsaGenix Products and high protein cleansing supplements. Users take meal replacing supplements in their own Nine Day Challenge, however, is there any proof their weight loss claims are even real? Is IsaGenix com fake, fraudulent, unfounded, crooked, dishonest or is IsaGenix real, genuine, legit, actually works and honest? This IsaGenix Review is going to cover all of that.

This review will also cover their referral program and see if that is a workable way to earn from home. They appear, as I do my research now, a Multi Level Marketing Program (MLM). We will cover that shortly as well.  Since they do have a referral program, then I wish to extend an idea to those that maybe interested. Did you know, that people with their own websites are the one’s that make the most sales online. You don’t even have to have ‘techy’ experience or know how as that is all taken care of. There is one program online that specializes in websites and how to drive traffic to products like IsaGenix. For those interested you may claim your Two Free Websites without even a credit card. 

Due to the many requests on this website for legitimate work from home offers, I am hoping to be able to recommend the weight loss website aforementioned referral program. To that extent, also, is the purpose of this article. Lets continue.



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What Is IsaGenix.com and also What Is IsaGenix – Does It Really Work? Full Break Down.

There are plenty enough weight loss MLM programs online that have been caught-out-cold for making fake claims about their products! Even so, they continue to prosper and rip people off with unsound products in the name of making money. MLM’s can be very creepy and occult like places to join. People can feel trapped inside their recurring must-buy-products or lose their status and therefore their potential earnings. It can be a real trap and a pure nightmare. My email at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com received a report of a lady needing counselling after being brain washed by one such MLM business. What Is IsaGenix.com, and also, What Is IsaGenix will now be answered as fairly as possible, without the bad reputation of MLM’s. 


IsaGenix.com Website

Go to www.isagenix.com to login.



To begin, let us find out who the founder is of IsaGenix.com and see if we can locate a real world business address. Where these details are missing then that is nearly ALWAYS a sign of an online scam. IsaGenix is quite an old program hailing from the USA. They started their online Weight Loss Business 2002/02/06 and registered until 2021. 

Their Business Address is:-





The Founders Name is IsaGenix International. OK, not a ‘name’ but looks to be a Board of Directors set up. I have seen this before and its nothing to be concerned over. Incidentally, this weight loss company have set up in the UK as of 2017 and now Operate in 17 Countries.

Now we have identified who and what we are dealing with, let us now take a look at their claims.



Is It Possible to Lose 15 Pounds In 9 Days?

Well, Apparently SO! When I read that I was full of doubt and automatically was not believing such a statement. However, since I have reviewed other MLM’s before, there is one thing that is always true … there is always a catch! If it is not a money-catch then you are dealing with shoddy products, that get returned by customers too often or can’t be sold on, and worse still, are Scientifically Unproven to Work per the claims of such companies. Unfortunately, I see some reports that the claims with IsaGenix Products are fitting this profile despite their website displaying their Scientific Team.

The Opinion, as far as I can see on their products, is quite fairly split. Pro-IsaGenixicians would swear by it and believe whole hardheartedly that the products work and attribute miraculous weight loss to such IsaGenix Products. On the other, we have Doctors saying that cleansing of the body is not sound. There is no medical or Scientific proof that such a practice works.

Worse still, some people even refer to these products as ‘DIURETICS‘! Personally, I think that is harsh and could very well be a B.S. statement from competitors. Let’s continue.

Below is a video from ABC News putting these products to a fair test. There is one report of a lady that used to be 300 Pounds! She claims these products slimmed her down to half of that size.

Then we have two case studies, male and female. The challenge was to see if they could lose 15 Pounds in Just 9 DaysThe Results Are Quite Shocking:-



For those that hate watching videos, I will summarize its content.

The study case of the lady revealed she had lost only 8 Pounds in 9 Days! Coupled with regular exercise this is all that this lady could manage to lose. However, that is still a ton of weight to lose and she says she feels more energetic and she has more mental energy. Is there a way to lose our unwanted belly fat that is backed up by science? Let everyone know your suggestions below.

The male study was an overweight man looking to be as fit as he once was. He says he missed the days when he used to be so and is why he wants to try out the products for himself. 

In 9 Days this man lost 23 POUNDS!! That really did shock me -I was not expecting those results. They simply had drinks and supplements from IsaGenix and 1 low fat meal a day. The male complained he was a little hungry, but that it was bearable, and not as bad as he thought it was going to be.

For me, if that is not proof their program works then I don’t know what to say. That was a fair test and the results were outstanding. 


Why Do Some Doctors Disagree with This Program of Weight Loss.

Cleansing‘ – that is a word that appears to be associated with their products. This is simply the idea that fatty tissues become logged up with ‘bad stuff’ that we eat, drink and inhale. This build up over time maybe significant enough to put on much weight. These products appear to cleanse our systems, and in turn, allow for a man to lose 23 Pounds in 9 Days – I am still shocked with that result!!

So, some Doctors online are saying that there is no proof of these claims of cleansing work. Wonderful, well instead of making statements like that then why don’t these Doctors do some studies and found out for sure? Also, if you are talking to a Doctor online for medical advice, do make that person is qualified and legit. 

Do Not Under Estimate What Some Doctors Will Say To Knock Someone Else’s Product For Self Promotion or Their Own Products Promotion.


That is not to say the Doctor in the video in this article was doing that, not all and should not be construed that way, just that I have had many reports of Doctors putting down proven to work alternative medicines just to make sales online. There are wars going on in every niche online, that is just one that I am acutely aware of, and really, our Doctors need to use what ever has proven to work for the benefit of their patients, instead of worrying about their bottom line. Its actually REMARKABLE what is going on online regarding this disgusting behavior!! Anyways, that is a whole other issue, and not necessarily anything to do with this articles content.




