‘IRIDESCZIGZAG’ Reviews (‘NotBadlly’ Warning) – Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | October 3, 2020



What Is ‘IridescZigZag’ – Our Iridesczigzag.com Reviews / Customer Reviews about ‘NotBadlly’ Online Stores.

Have you noticed the ‘ABOUT US’ section at ‘Iridesczigzag‘ (www.iridesczigzag.com)? “We love every passion and interest on Earth as it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that… is our core vision“. That quote indicates a scam site. There are many scams like this in this scam network. We have exposed many of them by now. Please report such frauds to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for review to help warn others.




www.iridesczigzag.com was registered 2019-07-27 for one year and recently updated. One or two years online for a business is deemed to be a bit suspicious because that is considered to be only the startup time.

There is no founder’s name. They failed to leave a phone number or an email address and so why do they hide all the necessary business data like this when customers are going to need that.

Info@notbadlly.com is their email address but we can clearly see the website name attached to that email is not their own. That site is down. So why use someone, or seemingly someone else’s, email address?

Scammers, and very much these scammers, create many sites at times and tend to re-use the same emails, business address, phone numbers, and so we can tie them together in Google search results when we Google anyone such bits of data.

There are other e-stores floating around with ‘NotBadlly’ within their content. It is a mega huge scam sign to go to a site and see another name representing it differently from the URL. No way legit companies get confused about their site names.

These mistakes happen when they copy the source code from one e-store to another with the only difference in the URL. But the content, at times, can be identical, and sometimes they simply forget to take out the old site name.

And so always check the ‘ABOUT US’ section, Privacy Policy, etc, and see if a site is referring to themselves differently.

34 Havover Street for their business address is an incomplete address. Not once have we found any of their fake e-stores at the locations they have specified.

There is no founder name anywhere online to identify ownership of ‘Iridesczizag’ or any other of their sites. Their site name also as we can see makes no sense. Websites with URL names that are nonsense is a huge scam sign.

We see a Tablet with a keyboard, RCA Gallileo Pro, for $1.99 and that is just a scam. Too good to be true prices is a very big sign something is wrong. 



We said earlier that there are many sites using the quote we have already mentioned of “We love every passion and interest on Earth as it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that… is our core vision“.

These scammers are always making new ones and shutting down old ones. Its been a while since we listed off all the new ones and so we are quite confident our previous lists are null and void.

And so we are now going to prove there are around thirty pages in Google of such e-stores using the same quote.

You must ask how can so many seemingly different companies have the same word for word content in the same section of their site. And so that is just a scam sign of a scam network.

There is much written about this ‘UNIQUENESS SCAM NETWORK’ online but we do not see an up to date list of the new websites.





And so







‘UNIQUENESS SCAM NETWORK’ SCAM SITES LIST UPDATED 2020 / 20201 of “We love every passion and interest on Earth as it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that… is our core vision” – PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST IN THE COMMENTS TO HELP WARN OTHERS.



"We love every passion and interest on Earth as it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that... is our core vision"

“We love every passion and interest on Earth as it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that… is our core vision” – WARNING!





I will be honest, sifting through thirty pages in Google, and making these lists is an absolute pain. BUT! Once done these scam sites lists help so many people avoid them fraudulent online shopping stores. Please share this article with your networks to help warn others. Once again, wherever you find “We love every passion and interest on Earth as it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that… is our core vision“, then know for 100% clarity and certainty – you are on a scam site! N.B.!!


This List Ends on Page 31 On Google. The link will open in a new browser and so work backward to see all the scam sites with the exact quote we have listed, in all the Google snippets presented, if you wish 🙂 .



To find the site you may be looking for, and if you are on a laptop, then:- HIT CTRL+F5. GREY BOX APPEARS. TYPE IN WEBSITE NAME. IT WILL BE HIGHLIGHTED BELOW.




      1. appadvice.com.

      2. msuic.us.meetmyshop.com.

      3. oijfjgww.com.

      4. ‘qutlesshop’. <- taken from Google snippet. If this site has the quote we have mentioned then it is a scam.

      5. melesy.us.

      6. luxuryproducts.com.

