Is Oxford Club A Scam? Review of the Prestigious Oxford Club.

By | October 15, 2017

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Is Oxford Club A Scam or a Legit and Safe Organization to Join.

With so many reviews mostly positive, but still plenty negative as well, I wanted to know is Oxford Club a scam or a legit, safe, real, genuine and trustworthy group who give out sound investment advice and ideas for a fee. Interestingly, I have spotted comments, in various forums, of people saying they were ‘approached‘ online by this organization about joining up with them. I find this quite ‘mysterious’ and ‘intriguing’ at the same time and have to ask why they would they do this? They promote themselves as a Private Investment Club for its Members. The yearly fee is quite reasonable for joining up with them and for the advice you get as well, but I have to wonder about the information received for a fee, well – couldn’t one just, you know, Google it!? The ‘advice‘ is meant to help ordinary ‘Joe-Soaps‘ like myself, to more experienced investors, to earn good money via smart investments based on Global Trends (!?). Don’t worry, we will get through it together. Like I said, these guys ask for a Sign Up Fee to ‘advise’ you how to earn (hopefully) money. I can SHOW YOU how to earn money without the worry of the winds of fate slamming your investments! Its Free To Sign Up To:-


“Yes! Show Me How To Make My Own Commission Based Website Please!”




Name:- Oxford Club.Alexander Green. Cheif Investment Strategist for Oxford Club.


Founder:- Bill Bonner (1991).

Chief Iinvestment Strategist :- Alexander Green.

Address:- USA, MD 21201, Baltimore, 105 W Monument Street.

Scam Rating:- Yet to be determined.


Is Oxford Club A Scam or a Good Idea.

After a few hours of reading up, I am still asking, is Oxford Club a Scam. So many good points and than, out of nowhere, terrible real life customer complaints! These complaints are pretty horrific! I am impressed by their warm and welcoming website though that ‘seems’ to accept everyone, despite,  a somewhat elitist qualification criteria. No offense intended.

This ‘club‘ has a rich history (I won’t bore you) where it was renamed, eventually, coming into its present day being. Its name was given it due to the historically ‘warm‘ connotations attached to it. Basically, this has NOTHING to do with the UK and is not a secret organization, though they admit, they are ‘quite’ selective who they allow about joining up with them. I don’t get that impression however, by the way, and tend to think it is to ‘coax’ a sense of insecurity about yourself to ‘want’ to join up with them. I could be wrong – perception is everything.



The overall point of this organization  is the banding together of like-minded investors who would exchange information about possible ‘sound’ money making ventures. If you, are in the club, you are a head of the curve in the investment world! This is exciting for would-be investors! 

This does not sound like such a bad idea to me but I am not to sure how wise it is to sign up to it just yet. This is the club from a historical stand point and has evolved since then.

One of the MAIN promotional ideas they ‘flog-to-death‘, from one website page to another, is how many members they have!! SHEESSSHHH! I am serious, it is now forever ingrained on my brain, that they have over 150,000 members in 131 countries. I didn’t even have to look again (lol).

If that is ONE of the MAIN thing you are saying to pull people in, than I am sorry to say, it does not look too good! I say this because I need to see more reasons than just email subscribers. I am with Wealthy Affiliate and they have over 800,000 OTHER MEMBERS! I am one member of over 800,000 other Affiliate Specialists!! You don’t hear ‘me’ going on about it – do you? Sign Up, No Catch, No Scam! LOL.

It seems like an ‘OK‘ idea at the moment but we have a little way to go before I give it my ‘Stamp of Approval.’


Why Join The Club.

The Road To Financial Freedom. Oxford Club.

Many are enthusiastic into making wise investments, however, it is very hard to know for certain what is going to do well and what is going to cost you a fortune.

This is where this organization comes into play! They claim they have ‘packages’ that can net your 300%, 600% and even 1000% profits for investment!






Services Include:- Reports, Opportunities and Newsletters. They have Three Membership levels as well.

  • For Financial Publications, Investment Books and Newsletters to Members:- $49/$79 per year. 45 Day Refund Period from Sign Up. ‘Thumbs-Up’ for that!
  • Premier Level:- $149.
  • Directors Circle:- Price is being kept a secret until screening is done.
  • Chairman Circle:- Price is being kept a secret until screening is done.





Oxford Club screening process.



So, they ‘screen‘ you to see if you are made of the right ‘stuff‘, I guess. It seems entry to the higher levels is not guaranteed, however, it is very ‘elitist‘ in attitude to do this. Maybe I am wrong. Any members here? I’d like to have that explained to my readers and myself just out of curiosity. Thank you kindly.

Personally, I find it strange and I would not be comfortable with such vetting as I would find it degrading to have my ‘equals’ to see if I am their ‘equal’. Once you go through their screening – all the information and pricing is given you. This is the process according to my research.

This Club has been in business for 16 years so I have to give it huge credit, and their claims, some credence until proven otherwise. So, I went off to the BBB, to find some reviews from customers! What I found – SHOCKED ME!! See images below:-


Is Oxford Club a scam.





Oxford Club Chuck. S responds to customer complaints.



Applause for Oxford Club


The above is only one of 37 complaints filed with the BBB about this organization!! They don’t even have a BBB RATING – an oversight of magnitude for a group of business minded people – as BBB is the Better Business Bureau.

However, no ‘SCAM‘ would ever give FULL REFUNDS! Out of 16 years of being in business online there are ONLY 37 COMPLAINTS FROM CUSTOMERS. This is not bad at all and the resolution by ‘CHUCK. S’, the guy taking care of complaints, was done with the dignity and professionalism historically accorded to its esteemed club’s name. The response to these kinds of complaints ended in a FULL REFUND! I AM IMPRESSED!!