What Are/Were Your Experiences With This Companies Products? Did They Work For You Or Not? Leave Your Reports In The Comments Below – Thank You.


NOW! let us find out if IsaGenix forces people into monthly long term and financially crippling recurring fee’s for their products, as well. Per a comment left on my site, this does not appear to be the case. More on that soon.





IsaGenix MLM Referral Program Details – What Is An MLM.

For those that simply don’t know, let us clear up what is an MLM first. They are a Mulit Level Marketing business structure, where the more you add under you (your network) the more you earn. Unfortunately, these kinds of business structures make sure that the ones that get in nice and early, will end up earning most of the profits. The longer the company exists then the more saturated their content becomes online. This is where sign ups are harder to acquire and so you will find may people stuck.


IsaGenix.com MLM Structure Explained

Accurate Depiction Of A Multi Level Structure Opportunity. The Bigger Your Network – The More You Have Potential To Earn!



  • They will be stuck and locked into a monthly recurring fee to buy products they may not be able to sell to family or friends.
  • They may also be losing substantial money through such a business model. I have witnessed reports of people losing sums like $25,000 to such ways of making their own home business.
  • People are not taught how to market these products properly. Having a ‘Facebook Group/Page’ is NOT going to make the grade to earn a full time income online. As mentioned, having your own website and marketing your products on it, is the most proven way to work with this kind business venture.
  • The Term ‘Garage Approved‘ is when people have a whole garage full of products that they simply can’t sell on. This is very common and a huge down fall to selling products with such programs.
  • Must pay certain amounts that are ever increasing for bigger earnings in most MLM’s.
  • Around 85% of members in such programs will never break through the $10 profit margin ever! That is a terrible and frightening historical fact to these kinds of programs. People just are not trained to pull in others quick enough for long term profits.



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What Does IsaGenix Offer In Their Referral Program?

You have to sign up through someone already a member. That is just another thing that is common with MLM’s and actually just annoys me. There is very little I like about MLM’s. Despite that, I have signed up to one recently as part of an in-depth investigation to see its a con or not.

To Qualify for your commissions you must have one qualified order, either by yourself or a customer. Best to my knowledge, there is no forced monthly orders that you must purchase.


That is a significant thing to appreciate as now all members are not put under excruciating pressure to make sales to keep their status, which in turn, usually determines levels of commissions. You lose a certain Status Level with most MLM’s, despite potential sales, you won’t qualify for those commissions!! That is just plain nasty to me and puts me right off of that kind of business structure.

The commissions in these cases is usually floated up to your referrer.






This Program Is Legit!







Final Thoughts.

For me, they appear to be a legit organization offering a product that has Global Appeal and Demand. Regarding the medical and scientific claims, well – not even the Doctors and Scientists can agree, so I must leave it down to your experiences. Those that have tried the 9 Day Challenge are welcome to leave their comments regarding the results of that challenge. Ultimately, a product should be judged based off of results, and where medical and scientific proofs are absent, then such results must be looked at in-depth to see if they really have hit on a magic formula for weight loss.

Those worried by the product efficacy of IsaGenix, or have concern regarding harm to health, are most welcome to relay your own knowledge in the comments section. Since I have not bought their products, or signed up, then additional data from users of said products – or Associates – is very much desirable. While there appear to be many claims on page 1 of Google that their products are not Scientifically backed or proven, I find out it hard to impossible to fathom how a company could last this long if they were indeed a scam company exaggerating their products worth to us all.

Currently taking your questions on What Is IsaGenix.com and also on What Is IsaGenix as a product. Where, in your own research you are finding it hard to locate information, you can leverage this websites researching abilities to that end. All queiries, stories, results, additional data is very much welcomed below. That is all on this issue and I am glad to say they are LEGIT, but only wish, we did not have to sign up through someone else. Looking forward to all of your comments to come, and don’t forget the company offering you 2 FREE WEBSITES to Kick Start Your Own Business with IsaGenix. You may find that Review by clicking the image below.


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2 thoughts on “What Is IsaGenix.com? What Is IsaGenix? Scam/Legit Weight Loss Program?

  1. Mozzers

    It seems to be a question of Does the end justify the means? And people will always answer that differently.

    The way I see it, best case scenario someone would use it for a short period of time to achive weightloss and get off it and onto a sustainable healthy diet asap like the Mediterranean diet. Worst case scenario the highly processed sugary meal replacements combined with the very popular but dubious intermittent fasting aspect and calorie restriction could seriously do a person’t health in and the weight could pile on as quickly as it came off because ultimately it’s not healthy or sustainable or involving important lifestyle changes. Then again, some people actually like sugary drinks and don’t want lifestyle changes and if it were between that and a stomach stapling phew, horses for courses!

    The ketogenic diet is another diet that will get fast results but the warnings are beginning to leak out now about that bigtime, in fact people might be safer with Isagenix compared to keto, but neither of them are healthy. And I’ll drop a link to an article here soon exposing keto for those who may be surprised I said that.

    As far as money making opportunities go, MLM’s are a lifestyle choice to some extent, I’ve never seen someone successful with one and I think the other option your presented with the websites and affiliate marketing is a better option.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Its a real pleasure to have read your comment and I can see a real depth of experience in your words. I am very happy to approve it as I feel that it will give others much to think on.

      Thank You Mary,

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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