      7. redshiftlabs.com.au.

      8. crampfruits.top.

      9. yumpo.com.

      10. myselect.co.

      11. lifebeautystore.com.

      12. ‘storewe’ <- taken from Google snippet. If this site has the quote we have mentioned then it is a scam.

      13. oakbayshop.com.

      14. konetfor.com.

      15. advrider.com.

      16. forfairy.com.

      17. ‘upselle’ <- also taken from Google snippet. If this site has the quote we have mentioned then it is a scam aswell.

      18. herenov.com.

      19. losimeet.com.

      20. breazyy.com.

      21. myphotomugs.com.

      22. biutful.com.

      23. beaseys.com.

      24. ‘wisthopewill’.

      25. ‘Turboxers’.

      26. Myfacegifts.com.

      27. ‘molicoco’.

      28. addfuly.com.

      29. bueatyk.com.

      30. buybuydays.com.

      31. beredmall.com.

      32. verylin.co.uk.

      33. likehouse.com. <- website shows ‘Mika Japan 5321 <- beware!

      34. koxiva.com ‘koxiva shop’.

      35. yoursthought.com.

      36. hntongto.com.

      37. gadgetcab.com.

      38. moriod.com.

      39. zuzunna.com.

      40. isuzd.com.

      41. charawig.store. <- found within about us section at adreawig.shop with ‘agneswig’ in the site’s favicon (site tab).

      42. nhadhappy.life.

      43. boutistore.com.

      44. remalieshop.com.

      45. goshoppnow.com.

      46. mftale.com.

      47. chezafy.com.

      48. mirrorpass.com.

      49. oatrk.com.

      50. soleadify.com.

      51. homebbc.com.

      52. rotatal.com.

      53. yoybi.com ‘yoybibag’.

      54. pixieva.com.

      55. galaxixe.com. ‘Galaxixe Gift’.

      56. baseballbelle.com. ‘baseballbelle_official’ on Facebook.

      57. mono-mart.store.

      58. enptrhs.site.

      59. issuu.com.

      60. wigsblonde.com.

      61. auto-three.com.

      62. leiteec.com.

      63. delicabin.com.

      64. yidiyo.com.

      65. cadint.com.

      66. reasonwithserenity.com.

      67. icase-life.com.

      68. winkystarrr.com.

      69. topto1.com. ‘Topto Sale’ Facebook.

      70. motauls.com. ‘Motauls01’.

      71. navigprefoer.com.

      72. anguishshop.com.

      73. bteuoee.site.

      74. scinshop.com.

      75. rhythen.com.

      76. deerfamy.com.

      77. oggst.com.

      78. ankovo.com.

      79. doubleleaves.com.

      80. ayiahhr.life.

      81. iluver.com.

      82. areborndoll.com.

      83. herotoy.store.

      84. pamonny.com.

      85. creatario.com.

      86. bostoneqw.com.

      87. phonhp.com.

      88. 3rdhill.com. <- Interestingly, Google Snippet shows the quote we mentioned but it is not in their ‘about us’ section.

      89. teampassion.shop.

      90. ifashiion.com. ‘ifashiionofficial’ Facebook.

      91. todadeals.store.

      92. mlgoodstore.com.

      93. skstorm.site.

      94. uloveshop.com.

      95. myfaceboxer.co.uk.

      96. davidarchy.com.

      97. owlsmarter.com.

      98. kitibuy.com.

      99. reachedsold.com.

      100. wannero.com.

      101. mayums.com.

      102. eyewearshop.com.

      103. mycustombobbleheads.co.uk.

      104. beyond.ailiclothes.xyz AKA ‘casual.onemm’ / ‘casual-onemm’.

      105. globalailiclothes. xyz. ‘charm.mm’.

      106. billbury.shop.

      107. dorahom.com.

      108. uaroaarr.com. ‘gasipggcwy’.

      109. doogeemall.com.

      110. carego.store.

      111. fba.us.myshopify.net.

      112. durguard.com.

      113. emwa.site.

      114. myredchicken.com.

      115. ntooasr.com.

      116. oetuaa.life.

      117. plak-smacker.com.

