What Is InvestsProfit.com – Is InvestsProfit.com Scam or Legit Site?

By | November 4, 2018

What Is InvestsProfit.com Really About? Full Report On Why It Is Another Fraudulent Site.

Welcome to  my website and here you will find out all about What Is InvestsProfit.com (www.investsprofit.com)? Is InvestsProfit com fraudulent, scam, crooked, full of malware and other threats or Is InvestsProfit genuine, real, good, legit, safe, honest and paying out? This Invests Profit Review is going to break-up the illusion of many things. For instance, $1 for just 1 click? Is that real? How about $5, $20? Do you really think that by someone else, somewhere in the world online, is going to earn you that kind of money by doing something as easy as ‘clicking’ on a link?! Well, my research below is going to let you know why they are NOTHING but a fake and fraudulent site! Moreover, there there are potential threats to need to be aware so do read this article fully.

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What Is InvestsProfit.com – The Whole Truth.

We already know the answer on What Is InvestsProfit.com and also that we can’t trust them. That is fine, but now I must personally show you why they are not legit and indeed a damaging site. Here you will be walked through my process of identifying a real online scam site in real time. AND! Its quite easy…

First, we begin to look for information surrounding the ownership of any site online. Quick Note:- Only sites that offer paid work from home offers is where identification is of paramount importance. This is not applicable to bloggers as that would only leave anyone knowing where they live and so put themselves and families at risk. This is only applicable to those websites that claim they are real world companies.


InvestsProfit.com Site

don’t login to www.investsprofit.com.



Invests Profit was submitted online for registration on the 2018/09/12 and ends only 1 year after their registration. That is important as 1 year online is only a sites beginning. However, when we see sites that promise big money for any kind of work, one would think, they would invest more than one year online. Alas, it is indicative of a scam site that wants to rob you blind and then run off like cowards with their ill-gotten gains. Ill-Gotten is Ill-Fated!!

There is no founder name, not surprisingly since they are breaking the law into pieces with their fake site, and there is only ‘NL’ for their address i.e. Netherlands. Their phone number of +31.20.5315721 is connected to 7 Google Pages of Search Returns and so we can see one of a few things from this. InvestsProfit have either stolen another online websites phone number and using it. Or, they have made all of the sites with the same number and potentially running a number of online rackets for their own self gain. Either event, more than one person is using that number if it does below to their site.



Work On Offer and Earnings – Debunked!

The work on offer is so easy even a a quickly trained monkey could do it in no time! This then qualifies absolutely every with a device and internet connection. Their offer is to everyone on the Globe and you only need an email address. I just hope you did not use your legit one as that will probably be sold onto scammers. This has the unfortunate effect of your inbox being invaded like its D-Day and so you will need to watch out for that.

You will find, among all the hype about their earnings and how easy it all is like ‘1-2-3’ nonsense! ALL B.S!! It takes time to learn how to earn and then apply such learning to then earn any money online. What these guys offer in place of real work is actually a joke. A joke, on a different site years ago, I once fell for as well. So, don’t beat yourself up too hard if you did indeed get snared by their online scam.

You are to simply share you referral link on all the social networks you are apart of. This may include Facebook, You-Tube, Twitter, Istagram, forums (don’t…share that link here, it won’t be posted….) and anywhere else online that has white space on offer. Twitter, as I mentioned in another post, is a terrible place where we see a demonstration of such links bombarding unwary users. This practice is making a ‘Wild-West’ out of the Internet and so its only wise to get to grips with how these low-level scam sites operate.

So, just share your referral link and when someone randomly ‘clicks’ on that link, goes to the site, then you are to earn money, as we will now cover below.


All earning potential on their site is beyond laughable! This is so true when you know that clicking on a link does NOT produce enough money to even pay you 1c for the visit, in most cases. Sites that have levels of monetization will earn some pennies per visit, but no site on the planet can afford $1, $5, $20 per ‘TASK‘ and certainly can’t afford to pay you anywhere close to $100! So, $500 a day and $1000 a day is all nonsense!

