What Is Athreon – Is Athreon Scam or Legit Transcription Service Online?

By | October 13, 2018

What Is Athreon and are They Trustworthy And Real – Offering Online Transcription Work?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

For those that have never heard of this company before, and asking What Is Athreon (www.athreon.com) about, Is Athreon fake, scam, dishonest, fraudulent, is Athreon worth it, how much do they pay or is Athreon genuine, real, good, legit, honest and offering real online transcription work? This is not a member review of Athreon. Due to many requests for potentially legit online work from this websites readers, is the reason I decided to look into this sites offer, and hopefully be able to recommend them to all. The first part of this article will be to that end i.e finding out if they are the read deal or just trying to dupe people into working for them for free.

I have seen many disappointing reports online about typing from home jobs in my time researching of online companies. Reports vary from poor pay, rude customer service, seemingly good works rejected for little to no reason, little work to make it worth your time, too high a criteria to meet to apply for the job, only applicants from certain regions can apply etc. That is from what I can recall. I am hoping that Athreon does not turn up any negative reports, or at least, not too many. Before we begin, please understand that if they turn out to be a good company , and this article finds some bad reports, that even good companies get complaints. So long as they are receiving more positive than not then we should not have anything to worry about. Those looking for an alternative way to put your typing skills to the test, for a full time income online, are welcome to take a look at my #1 Recommendation Work From Home Offer Belowsorry, had to ‘sneak’ that in somehow … 🙂 .




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What Is Athreon Corporation, Who Owns This Company and What Exactly Are They Offering as a Paid Work From Home Job?

To begin to understand What Is Athreon fully, we have to locate the founder and some credentials abou their website so we can establish some trust. Those companies that offer paid work from home jobs, then go to every possible option to hide their identity, is very ‘suspect’ and is indeed to be considered to be deception behavior.

Their website was registered online on the 03/08/2012 (the year the Mayan Calendar was supposed to end the world – Who Remembers That?). Well, their founder name is not listed when the site was registered. Their address supplied is Illinois, USA. Those are very slim details. Companies will hide these details, so when or if they turn into a scam, the owner can run with all the cash generated by members hard work. Alternatively, I have seen an increased practice of not supplying these details because the owner does not want to get the hell spammed of them. So, let us see if we can find this info from another source online.


Athreon Website

Go to www.athreon.com to login.



BBB has supplied some details:-

Founder:- Mr Magnus Gare, CEO.

Business Address:- 605 N Michigan Avenue Ste 400, Chicago, IL 60611-3145.

Fax Number:- (800) 935-0973.

No Email Supplied. However, BBB does have an email function where you can make contact with the company in this way.

BBB ACCREDITED:- The Better Business Bureau has given this company an A+ Rating Awarded 07/01/2014.

That concludes this section of this article regarding identity. As mentioned, where we can not locate such details then we can have doubts. Since the BBB is one of the most respected websites online as a business checker, and so we have nothing to worry about regarding Athreon’s Legitimacy.


Identity Confirmed :-100/100!





The Work On Offer, Pay and Who Can Join.

The work on offer is suited for people proficient in the English language and wishing to earn some money by transcribing (dictating) documentation in the following areas:-


Law Enforcement.



Media Industries.


And also, I believe, other applications.

Dictation Procedures:-



Digital Recorder.

Other ways for Android and iPhone’s via Free Apps.

Dictation Services For:-


911 Dispatchers.

Police Officers.


Correctional Facilities.


Fire Departments.

Insurance Agents.

Defense Attorneys.

Banking Institutions.

Sales Departments.

Focus Groups.

Executives in the areas of Film, Radio and T.V.



Who Can Join?

At This Moment In Time, having viewed their FAQ’s section, I am unable to find out if they hire globally. However, since they require a background check, then its possible that this website is only hiring in the USA. AGAIN, I am not sure. Those that have worked for this company are welcome to add to this article by supplying this information in the comments box below.


You do not need any certificates in this area to work for Athreon. To be clear, they don’t offer transcription training. They only require you have the necessary educational back ground and ability to produce high quality transcription works.

Minimum Experience of Two Years.

Must be willing to sign a 1 year contract.

Must have internet connection, Windows 7 or above. They are compatible with Mac’s.

500 words per day five days per week.

Turnaround for assignments is 12/24 hours and sometimes require it done in 2.

USB Pedal, but not mandatory. Only recommended.



Prons and Cons.


Their site has not made it clear, at least to me anyways, if they accept global applicants or not. Maybe I being blind.

Back Ground Check Required. Only a ‘con’ if you have had a run in with the law.

Maybe difficult to transcribe some dictations due to accents. However, they have Support to help you there.

Pay Per Assignment is not declared on their site, again, as far as I can see.

Has some bad reports online but, as mentioned, all companies get those.

Overwhelming impression their work from home offer is for USA citizens only. Welcoming further data on this from anyone that knows, thank you.


Work is said to be 24/7/365 days of the day.

Pay is according to your own production. The more you do the more you earn.

Exceptional Transcription Applicants may have the opportunity to work as one of their QA members.

Potentially stable source of income for a minimum of 1 year.

Athreon has been around since 1988 and so has proven itself trustworthy and worth applying to.

They pay by PayPal once a week.

24/7 Support per their site.

No Formal Qualifications Required. If you can do the job then you are in, it seems.

Founde Mr Magnus Garde is clearly identifiable and company address is clearly traceable with adequate means of contacting the company.

No Reports of No Pay Outs.

Secure Website with 128 Bit Encryptions and is HIPAA/HITECH Compliant.







This Program Is Legit!



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Final Thoughts.

You are good to go with the company just written on. While I am not sure if you can make a worth while full time income from, it looks to be a good way to earn a regular income for up to 1 year. But, that is just my concern as most typing, transcription, dictation work offers online can turn out to be a little light on the ground for work. However, these guys say that there is work around the clock for those that want it. Waiting on your reports to confirm this. All complaints, or praises, are welcome in the comments box below to help better inform other people.

Have you any questions or concerns regarding What Is Athreon? Everyone is welcome to ask below and I will be happy to assist if I can. Those looking for a way to earn online, for themselves, are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation Below, as mentioned, by clicking on the image below. Its a free start up online to make your own business in an area of your passion. Thank you all for checking out this article and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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