Reviews – Is ‘EguMoney’ Scam or Legit Online Work from Home Offer?

By | January 9, 2020



What Is Egumoney. xyz – Our ‘Egumoney’ Reviews / Real Member Reviews.


Company:- egumoney. xyz.

Founder:- Hidden.

Affiliate Program:- ALL SCAM!

Scam/Legit:- COMPLETE SCAM!!!

Farewell Note. Contains a Safe Recommendation Proven to Earn Money Online


Egumoney. xzy Exposed.

Do not work for EguMoney. xzy as you will never get paid. I have personally exposed THOUSANDS of these sites and not once have I come across one legit payment proof. This post has been updated from its original post to keep up to date with the emerging online threats posed by the Webdengi Scam Network known as ‘Paid Viewing System Advertising Scam Network. Any site that looks like ‘Egumoney’ is always a scam. YOU CAN’T CASH OUT SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME THIS IN THE COMMENTS!

‘Egumoney’ is only earning for the unknown founder says you can earn some really big amounts of money for simply watching ‘ad units‘. If you spend three to five hours a day then you can earn up to between $50 to $300 per day! This is nonsense of course. Here’s how you do it:-


  • Sign up for Free .
  • Get your affiliate link.
  • Watch ads and share your affiliate link throughout your social media sites to family and friends.
  • Continue to watch ads.


You will get 10 cents per ad watched, as this is a “paid advertising viewing system“! That equates, they have say to potentially, $300 a day, though, on their site the amounts go up go higher. Should you view, on average, 1000 ads a month (better off taking up gardening or giving out hugs-for-donations – you’d make more – I am not kidding either) you can (NOT) earn $4800 in four weeks.

One comment, in their Customer Feedback Page, but these guys spell it ‘Fedback‘, said he earned the above amount in just two weeks! NONSENSE! FAKE FEED (“Fedback”) BACK ALERT!

It should be noted that every blogger makes typos. Its part and parcel of being human. What’s the excuse for this though? When you are in ‘Egumoney’ ‘money making’ site, here is what the tab looks like:- spelling errors in website tab.


You see where it says ‘payed‘ with a ‘y‘? That is a classic sign that you are dealing with an online scam!! It is also a sign that the scammers are foreign, hence the errors, and as I far as my research goes, this is part of a much larger online Russian scam site network!!

Here is a list of the other scam websites clearly belonging to this network:-

  • Fepmoney. club. <<<- Collapsed!
  • Mesmoney. club. <<<– Collapsed!
  • Razmoney. club. <<<– Collapsed!
  • Docdengi. top. <<<– Collapsed!


I did reviews the lot of them, please stay away, as two of the above are already black listed.



To-date, we have covered many of these sites. This version of this post is an updated version. Here is a the list of these sites we have named and shamed as scams and placed into our Hall of Shame section of our website.



  1. vkumoney win.
  2. oximoney win.
  3. dismoney bid.
  4. upemoney bid.
  5. acimoney win.
  6. okamoney club.
  7. usemoney site.
  8. ormoney site.
  9. opomoney bid.
  10. otomoney win.
  11. inamoney bid.
  12. rimoney club.
  13. oxomoney site.
  14. almoney bid.
  15. akomoneyclub.
  16. atmoney bid.
  17. opymoney bid.
  18. ewumoney club.
  19. enymoney site.
  20. ugamoney bid.
  21. audmoney site.
  22. olmoney club.
  23. enamoney site.
  24. fsamoney bid.
  25. ugmoney win.
  26. eromoney win.
  27. afmoney win.
  28. satmoney win.
  29. ukmoney win.
  30. ummoney win.
  31. elmoney club.
  32. afumoney club.
  33. nonmoney bid.
  34. yxmoney bid.
  35. ydmoney bid.
  36. edmoney site.
  37. elmoney win.
  38. akmoney win.
  39. ubmoney win.
  40. agmoney bid.
  41. utemoney club.
  42. etimoney bid.
  43. oxmoney win.
  44. ogmoney win.
  45. opmoney win.
  46. avmoney win.
  47. yhmoney win
  48. ovmoney win.
  49. epmoney win.
  50. abamoney bid.
  51. fawmoney site.
  52. ebomoney win.
  53. ocemoney bid.
  54. ubemoney site.
  55. ammoney win.
  56. agmoney site.
  57. uxmoney win.
  58. osmoney win.
  59. ommoney win.
  60. ifmoney win.
  61. exmoney win.
  62. asmoney win.
  63. uvmoney win.
  64. odmoney win.
  65. ytmoney win.
  66. ygmoney win.
  67. olomoney site.
  68. ewmoney win.
  69. ekmoney win.
  70. oramoney site and also oramoney club.
  71. ehmoney site.
  72. obamoney win.
  73. ormoney win.
  74. emumoney club.
  75. arimoney bid.
  76. immoney club.
  77. ubamoney club.
  78. duomoney site.
  79. otmoney club.
  80. atmoney win.
  81. ecamoney site.
  82. aqmoney win.
  83. epomoney club.
  84. ucemoney bid, apimoney. win. pzumoney site. netmoney. 2017. exumoney club. ycamoney win, termoney bid. efomoney win.