Even $10 a month would be impressive but all their earning promises is only a slap in your face to make you work like Trojan for the ‘pleasure’ of being scammed. Deep breath, there are good ways to earn online so just chalk it up to experience. Well, granted, you won’t have to work that hard to reach cash out and that is where all the threats will begin to emerge.



Cash Out – The Warning Signs to Run!

Sometimes scam sites won’t require you to do anything when you cash out. They will just stop working for you and you won’t get any response. I have seen this happen. However, there are times – and perhaps it is just random, that people are asked to do one of the following to get their monies:-

Complete any offer!

That is really bad news if you gave your bank details to a website in order to cash out on any site online. Those are the most prized and sought after bits of data that scammers day dream about all the time. Now, you have given your info of that nature and now have exposed yourself to having your money being taken from you account randomly. You really need to contact your bank and seek their advice, probably, cancel your card and get a charge back on monies stolen. Needless to say, don’t give bank details over when you are on any site online for earnings you worked for. Sure sign that something is not right!!


Firsts off, I HATE SURVEYS! I absolutely hate online surveys!! ARGGGGG – LOL!!! I have filled out so many surveys in my time, and yes even the ones that offer ‘UP TO $5 PER SURVEY’ but guess what… I never ONCE got a $5 survey and mostly got disqualified after giving up a ton of information about myself.

Stay away from this line of work or anything to do with surveys. Also, they will only pay you so little it took take one whole year to earn anything substantial to cash out with! I read one report that a man only earned $10 in year using a survey site. Bad way to earn and so I recommend you seek more profitable ways.

Anyways, you could be asked to complete a survey – BUT – you maybe asked to pay for that survey! Total bogus and really, after offering up your time and information and opinion, who really asks you to complete something that only the company of that survey is benefiting from anyways?! WELL – Scam Sites Do!! 

Should you have paid to complete a survey on their site then know Invests Profit would probably get some few pennies for that and is another way they are using you to make some money online for themselves.


These guys could also be brazen enough to ask you to upgrade on one of their shady plans so you can get your earnings. YET AGAIN – DON’T PAY ANY SITE THAT ASKS YOU TO PAY THEM TO CASH OUT!! You would not pay your boss every time you need your work cheque? Do you? Well, same as online. Only scamming, low-level websites do that and I don’t see why people don’t just do a Google search on sites before handing money over to complete strangers randomly dotted on the globe! Arrgg, stop doing that, you are directly funding a global criminal enterprise and they are only getting stronger from others greed and laziness.

There are tons of ways of making money online and Wealthy Affiliate is just ONE way of doing. Caution:- WILL INVOLVE REAL WORK … don’t sign up if you are not willing to work for your families and your own better financial future. Those that are can try them out HERE. There are instructions for you so do read them well and I will be on hand to assist as well.








Report All Online Scams Below In The Comments – Thank You.





Final Thoughts.

I really don’t like their scam sites as they are hell bent on tricking so many people out of their time, efforts and money. Please, do report them below so a greater number of people will learn they are not legit and only mean to steal from the. You sign up and then you are immediately phished for your sign up details. Then you are to work under false pretenses for ridiculous pay relative to work. Then you cash out, and perhaps pay some money for your earnings, just to find out you have just been made the butt of a joke. Not nice and happened to myself a number of times online. So, yet again, do report them below so we can all get them shut down sooner.

Have questions on What Is InvestsProfit.com? You are welcome to ask below where I will be more than happy to help you 🙂 . Those looking for work online, but feel they have some ‘unique’ problem that can’t be overcome, are welcome to voice those concerns below. Personally, no matter your problem, there is always a platform online looking for you to a financially and mutually beneficial relationship. WA is just one but one I highly recommend. Click the image below to find out more, for those interested. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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