What Is IntroPay.Club? Scam or Legit – The IntroPay Club Review.

By | July 25, 2018

What Is IntroPay.Club and Signs of a Potential Scam in the making.

IntroPay Club Review

IntroPay.Club (https://intropayclub.com) is a new investment program. Their returns as described as “lifelong”. We have deep concerns that they are simply trying to hook and scam people! Those wanting to know, is IntroPay Club safe? Is Intro Pay Club a lie? Will do quite well to read this IntroPay Review. I have not signed up to them as I am too skeptical of their real intentions. The data here has been sourced online and from my extensive knowledge of exposing online scams. Do consider this article as my opinion only and we advise you continue your research to make up your own minds.


Company:- intropayclub.com.

Created:- 21/07/2018.

Founders:- Unknown.

Fee’s:- Multiple! $3, $20, $50, $150. Max Investment:- $10,000!

Scam/Legit:- See bottom of this post.

Affiliate Program:- Yes, but we suspect it is not real. Let us find out.



What is IntroPay.Club and Why we think they are just a Ponzi Scheme.

Before we can make that assertion we must first delve deeper into their online ID, business model etc.

Quick trip to WHOIS and I can see they have listed ‘PANAMA’ as their Address. Zero ID transparency. There is no sign of the founder(s) on their site either. Legit sites are very proud of their founders usually so this is a sign of intentionally hidden ID.

I checked out their FAQ’s section to see how they define themselves. None of their click responses worked, per the date of this post. They are very new so maybe they are still working on that. We will keep on eye to see if that works in time.

Per their home page, they have been online for two days. In this time they have 109 members, $880.05 gathered from investors and only $56.00 paid out! WOW! OK, that is some disparity.

Actually, I don’t see where they even define what they are. It just appears you make an investment and then you wait to see if some money is made for you!




Points of Serious Concern!

Clicking on their ‘About Us‘ section only reveals that they are a registered business with UK Companies House. To be clear, this is the business registrar for the UK. Intro Pay has listed a company registration number and a certificate.


Two Points that raise Red Flags for me:-

Their Company Registration Number DOES NOT show up in UK Companies House Database!

Their Certificate of Registration is FALSE!

I know their certificate is false because they have supplied two business registration numbers on their site for their own company with Companies House. NO ONE running a real online business would do that but only if they hope for people not to snoop a little closer.


One business registration number they offer on their site is:-

  • 10914559 – no trace of them in Companies House database, as said.

The one on their fake certificate is barely legible. They have a button on their certificate, placed in their ‘About Us’ menu section of their site, saying ‘CLICK TO VIEW CERTIFICATE‘. When you do its too poor a copy to pass as legit. Even magnifying 250% you can just make out the registration number:-

  • 11035855 – that is different from the one on their site! See images below:-


Fake Registration Certificate

I am not buying that as legit proof of registration! What about you? Is that legit?!

Also, when you click on their ‘CLICK TO VIEW CERTIFICATE’ button, nothing happens.

They speak loosely on BitCoin and Financial Markets but I am none the wiser to their ‘how’ of their service. Where people find there is a sheer lack of transparency to companies online investment steps/returns then you should just probably leave it alone. This is indicative of a scam site.



How are they a Ponzi Scheme?

I don’t see any exchange of product/service for money invested!

They are even clever enough to say that you might not make any money, which is typical for scam and legit sites to say.

They seem to be running a very similar site we just exposed today and even the emphasis on their registration is near identical. Here is that site and see if you can spot the similarities – HourCoin PW.

So, when we see no exchange for money, but actually just relying on new sign ups who also invest for you to get your returns, then this is a classic Ponzi Scheme Business Model. This makes them illegal! That is my opinion and should not be stated as fact. They are new and so in time we shall see either vindication of my article or me making a lot of apologizes (LOL!) – it happens.

Ponzi Scheme Members tend to lose all of their investments up to the tune of 90% and even over of their membership fails to earn anything!

That is a harrowing fact and one is true repeatedly in a historic sense. Those that sign up early and then invest have the greatest chance to earn money. Unfortunately, after about two weeks, you are looking for your ROI but it most likely will never materialize. They might pay you once and get you to reinvest once they win your trust just to claw back that money.

I don’t recommend you ever get involved in such schemes. Below are the investment levels and data on their referral program.



Levels of Investment and Affiliate Earnings.

There are four levels of investment to consider:-






The Maximum Investment for each level is $10K! <<<– Oh my Lord! People, be careful here. That is too much to lose to an obvious scam site like the one we are reviewing. I have lost a couple of $20’s here and there online but that is another level of disappointment.

OK, so you invest and then what? I’d imagine, once you fall into their clutches, you will be persuaded to make some sign ups. They may say that they need more sign ups for investment and the more that is in their system the more money all will make. Ultimately, they are running a staggering 100% Debt rate! When new sign ups stop happening then the vast majorityo9f people will never see their initial investment again, never mind returns.



Affiliate Earnings:-

Their Affiliate Program is two levels deep commissions. This only means if you refer someone and they invest then you earn commission on their investment. That is ‘one level deep’. Should they refer someone else and then that person invest, then you earn some commission, hence ‘two levels deep’.


Were you paid by the site we have just reviewed?

Were you scammed – did you invest and how did they rip you off?!



Final Thoughts.

They have made it unusually easy for us to decipher their true intentions to their members. They are a Ponzi Scheme trying to wrap itself up in fine wears. They are speaking as though refined and professional but their are too many errors say that description is true. The only talent I see here is the ability to pack out their site full of statements that end up meaning nothing and selling an illegal scheme.


IntroPay is a :-

Scam Site Exposed

Clearly, we are convinced IntroPay just can’t be trusted! As said, this is merely my own opinion and others should seek further research. At time of this post there are literally no other reviews yet. I anticipate many complaints about them to come, incidentally.

Those hoping to earn with IntroPay, but did not, may be interested in some reviews we have done below to help you earn online. This will help take the worry out of taking ‘risks’ and will require some work efforts on your or anyone else’s parts.


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I hope those few will help you find your feet to earning online 🙂 .


That is all that we have time for today on What Is IntroPay.Club and we hope it has given you some time to consider your options. Whatever you decide, we wish you the very best of luck! Lastly, those genuinely seeking online programs to earn from home with, can simply just ask us. All the best for now guys.





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