What Is OKMoney.Host – Is OKMoney.Host Scam Or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

By | December 30, 2018

What Is Paid Advertising Viewing System and What Is OKMoney. Host – Report Them Here.

Staying away from scam sites involves asking questions like What Is OKMoney. Host at www.okmoney. host. Is OKMoney Host dishonest, crooked, scam, bad, untrustworthy or Is OKMoney good, legit, honest, real, safe, genuine? This OK Money Host Review, and Paid Advertising Viewing System Review, is to alert you to a serious and long term online threat. There are multiple sites. No one has ever been paid. Scam Network operating illegally since 2014. Please, do report them below in the comments section, because Your Silence is keeping them strong – thank you.

But also asking about OK Money, we must also ask about their newest sites. These scammers make many of them every few weeks. And so:-

What Is EvMoney. Win, What Is AnMoney. Club, What Is AbMoney. Win, What Is OzMoney. Club, What Is AnMoney. Site, UKMoney. Win, YRMoney. Site, OgMoney. Site, UCMoney. Win, OlMOney. Club, OwMoney. Win, What Is IpMoney. Win, What Is UfMoney. Club, What Is AtMoney. Win, OcMoney. Site, What Is AkMoney. Win, EcMoney. Win, What Is ErMoney. Win, What Is AnMoney. Win, What Is UsMoney. Win, What Is OpMoney. Win, What Is OgMoney. Win, What Is AvMoney. Win, What Is OxMoney. Win, What Is AzMoney. Win, What Is UmMoney. Win, What Is UgMoney. Win, What Is UnMoney. Win, What Is AwMoney. Win, What Is AfMoney. Win, What Is AsMoney. Win, What Is OdMoney. Win, What Is YtMoney. Win, What Is OmMoney. Win, What Is OdMoney. Win, What Is OsMoney. Win, What Is UvMoney. Win, What Is UbMoney. Win, What Is UwMoney. Win, What Is YgMoney. Win, What Is UxMoney. Win, What Is IfMoney. Win, What Is YgMoney. Win, What Is ExMoney. Win, What Is EsMoney. Win, What Is EwMoney. Win, What Is ElMoney. Win, What Is AhMoney. Win, What Is EkMoney. Win, What Is ImMoney. Win and What Is EpMoney. Win.


Google any of those sites and you will see they are all the same. This is NOW a review of all of their sites, since they are identical, a review of 1 is a review of them all. There are 1000’s of these sites in English, Russian and in German. 


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What Is OKMoney. Host – Why They Can’t Be Trusted.

Firstly, no one is ever gets paid or has got paid with these guys! This website is a “paid ad view system“, as they, describe it – but only fraud. OKMoney.Host has a front page that has a huge list of huge earners for just one days pay. These figures equate to a weeks wages and are fabricated. They offer you a free account, the only good thing, and say just start watching ads.


OKMoney.Host Review



If you want to earn more money quicker than you can proliferate your affiliate link as zealously as you like. This will, of course, pull in your own family and friends and other unfortunates. You will make a ‘tool’ of yourself all over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc, please do not do this!


Here is what ‘OKMONEY’ say’s you can get paid, potentially, for one day viewing ads:-


  1. 10 cents per video advertisement viewed. This is (not) credited to your account.
  2. Between $50 to $300 a day, this way, can be earned. Homepage lists people earning over $400 in the same time period.
  3. 1000 ads viewed per month pays you an amazing $4800 a month! This is possible with Wealthy Affiliate (in time) but not with this website or others like them, which as I have said, have the same owners, and does not pay out.
  4. $150 is the minimum withdrawal amount. They say you have to refer 40 people to them before you get your money. They will even offer to allow you to buy those referrals off of them. DON’T BUY THEM! They are not real.
  5. Once you have gone through all those steps and try to access your money YOUR ACCOUNT IS TAKEN FROM YOU – YOU ARE LOCKED OUT!


*YouTube is littered with people asking how they can get their money, or worse still, how to make referrals! Up-loader never responds.


Identical Paid Ad Views Russian Scam Network Websites!

I have already stated OKMoney is just a ‘copy’ of other identical sites. See images below. If you check WHOIS you and compare the data for any two you will see the details are the same. They are all from PANAMA, or Germany or even LA and they have their email is hidden founders can’t be located!

  • However, during my research, I have discovered all these websites are new, same of which are already black listed on www.surbl.org, and belong to a highly productive Russian Scam Network Online.
  • I am not even going to bother checking with the last two sites because I know they are all the same as the following images will show. They go by many names but they all have the exact same site errors and same figures and admin names, site colors and font and information.
  • On their website says once you request your money, when you hit the minimum withdrawal limit, your money will be in your account in one hour. This is not so. People are being fobbed off and locked out.
  • The person behind these numerous sites have been running since 2014 and have never paid out to anyone. For all their claims that their PTC operations pay out nearly $500 a day, they can’t even produce one piece of evidence of having paid anyone.
  • Those that have been working for any of their sites seriously needs to stop now. You are being used for your time and efforts and you won’t see a penny. Those sharing their links to their networks should also stop for the reasons just mentioned.
  • These people will mostly likely try to sell on your email addresses, and any other personal data they may have extricated from you, when you were on their site. This can easily fall into the hands of online scammers who will pay money to try to re-target you. 








What I Recommend – Learn To Earn Now


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The Better Business Bureau has tons of positive reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and scamdetector.com has stated “it appears to be one of the best affiliate programs online…”.



Final Thoughts.

I am clearly not recommending this particular PTC after knowing the answer to What Is Semmoney. Club. This paid ad views system website does not pay out to anyone. There is no come back for your money and you are given the run-a-round when you try to get your money, eventually, leading to having you locked out of your account. It is just a copy of other sites that are owned by the same people which appear part of a Russian scam setup. I do not recommend this site for making money online.

This Post has been updated to keep you alerted of this very hardworking and ambitious scam network. Those with additional data are welcome to leave that below. Those that have questiosn are welcome to ask. Please do report them below to help others, or just take the info and move on. Without your reports then others may not believe this articles warning. Let us see who can be bothered to help out or will ‘you’ just leave it all to other people (?). That now commpletes the full answer to What Is OKMoney. Host.


Feel Free To Share This Article With Your Networks – Thank You.


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4 thoughts on “What Is OKMoney.Host – Is OKMoney.Host Scam Or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

  1. tunde

    hello for the website you post i mean Wealthy Affiliate why it does not allow nigeria

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tunde,

      Due to the abnormally high volume of scammers coming from Nigeria into WA, WA had no choice but to ban the country! The platform was becoming over run. I am sorry to inform you of this. You will see a Free For All Program In the Menu Top of this Website, click on it – you will see a review. You can join that program no problem.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  2. Daniel

    Wow! Thank you for the heads up on these scams. Will be staying away from FaxDengi club along with Docdengi club, Fepmoney, Mesmoney & all these other deceptive clubs. There are so many scams it’s hard to know what’s legit & not legit.
    Your search has given me a better perspective on what to look out for. I heard nothing but positive feedback when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate.
    I will share with others.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      I wish to say thank you very much for leaving a comment, it is always good to get one and I really do appreciate your time.

      All these fepmoney.clubs, mesmoney and docdengi.top’s are all the same! YouTube, I am serious, has nothing but people asking for their money with the ‘odd‘ person saying it is a scam. 

      A review of one is a review of them all.

      Yes, the Internet is packed full of positive reviews of Wealthy Affiliate because it is the best affiliate program online. Most other programs on how to make money online nearly always, if not always, have terrible and NASTY UPSELLS – not with Wealthy Affiliate.


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