All those sites operate off of the same template as each other. This is the reason we used a BLANK PTC TEMPLATE for their ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ at the beginning of this post! They simply make up a new nonsensical name with the word ‘Money’ in it, and that is all!! Copied/Pasted and scamming new waves of traffic every time.



How The Scam Works.

Time for Truth

OK! You have worked hard by watching tons and tons of ‘ad views’.

No matter how ingeniously you endeavored to recruit and increase your earnings you will NEVER EVER see a single penny of your pay.


Here is why:-

  • Once you hit that golden thresh hold of $150, the point you are allowed to withdraw cash into your own account, they have will say that you have to have made 40 referrals to them first!
  • You may continue to do so. If you don’t have enough they have will kindly offer to sell them to you.
  • Don’t buy them. Any which way you look at this situation you will still be in a situation to ask for your money.
  • At which point they have will coldly and without recourse lock you out of your account. SCAM OVER!!

Don’t be convinced by the ‘Top-Earners‘ listed on their home page. Those figures are not real. They also sell your email addresses to online scammers and spammers. If you had dealings with these people and gave over details like your email, then please, take heed of the following online safety tips, you can implement right now, to safe guard your online identity.


We have deep concerns about all of their fake sites and this why we continue to recommend and earn from our #1 Recommendation.



How to Safe Guard Yourself Online.

  • Change your GOOGLE+ PASSWORD.
  • Change all of your Social Media Passwords.
  • Make sure you have at least NINE PASSWORDS across of your accounts. IF the passwords are all the same then the hacker can access every single account you have online with ease.
  • Up date your Anti Virus Software to safe guard your device from phishing and malware attacks. This will protect you and your family online right now. The link above is my review on one such product.
  • Contact your bank to change your password and watch out for transactions not of you in the coming weeks.
  • NEVER PAY ONLINE WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. PayPal offers you a refund if you get robbed on the internet, your bank (shock-horror) does not.

These are but a few but effective tips you can do right tow to take care of your online safety.



How to Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams.

Here I am going to give you a survival- guide in how to spot affiliate marketing scams for newbies. These are some key points to consider that should tell you if you are dealing with a legit affiliate program or not:-

  • Can you find the ‘FOUNDER’ online for this website business? If not then this is but one sign that something is not right.
  • Is their contact details for this particular business? No details is a sign someone is hiding their identity online.
  • Google reviews for the program. Find out if they have are mostly positive or negative. This will give you a clear indicator.
  • Check with the BBB and see if they have got mostly good or negative reviews.
  • Go to and drop in their website URL. Surbl will let you know, depending on longevity, if they have are to be trusted in seconds. Just complete ‘captcha’ before proceeding.
  • Watch out for ‘Free Book Offers‘. Anything they have are giving away, digitally, for a free download normally comes with malware. Be careful.
  • Check out their reviews, drop any images you see in to Google, and it will let you know if they have people are who the website says they have are. Many fake reviews just rob other peoples pictures online and make up feed back. NOT GOOD!
  • Watch out for sign up fee’s! I know they are free to sign up but it is a sign of an ‘illegitimate’ opportunity. After fee is paid they have usually slap with many more. NASTY!


