What Is Irelia.Store – Is Irelia.Store Scam or Legit? Must Read ‘Irelia’ Review

By | February 5, 2019

Find Out What Is Irelia.Store at www.irelia.store About? – Scam Alert Warning In This Irelia.Store Review.

That is good work on finding this review on What Is Irelia.Store found at www.irelia.store. Is Irelia.Store a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and fake or Is Irelia Store legit, real, safe and genuine? This IreliaStore Review is to warn you against using that site. They have many others that we have extensively been exposing. Those that handed over payment should reach out their payment providers to cancel your card and get a refund. Your Reviews and Complaints are welcome to be placed below in the comments.

In today’s Internet climate there are far too many fake shopping sites that are coming from China. Its an epidemic actually. We already know that the site above belongs to a huge online scam network said to have 1000’s off deceptive Shopify e-stores. Those that buy from that site, and ones like them, are running a risk of not getting anything for your cash, shoddy, inferior and possibly counterfeit and even stolen goods being sent to your home. Typically such sites do not own the images they are using to advertise with and so perhaps able produce goods with much lower quality materials.




Irelia.Store Review – Hope This Article Saves You Your Cash.

They are linked to a huge scam network by their ABOUT US section. It is verbatim on other sites, other sites that are proven scams, and so there are many more out there. Wherever you see these words:- “…we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. To spread exactly that… is our core mission” – run! That is most definitely a deceptive site. You already know What Is Irelia.Store in in this Irelia.Store Review. Now we begin to do a background check on their site and look for even more scam signs.



Beware of www.irelia.store!


Site registration was in 2018/12/18 and one years registration is all they set up for. Legit businesses will set up for many years when it comes to creating a real online business. 1 year is considered suspicious and is something to watch out for. Their sites tend to shut down very fast soon after opening s do put in for a refund before they close that one as well.

Shenzhen Riboda Technology Co., Ltd is the name of the founder. So that is not a name and so we do not know who the person committing fraudulent acts is. Guang Dong is where they are stated their location. That is an address that is not complete, and so, the plot thickens on who they are and where they are from. Honest sites will provide this kind of information as standard. No founder name listed online.

Heading off now to their site to see if they have left any conflicting addresses, may some phone numbers and emails for support.

Support@24hserving.vip is their only form of contact. Googling that number and I see two other sites using the same email as the one above. So that is not right as how can seemingly different companies have the same number? So they must own those sites as well and also they must also be scam sites.




Irelia.Store Scam Signs.

There are a few startling scam signs that lets us know without doubt not to buy from that fake online e-store. 

  • Having the same word-for-word about us section is the linchpin to their real intentions to unwary visitors i.e. many other sites using the same script.
  • They call themselves colorful-hairs.com which is a blunder of magnitude! This only proves they are further untrustworthy. That colorful-hairs.com site has a privacy warning when you go to the that site.
  • Prices are too low. I see nearly $100 off the marked prices. Too-good-to-be-true-prices is normally a sure sign of a scam site.
  • NO phone numbers, only an email address and no address of their real location on their own site. Big scam signs there.
  • Unusually their preferred payment method is PayPal. Please do put in for a refund with PayPal right now. You have 180 days to file a pay dispute from the moment you make a purchase through them online.
  • Many people may have experienced to wait up to 2 or 3 months. This is not a good sign as no legit vendors are this slow and you would normally get your order in the time they state. 
  • Those that purchase from fake sites may notice some funny wording regarding their delivery. Many fake sites will say that if your order gets damaged or lost in transit that they are no liable for that – you are. 
  • Returns, if any, will fall on you typically with these kinds of scams. Usually the fee is far greater then what you paid for your purchase and only a way to turn people off of doing this.
  • We know without doubt they created their site in 2018 but they have said 2009 to 2019 bottom left of their site. When fake sites lie about their sites date then we can say they do this to make you think they are legit. How can a site that old be a scam and still be online? That is how they try to convince us they are real and legit and leads to further sales.


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So I am not a big fan of this scam network as they are currently one of the biggest fake e-stores. Those that paid may not get anything for your hard earned cash. What has your experience been? Please to feel free to SOUND-OUT IN THE COMMENTS below to help warn others. That is all on What Is Irelia.Store and hope it has been of use to you. Looking forward to your comments to come.




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