CONS:-Green eye with a scope on it.

  • Appears to exaggerate the percentage success to its members for packages purchased.
  • Vetting System is distasteful just my ‘own’ opinion.
  • Continuously making claims of high profit opportunities and providing extreme and (I’d imagine) rare examples of such successes.



PROS:-Smiley face with love hearts floating.

  • Provides non-mainstream opportunities to its members.
  • Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist, provides money making ideas and investment ideas to their members on a monthly basis with the Premier Level Package. A published writer, with 20 years hands-on experience in Wall Street, providing ‘insights’ to ‘Joe-Soaps‘ like me! That’s cool.
  • Limited complaints, which were resolved with FULL REFUNDS, relative to time in business.
  • A collective abundance of knowledge for investors to pull together to get an ‘edge’ over other investors and an early foot in the door for future fortunes (potentially).
  • Global View on Trends to leverage advice to its members for ‘wiser; investments.
  • Premier Level affordable to most investment enthusiasts!





I truly believe this organization provides a valuable service to financial investment enthusiasts! I am NOT saying you are going to get RICH QUICK! If I knew ‘this’ – I’d sign up myself!!!



Rolling the dice with the Oxford Club


All investments, no matter how good the data, come with risk!

However, and this is one of the BIGGEST PLUS’S, one is a part of a group of people that are ‘tipping’ each other to a potentially successful venture. Such tips also come from the organization itself. They also have financial investment packages that can (seem) to accelerate success in this area. I would advise taking claims of success with a pinch of salt and ask for the ‘stats’ on such claims.

WARNING! Just be certain of what you are purchasing. Ask for undeniable proof according to their word on it. ‘Packages’ seem to go up to 2K so do your home work and be certain of ‘expected’ results. However, out of the complaints from the BBB, I was very IMPRESSED and SATISFIED that this club is safe and totally LEGIT! An exciting ‘venture’ for anyone interested in making money with wise and impressively calculated investments!!


scam rating


SCAM RATING!! THIS IS SAFE! Legit Opportunity for Investment Enthusiasts to Extend Knowledge and Opportunity for Financial Conquests! I wish you well if you are heading about joining up with them them as they seem a truly lovely bunch of people, barring of course, the ‘vetting system’, which is only my own opinion – I do believe they have excellent reasons!!




I investigated and reviewed these guys as I did come across ‘some’ complaints and truly thought, at the time, this was a total scam to get ‘sign-up-fee’s‘ for nothing. Clearly, this is not an online scam at all. I rest my case and validate their trustworthiness.

*Not to be taken as legal advice – all the above is my own opinion and is not to be construed in anyone fashion other than stated, being, my ‘opinion’. Having done many investigations online I believe my opinion is worth expressing.



I would love to hear from you! Have you had any experiences with this organization? Were you happy or not? Let us know in the comments section to help others better understand before signing up. Do you know something that I MAY not have covered about this club? Hey, you are welcome to add to this review by leaving it in the comments section. Lastly, would you recommend this club to others? If so, why? If not, why? I respond to all comments and I look forward to hearing from you all! I sincerely hope I have answered your question. Is Oxford Club a Scam? Not in my opinion, no.


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5 thoughts on “Is Oxford Club A Scam? Review of the Prestigious Oxford Club.

  1. John J. Habiby

    To Alexander Greene, and Jasen Voss. It is unbelievable that you cannot reach out to the Chief Investment Strategist directly and get a straight answer the CIF as it looks like they used this Jordon Voss to run deflection from a straight answer. The statement and question was “Attention Jorden Voss, Thank you for your reply but this did not answer my question, as my question was “as my beginning investment is prericated on his knowledge of believing sales will beat estimates ending 3/5/2020 with sales of 2.9 billion, 520 million net sales and an eps of .79. yr ending 3/5/20, does this not still hold true as written in the artical. And that part of the article of information for MRVL has been removed from your artical, so please explain! So heres their answer
    Hi John,
    Thank you for contacting The Oxford Club. My name is Jordan Vass and I am The Oxford Club’s Member Experience Coordinator. I hope this message finds you well.
    In regards to your question on MRVL, he still recommends it and this is considered a long term buy and hold. As always, if Alex’s position changes on this trade he will send an alert or update to our members.
    Here is a link to the current portfolio and recommendations (including MRVL):
    Jordan Vass
    Member Experience Coordinator

    Have emailed them for the last five days, “Still waiting for an answer” Beware of this company


  2. Brenda A.

    I subscribed to the oxford club in September during the big push with Bill O’Reilly. I have been pleasantly surprised at the performance of the recommendations that I chose to invest in. It appears that timing was an important factor in my portfolio performance. I liquidated most of my then current positions, and invested in positions recommended in the oxford income letter, and a couple of the 5G recommendations. Oxford Income recommendations up about 10%, the 5G positions up about 30%.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      That really is great news and I am very happy you have found success through the Oxford Club. I am delighted you took the time to leave us your review and positive recommendation of their sites service.

  3. Howard Philipson

    Every second that I watched their promo video was wasted as it was total propaganda and did not meet its promise of offering the NAME , stock symbol, and instructions on how to purchase the ‘best investment idea’ for single stock retirement, not that I needed all 3, as either the name or symbol would have been
    adequate. I shut it down when I saw a big red subscribe button under the video. If that intro video wasn’t a scam, what is. They did NOT fulfill their offer and wasted a lot of my time.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Howard,

      Thank you for your comment on the Oxford Club. I am sorry your experience with them was not up to par. Thanks again Howard.


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