Final Thoughts.

This is not a legit work from home opportunity and I would seriously advise anyone to stay completely clear from these guys. They give real affiliate marketing opportunities online a bad name. They don’t pay out. They will take your money for referrals. Many have and many continue to be locked out of their accounts after trying to get paid. Feedback on this site is not what it appears to be. A clear ‘Get-Rich-Scheme‘ is not the way to make money scam free!!

Need I say more. Below is a list of my top recommended posts to for further reading:-


Do not fall for their rubbish scam sites. If you are using a laptop, take a look to your right of this web page, and I have paid a video explaining it all. Below is our Number 1 Recommendation. If you are not willing to work hard for what you know you deserve in life – then do not click it! 


How To Make Money Online

16 thoughts on “ Reviews – Is ‘EguMoney’ Scam or Legit Online Work from Home Offer?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sami,

      You are mos welcome and I am very happy it served its purpose – to prevent others being conned online.

      If you are looking to earn online, I have a few ideas for you, if you are interested.

      Just get back to me here or contact me via this websites email support (bottom right of this website.

      Thanks again Sami 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi John,

      They are all one big scary scam-con family. Same people run the same con as cumoney. club, same as ekumoney. com and otmoney. club.

      All out to mess with you.

      Sorry man, been exposing them for a long time now.

  1. Lilibeth

    Hi its oral money club legit or scam.. Thanks for the response

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Lilibeth,

      OraMoney Club is a scam like cumoney club. Same owners and operations and not much else different. Hope this helps.


  2. ldavies

    asmoney. win /birga . php does exactly this..
    it is the same as

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Idavies,

      Good to hear back from you 🙂 .

      AsMoney Win is one of the newer versions of the same scam. They all look the same and even scam the same. Part of a Global Network of Scammers who’s IP Address’es are scattered across the planet.

      Original from Russia, I believe they started out in German Versions, then Russian and 714+ of English Version.

      Let me know if you have any more questions Idavies and thank you for stopping by again.




      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Hi Rahul,

        That very much for alerting everyone to abamoney bid. The best part is that site was set up on the 1st of this month, so now, there is maximal chances of alerting maximum amount of people. I will leave the link to the post on abamoney back here when done.

        Thank you once again and hope to hear from you soos.



  3. ldavies

    Are: Paid Advertising Viewing system the same people?
    My wife started entering code for cents for them and they wanted a paypal account.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Idavies,

      That is the tag line to Cumoney. club and 1000’s of identical sites they run. It does not matter if your wife gave the PayPal as they can’t do much with that.

      However, I have seen reports the owners of these sites like to download malware to steal passwords. So, if they were able to get into other accounts – that contain PayPal Password, then of course that is a problem. It is also a problem if your wife saved her PayPal password to her browser as the software can steal it from there.

      Not to worry though, just ask your wife to get into her own PayPal and change PassWord. Set up phone verification as well, so if they manage to gain access, PayPal will text your wife a verfication code – without which, no one can get in.

      There is also an option of setting up a whole new paypal account as well.

      So yes, Paid Advertising Viewing System, should we be talking about the CuMoney and Sites like it, are all Fake.

      Hope this helps.



      P.S Do get back to me if you have any more questions Idavies. All the best and thank you for your comment.

  4. Scam Detector Post author

    Hi C Black,

    I hope you don’t mind but I ‘broke’ the link you left. I did so as it would mean my site would be ‘pointing’ to a scam site and Google does not like that. It is OK and I have left it as raw data.

    So, with your PayPal name and email address may? It is valuable data and with Email they can spam you like never before. They can also make money by selling your details. Just Change the Password to your Google Plus Account and that will help alot. I had to do the same when someone stole my laptop so I do understand your concerns.

    As for your PayPal name -honestly – I am not too sure. Certainly they are asking for it for a reason so I would just change Password for PayPal account and you should be OK.



  5. C Black

    I was going to give them(http: //money take. club/) my Paypal name,and email address.
    Could they have done damage to me if i did this?
    What legit online things Affiliate marketing etc do you recommend?


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