      118. worthy4u.com.

      119. allenloy.com. ‘allenloy eternity’ <- Per the date of this article their content on Facebook is “not available right now”.

      120. thebeginliving.com.

      121. uhlch.sitelydress.com.

      122. vcerhy.site.

      123. umuhohe.life.

      124. commonoverey.tech.

      125. gayletana.com.

      126. mivimall.com. ‘mivvimall shop’ on Facebook.

      127. xstmshop.com.

      128. telentdig.com.

      129. kikigang.com found in the ‘ABOUT US’ part on sharefanny.com.

      130. esgtnac.site.

      131. bboshow.com. ‘bboshow-store’.

      132. myjigsawpuzzle.com.au.

      133. fjkvzsk.myshopify.com.

      134. saika.life.

      135. dellarien.com.

      136. epaaati.life.

      137. eyewearshop.com.

      138. vcerhv.site.

      139. yeyom.com.

      140. fashionxg.com.

      141. gadgets-bar.com Facebook page Google Snippet shows the quote. However, it is not appearing on their e-store ‘ABOUT US’ section. Potential error?

      142. sellife.com.

      143. uniqucloth.com.

      144. caupght.com.

      145. freeacy.com.

      146. lolhero.store.

      147. pandorabox.store.

      148. amichol.com.

      149. basic-shopping.com.

      150. mixedcoupon.com.

      151. oaoioa.com. <- watch out for nonsense URL’s – big scam sign!

      152. mycrownpet.com.

      153. socareper.com.

      154. chicmet.com.

      155. ideaofsea.com.

      156. lazyideasshop.com.

      157. zenojewels.com.

      158. getphotoblanket.com. <- found at sites.google.com. These scams are everywhere!

      159. sherrnie.com.

      160. toptocolor.com.

      161. vdesw.com.

      162. verbful.com.

      163. iyabfo.life.

      164. tinao-jaste.com.

      165. myphotobags.com.

      166. feelingenjoy.com.

      167. jiwissi.com.

      168. ebybox.com.

      169. haimplace.com.

      170. annachicshop.com.

      171. lilydealstore.com.

      172. x-kog.com.

      173. toopopularity.com.

      174. wigarea.com.

      175. shallchic.com.

      176. photoboxer.com.

      177. florylook.com.

      178. signstek.com.

      179. hikfunny.com.

      180. popleshop.com.

      181. marvhome.com.

      182. kolamoda.com.

      183. kaylaewel.com.

      184. chiclifetime.com.

      185. noosbest.com.

      186. customweekend.com.

      187. allonline24.com.

      188. calverter.com.

      189. esme.life.

      190. everadorable.com.

      191. roadbox.store.

      192. cacooptools.com.

      193. keeptor.com.

      194. peacasso.com.

      195. mike-posner.com.

      196. gmnshop.com.

      197. rebeccachic.com. Facebook content removed.

      198. freeonepro.com.

      199. mikecool.icu.

      200. lovowigs.com.

      201. fashionmaxphone.com.

      202. apologyn.site.

      203. brawlcup.com.

      204. viltroxstore.com.

      205. onlyfireoutdoor.com.

      206. myphotowallet.com.

      207. bigbinns.com.

      208. uniquecol.com.

      209. bydivstore.com.

      210. eteio.com.

      211. store.gudsen.com. <- End of Google Returns.


IF! We have made a mistake (Human Factors), we will have a look and make corrections where applicable. No need for nasty comments as some website owners are prone to do! Thank You. 

Otherwise, this list was sourced solely on Google in good faith, without intention to defame legitimate sites, and only to warn others.

Where or if a legitimate site is in this list then simply contact us in the comments and once again we will correct if necessary where if applicable. 

Those that may have found other websites are asked to please leave the full URL in the comments so we may expose them. It also adds to this scam sites list in that we hope it will be continued in the comments either by you and or others.

The more we source scam sites in the one place the easier it is to warn others. 



















WHY NOT SHARE WHAT YOU MAY KNOW ABOUT “We love every passion and interest on Earth as it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that… is our core vision” SCAM SITES IN THE COMMENTS.


list of scam websites.



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